11 Side Effects of Longan Fruit for Health You Need to Consider

The side effects of longan fruit are negative impacts which will be experienced by children or adults as long as they have not understood yet how to consume it well.

Longan fruit is a kind of fruit liked by many people because it has sweet taste, cheap price, and easily found in several places which are sold any kind of fruits.

Compounds in Longan Fruits That You Need to Know:

The side effects of longan fruit for health that you must know:

  1. Increasing sugar levels in the body

The strong fructose compounds within the longan fruit can cause difficulty to the body when the body is doing fat breaking process and acid uric which then increase the level of sugar in the human blood. This condition easily occurs to anyone with diabetes’ history though, it is still possible to occur to anyone without any diabetes’ story, if you are consuming longan fruit excessively.

  1. Obesity

Carbohydrate within the longan fruits can increasing the sugar level in the body and change it into fat. If consumsing longan fruit excessively and in long term period, then either children or adults can increase their body weight or obesity.

  1. Decreasing appetite 

Longan fruits contain potassium compounds and high level of carbohydrate and if you consume it too much and everyday, it can cause your appetite decreased. Yes, longan fruits can make your stomach feels full and addicted which potentially cause the person does no longer want to eat, especially rice, after they eat longan fruit.

  1. Food poisoning

Consuming longan fruit too many before you have breakfast can cause poisoning to your body. The early symptoms are nausea, stomachache, vomiting, and headache. 

  1. Disruption in men’s hormones

The dangers of longan fruit can be caused by the fruit itself which is often sprayed by pesticide. Then, after it is harvested, the fruit will contain the pesticide and can absorb to the core. If men peel the longan using their mouth, it can cause demasculinization, which means the changing of hormone which can make a man acts more feminine and will minify his genital.

  1. Inhibiting labor process

Pregnant women who are consuming longan fruit excessively during their seventh to ninth month routinely can inhibit the lapor process which can become more difficult because longan fruits have hot characteristic and can press the womb and also the baby position will turn more active to do movement. 

  1. Disruption in human digestive system

Anyone with stomach disruptions is recommended to consume fewer longan fruits to avoid the sudden increasing of stomach acid as well as the irritation in the stomach wall and press the intestines tissue. If it occurs, then the digestive system disruptions cannot be avoided because the heat effects of longan fruits which can cause your stomach having diarrhea.

  1. Damaging fetuses’ organs

Consuming longan fruit which is already contaminated by pesticide and any harmful compound including bacterial can damage to the fetuses’ organs gradually and can make the development of the fetuses more difficult. The fetuses may have low body weight and small body because of the abnormalities of body organs, such as liver, heart, lung, or lymph after they are born.

  1. Increasing the risk of miscarriage

There are some side effects of longan fruit for health. Be careful of the side effects of longan fruits if the consumers are pregnant women. Why? Because, if pregnant women within their first third semester or fewer than that, it can cause heat effect and also the pesticide inside the longan fruit when it was sprayed can irritate and shed the fetuses which are not perfectly shaped.

  1. Headache

Consuming too many longan fruit and not balanced by consuming enough rice, green vegetables, any kind of meats, fruits, can cause repeated headache. The side effects of this kind of longan fruits are often experienced by anyone who like to consume longan fruits but resist to eat other foods containing other nutrients.

  1. Disruption in children motor’s system

Do not let children under three years old consume longan fruit excessively for everyday because it can disrupt their motor development. The side effects of longan fruit for health in children are caused by its heat  and addictive effects and can make the children dislike other fruits or other foods with high nutrients. Therefore, their movement intellectual development and their visual instinct may be lowered.

  1. Increasing the possibility of kidney diseases

The side effects of eating can be caused by the fruits containing high potassium which are not good for person with kidney diseases or person who is taking healing program after kidney surgery. Potassium compounds which are too much can cause kidney irritation and the kidney can lose its ability to control the poison contained in the blood stream as a result from food and bacterial. 

Best Solutions For Consuming Longan Fruit

Quick tips to avoid the damages caused by longan fruit:

  1. For children or adults, do not consume too much longan fruit. Longan fruit contains compounds, such as high potassium, which has negative impact to be consumed excessively for human’s internal organ. When eating longan fruit, you can balance it by eating other fruits, such as pear, melon, or any fruit with low level of potassium. This condition can avoid your body from any health problem caused by consuming longan fruit too much.
  2. Peel the longan fruit using your fingers, not with your teeth or mouth. This is to avoid pesticide which is possible contained in the longan peels to entering your body through your mouth and swallowed. It is better to wash the longan fruit first, including the peels, with clean water to remove and to avoid the harmful effect of pesticide attached in the longan fruit peels and have accumulated with bacterial.

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