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This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Chanca-Piedra.jpgChanca piedra is a herb that almost all part of it can be used as a medicine and it grow worldwide in tropical area. This herb can be used to treat various disease especially in urinary tract, digestive tract and liver problems. Some disease that this herb can help to treat with are infection and or inflammation at the urinary tract, kidney stone, abnormal discharge from the vagina, stomachache, intestinal infection, constipation and hepatitis B. And there are still many more diseases.

One of the disease that Chanca piedra can treat is kidney stone by specifically use the leaves. Although there are some controversial researches about it, there is a research conclude that it can help treating kidney stone after the patient undergo shock wave therapy be-forehead. So basically it will help to get rid of the kidney stone from the body as long as the stone is located in the lower urinary tract. Knowing how to use Chanca piedra leave for kidney stone can be so important then.

Kidney stone can be so painful. It is a disease where there is a hard deposit that made from mineral and salt form inside the kidney. There are so many causes of kidney stone and it can really affect any part of the urinary tract. On the mild case of kidney stone, it can go out from the kidney if you drink a lot of water to have it pass through. So it is better to know how to use Chanca piedra leave for kidney stone. But in some more serious cases when the size of the stone is bigger and it already lodged in urinary tract, surgery may needed.

Before the kidney stone really formed over you, it is really important to have some prevention. Proper diet can be a really natural way to reduce the risk of getting kidney stone. It is also really good to drink plenty of water everyday. Also reduce the consumption of processed foods and refined sugar to keep your digestive system healthy. Exercise regularly is also being an important key.

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Side Effect of Chanca Piedra

Although Chanca piedra  is a herb that can bring up so many medical benefits, it can be harmful too if you consume it such in a large dose or take it for too long. So this herb can be safely consumed in such a short period of time that is up to 3 months. Some side effects that be appear are :

  1. It will be a little difficult to have baby because Chanca piedra consumed in such a large amount can block pregnancy.
  2. Increase the risk of getting low birth weight at the newborn baby for pregnant woman.
  3. Increase the risk of birth defects at the newborn baby.
  4. It might cause bleeding in people with bleeding disorder since it can slow the process of blood clotting.
  5. It can cause low blood sugar (hypoglycemia).

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How to Use Chanca Piedra Leave

To have Chanca piedra, people tend to drink it as a tea. The steps on making it are as follow :

  1. Take Chanca piedra leave and dry it out under the sun.
  2. Boil the water up then put it on a cup.
  3. Take Chanca piedra leave and put it on the cup, you can add another herbs if you want to.
  4. Stir it for a minute.
  5. You can add sweetener if you want to.
  6. Stir up the tea.
  7. Wait it until it slightly cold then you can directly drink it.

You can consume the tea 1 until 3 times a day. For a better result, you can also consume vitamin B6 because it can enhance the effect of the tea. Some ingredients that can be added into the tea with some good effects are vanilla bean, mangosteen and honey.

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What Chanca Piedra Leave Can Really Do

Chanca piedra leave is a herb with a function to help on getting rid of kidney stone. It is not only work in a single way but it actually work on some ways. And they are :

  1. Interfere on the forming process of the stone.
  2. Reduce the aggregation of crystal that will make up the stone.
  3. Modify the composition of the stone.
  4. Relaxes the ureter to make it easier for the stone to go through.
  5. Clear up the leftover fragment of the stone that are already broke up into pieces by shock wave therapy.

Based on some researches that has been done before, the tea can help people with kidney stone to promote the elimination of the stone. It can help on increasing the process of diuresis, sodium and creatine excretion which being the composition of the stone. It can also effectively inhibit the formation of calcium oxalate crystal which become the building block of the kidney stone.

So if you have kidney stone and you want to get rid of it with natural way, consume Chanca piedra leave can be the answer. It can only work as long as it is still a mild case where the size of the stone is small and it located on the lower urinary tract. But if the stone is big and it located on the upper urinary tract, you better find some other ways.

In some cases, consuming Chanca piedra leave can directly eliminate the kidney stone. But in some other cases, you have to go through some specific treatment first like short wave therapy to break up the stone into pieces.

Then Chanca piedra leave can help to promote the elimination of the kidney stone fragments and clear it up. But it is better for you to meet doctors first to really confirm if you have kidney stone and what is the best way to get rid of it. And if it is only in mild case then you can definitely use this way.

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