10 Preventions of Hemophilia that is Easy to Do

Definition of hemophilia itself is one of the disorders of the clotting system in the blood which causes the body to lack protein. When bleeding occurs, the body will react immediately to form a retaining tissue around platelets (blood cells) and freeze blood so that bleeding can stop.

In the case of hemophiliacs due to a lack of protein, are called a blood clotting factor. When the body is injured, the blood will be difficult to freeze and blood continues to flow for longer than normal people. The original wound for ordinary people sounds simple but it can be risky for hemophilia sufferers.

Basically, there are several ways to treat hemophilia including injecting blood clotting factors. But it would be better if we can prevent any disease that might attack our body. This time the doctor’s team will review how to prevent hemophilia.

How to Prevent Hemophilia

Hemophilia is a disorder that is caused by genetic factors. These following steps to prevent hemophilia are to prevent bleeding from hemophilia. Let us look at the reviews below to make it clearer:

  1. Avoid Trauma or Accidents

As explained above, just a little injury can have a significant impact on hemophilia patients. Avoiding activities that are dangerous, sensitive, or that cause injury must be done. Make the atmosphere of a safe and comfortable home to reduce the risk. In addition, always be careful if people with hemophilia will have outdoor effectiveness.

  1. Maintain A Diet

Manage your diet well and maintain nutrient intakes are very important for hemophilia sufferers since they have abnormalities in blood clots and are prone to injury. It will be better if the patient forms his immune system by consuming healthy foods.

  1. Avoid Heavy Physical Activity

Hemophilia sufferers should not do physical activity that is too heavy especially extreme sports that have a high risk of injury. Also, read 8 Functions of Aerobics to Form the Ideal Body.

  1. Vaccine

Prevention of hemophilia that is often forgotten is to do a vaccine. It can be hepatitis A and B vaccines. Why is this needed? Often hemophilic patients need a blood transfusion from other people if there is bleeding. Therefore, patients are susceptible to bacterial and viral infections.

  1. Use Comfortable Footwear

Using protected footwear can also be used as a means of preventing hemophilia. Protecting feet when doing outdoor activities is very important because this body part is vulnerable to injury.

  1. Use Furniture That is Safe at Home

If your family has hemophilia, using furniture made of wood or soft materials is the right choice because if a collision occurs, the risk of bleeding can be minimized.

  1. Cover the Floor of Your House with Carpet

To avoid other collisions, you can also coat the floor of the house with carpet or like many modern homes today, use plywood as a house floor.

  1. Do Not Take Blood Thinners

Blood-thinning drugs should be avoided by hemophiliacs. In addition, for sufferers, it is very obligatory to consult each drug consumed with the doctor because various drugs may have harmful effects.

  1. Always Treat Dental and Oral Hygiene

This also often escapes supervision especially for children with sufferers. Maintaining cleanliness and healthy teeth and mouth must be done. This aims to prevent bleeding that occurs due to dental and oral diseases.

  1. Always Be Careful

Yes, the last thing that can be done to prevent hemophilia is to be introspective and careful. Learn about the right understanding for every sufferer that a small risk can be dangerous for them as well as an understanding of the medicine for hemophilia, how to treat hemophilia and treatment of hemophilia.

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