20 Ways How to Prevent Skin Cancer from Tanning

A lot of people are always eager to achieve that golden skin from tanning. They don’t mind spending their time to expose their skin to the sun. There is nothing wrong with that but it can be dangerous when done in an extreme way. Tanning can cause skin cancer and nobody wants that.

So here are the 20 Ways How to Prevent Skin Cancer from Tanning to protect yourself. Understand the causes and the effects from the cancer as a caution for yourself.

Causes of Skin Cancer

  • Extreme sun burns
  • Overexposure to sun rays
  • Unhealthy lifestyle
  • Aging skin

Effects from Skin Cancer

  • Death
  • Disfigurement
  • Irregular spots
  • Red bumps

Ways to Prevent It

Make sure you do these things to protect yourself from cancer:

1. Wear Sunscreen with High SPF

Wearing sunscreen is a must when you’re tanning. Skipping this can result in damaging the skin. Look for a sunscreen with very high SPF. It can help your skin to filter out all the harmful rays. Find one that you find comfortable wearing for hours.

2. Tan at the Right Time

When you decide to tan with the natural light from the sun, time yourself. The most harmful rays start from 10 A.M. to around 4 P.M. Avoid tanning at that time because you risk your skin to a high amount of damage. Consider tanning in the early morning or when the sun is not too high.

3. Avoid Burning Skin

Mind your skin. Don’t let it burn too much. Each time you burn your skin, you are increasing the chance of skin cancer. In case that you accidentally burn your skin, stay out of the sun and treat it immediately. Here are some helpful ways on how to heal your skin after sunburn.

4. Reduce Tanning Beds Usage

Try to reduce your usage of the tanning beds. You may think that it’s a safer option than tanning outdoor, but it isn’t true. The sun rays give you at least some vitamin D but tanning beds don’t. They just harm your skin. It increases cancer up to 75%.

5. Reapply Sunscreen Periodically

Applying your sunscreen once is not enough. Reapply it periodically. Apply the sunscreen every two hours or so. Moreover, you need to give some to your skin when you get out water or constantly sweating. Thos things remove strip the sunscreen off from your skin.

6. Wear Light Clothing

Since it’s already hot enough outside, wear light clothing. Ensure that your skin can still breathe through your fabric. Don’t wear anything that is too tight. Avoid overheating your skin. It causes dehydration and also inflames your skin. Extreme inflammation to the skin does nothing good.

7. Wear Wide Brimmed Hats

Protect your face from skin cancer too. The skin on your face is actually very vulnerable. They are sensitive and more thinner. The harmful rays can easily penetrate through it. By wearing wide hats, you are not allowing the rays to come close to your skin.

8. Self Check on Skin

After you’re done tanning, make sure that you check every inch of your skin. Don’t miss out the skin on your face. Keep in mind on any irregular moles or discolouration. They could be signs of early cancer. You can check your skin while tanning to avoid further skin damage.

9. Go for Yearly Examination

A yearly examination with your doctor might save your life. Your doctor has more knowledge about skin cancer. They can help you prevent it in case something has caused a damage on your skin. Make a schedule to visit the doctor each year to protect your skin.

10. Take B3 Vitamin

Take vitamin B3 to maintain healthy skin. The niacin and the nicotinamide forms of vitamin B3 can immensely improve your skin. According to studies, the nicotinamide ones can greatly reduce the risk of any skin cancer. Take the vitamins regularly to build that needed immunity against the harmful rays.

11. Take the Slow Progress

Tan slowly when you’re out in the sun. Limit the time you are exposing your body to the rays. For example, limit yourself to a tan for only around 20 minutes each day. Repeat throughout the days or weeks. This way, you also avoid burning your skin.

12. Take Breaks

Give your skin some breaks while you’re tanning. Always look for some shades to cool down your skin. You can also use towels to cover yourself up. Taking breaks will allow your skin to process the heat. You are also reducing the amount of damage you are receiving from the rays.

13. Consume Supplements

Consuming some supplements is another good idea to avoid skin cancer. Take some beta-Carotene supplements. They help your skin to become stronger. It enables your skin to filter out any bad sun rays. Some supplements also contain antioxidants property.

14. Eat the Right Food

Eat healthy food regularly. Maintain the habit when you tan and after you’re done tanning. Vegetables and fruits contain natural vitamins that can protect your skin. Also eat food high in antioxidants such as fish. Drinking some green tea can also work since it removes toxins.

15. Consider Using Fake Tan

If you really want to reduce your risk to skin cancer, fake your tan. There are many products and services out there for fake tan. You will earn that glow that you desire without risking your life. Still, always use sunscreen as it gives no protection from the sun.

Others (16-20)

More ways to prevent skin cancer listed below.

  • Drink Coffee: Contains element that prevent cancer from forming.
  • Take Vitamin D: Makes the skin healthier.
  • Careful around Water: It may reflect sun rays to your skin.
  • No Alcohol: Alcohol damages DNA which reduces your immunity to cancer.
  • Aloe Vera: Soothes and repairs the skin from damages. You may also want to read how to treat cancer with aloe vera.

Things to Consider

You need to consider doing these following things before, during and after tanning:

  1. Before you expose your skin to tanning, make sure that you are not taking any antibiotics. Those medicines will make your skin become very sensitive. They will cause your skin to be more vulnerable to skin cancer.
  2. Make sure that you haven’t done any laser treatment either as your skin still needs to heal. Read on how to treat skin after laser treatment.
  3. Immediately go to the doctor if you notice any discolouration, sore, bumps or bleeding after tanning.

Always take that extra effort to protect your skin from any forms of cancer. As the old saying goes, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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