10 Common Causes of Excessive Anxiety – Prevention

As an ordinary human who has feelings, feeling anxious is certainly a common thing, such as when feeling in love, sad, angry and happy.

However, when anxiety turns into too much and too often happens to you, you should be wondering what is going on with you and need to know the cause of this excessive anxiety.

Anxiety that is felt for no reason and very intense is an excessive anxiety that can make your quality of life decreases. Read more about Causes of Acne on the Forehead

Anxiety disorders are usually also called anxiety disorder where classified in mental illness that will make a person always feel worried and nervous excessive.

Anxiety is indeed the most visible and most common emotional disorder with the following symptoms as a sign:

Digestion is disturbed and usually will trigger back and forth to the bathroom; even often feel the need to defecate.

  • A cold sweat.
  • Increased normal heart rate.
  • Muscles feel tense.
  • The hands feel cold.
  • Sleep disturbed.
  • Feeling disturbed by the traumatizing experience in a sustainable way.
  • Appear obsessive thoughts that are difficult to control.
  • Often have nightmares.
  • Easy and often panic.
  • The emergence of excessive fear.

After knowing the symptoms, what is the cause of excessive anxiety?

1. Coffee / Caffeine Consumption

Some people who consume coffee or caffeine must have felt insomnia where anxiety was finally hit. Caffeine itself is a natural substance that if entered into the human body, then this caffeine will act as a stimulant in the metabolic system and human central nerves.

Apparently, the American Psychological Association has examined the association of sleep disorders and excessive anxiety with the effects of caffeine. Read more about Causes Oily Hair After Washing

When a person continues to be seized with anxiety, then automatically sleep will be disrupted. Both are likely to be the result of intake of caffeine into the body continuously or in the long term.

This results in a sleep that can not feel good and even interfere with the normal pattern of the brain. Caffeine can cause anxiety where symptoms include frequent panic and obsessive behavior. It can even be exposed to psychological problems such as schizophrenia.

2. Stress from Work / School

Everyone must have felt the stress and pressure that can get where and from anywhere, such as stress in school for students or stress at work for those who are already working.

Stress can arise when there is too much to do and time is not enough to do it all at once. Homework and office work, not to mention possible problems with school / work friends or teachers / superiors at the office will be able to cause excessive anxiety.

Children can also experience anxiety caused by parental treatment of themselves regarding school issues. Read more about Causes of High Uric Acid at Younger Age

In general, children tend to feel stressed and anxious in dealing with their overly critical and perfectionist parents. A real example is where many children are required by their parents to get the most value in the class.

Or, the child has to excel in order for his parents to be proud. But when the child can not achieve it, or less, the child will be punished. Children who get less appreciation from their parents will be very easy to issue anxious reactions.

3. Unfavorable Relationship with Family / Spouse

Not only in the workplace or school alone one can experience anxiety. Even at home can make a person feel depressed and feel anxious every time due to a problem with relatives or even a partner. Read more about Causes of Rashes after Fever in Baby

Maybe for some people, the emergence of problems in the family or relationship with a partner is not a big problem to worry about all the time. But for some other people, bad relationships or problems with the nearest person can cause worry, anxiety, insomnia, and even pain.

4. Side Effects Treatment

Anxiety can also be caused by certain drugs as a side effect and some drugs are even likely to make anxiety that has arisen more severe. A number of drugs that can cause anxiety include the following.

  • High blood pressure medications, such as methyldopa.
  • Asthma medications, such as theophylline, salmeterol, and albuterol.
  • Drugs containing amphetamines, such as Ritalin, Dexedrine, and Benzedrine.
  • Oral contraceptive drugs.
  • Steroids, such as prednisone, dexamethasone, and cortisone.
  • Thyroid drugs. Read more about Causes of Random Swollen Lips
  • Other drugs, such as anti-depressant drugs, quindine, levodopa and phenytoin.
  • Medicines containing caffeine, such as cough, No-Doz, Excedrin, Empirin, and Anacin. (read also: danger of cough medicine)
  • Decongestants, such as phenylephrine.
  • Drugs, such as amphetamines, crack and cocaine.

5. Stress due to certain diseases

When a person is diagnosed with a serious and serious illness, this will certainly make him think. Not infrequently they will also experience the name of anxiety because they feel fear of the disease that is in their bodies.

Usually, a person with serious illness also becomes too anxious because he thinks of his future, as well as the future of his family. Read more about Causes of Bumps on Back of Tongue

6. Stress due to Financial Problems

A person can be overwhelmed by anxiety when he is in a difficult period, especially with regard to financial matters.

Debt-ridden and chased moneylenders for example, this is an example we can see not only on television but also in the real life around us. This can trigger anxiety, panic and sleep disorders in a person.

7. Trauma

Anxiety can also be caused by a trauma in the past, either because of parental divorce, parental abuse of the child, death of the loved one, or even witnessing an accident.

All of these are the causes of anxiety that fall within the class of environmental factors.

8. Lack of Oxygen

When a person lacks the oxygen that flows in the blood to the brain, there will be panic attacks. Anxiety can be triggered by lack of oxygen in the brain, and if sustained without special or medical treatment, dizziness and fainting can be the result.

A solution that can be considered when a person experiences something like this is frequent exercise and increase salt intake. Read more about Causes of Knee Pain at Younger Ages

9. Physiological Problem

Excessive anxiety seems to be caused by hereditary factors. If you have an elderly person with anxiety disorder, then this may decrease to the child where the child will feel and experience the same thing.

When the brain does not have a balanced chemical then you will experience anxiety; Moreover, the cause of anxiety is a health problem that we know by the name of hypoglycemia.

The characteristics of people suffering from excessive anxiety will automatically show stronger reactions to stimulants such as caffeine, amphetamines and aspartame.

10. Personality

There is a study that suggests that the occurrence of anxiety disorders excessive in a person can be caused by the person’s own personality.

In essence, the main role played by personality, especially people who often feel inferior so it is easier to experience excessive anxiety. People who feel inferior will tend to think negative so that anxiety disorders will appear. Read more about Causes of Smelly Drooling

The feeling of inferiority is a bad thing because then people who feel these feelings constantly, then will always feel helpless in any situation, feel lonely, and fear of being rejected by others or in certain associations.

Excessive anxiety can be interpreted as a personality disorder where it will get worse if in the life of the person there are many problems. Health problems, work, relationships with spouse, family and financial problems can trigger anxious interfering conditions.

Tips Overcoming Excessive Anxiety

  • Be grateful. This is the most effective way to reduce anxiety. Be grateful for all the blessings that God gives and be grateful to do not only when you worship or want to sleep. Even when you are alone you can give thanks for all that God has given and the good deeds of others towards you. Read more about  Causes of Increased Gastric Acid
  • Meditation. One way to relax is meditation in which this activity will be very useful in balancing the body and mind so that it is furthest away from excessive anxiety. Meditation can turn bad moods into good as well as prevent any symptoms of stress.
  • Take time to play. Many people are distanced from the anxiety caused by stress by playing with pets. So if you have a pet, do not hesitate to play around with it because it is effective for you can relieve and escape from the stress.
  • Aroma therapy. Lying or sitting on the bed, keeping silent while smelling aromatherapy aromatherapy oils will definitely refresh your mind again. Anxiety begins with stress and tension in the body irrespective of what causes excessive anxiety you are experiencing, and by smell of aromatherapy, guaranteed you to be better and relaxed.

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