Dragon Fruit Face Mask Recipe and How to Use It (Beauty Tricks)

Dragon Fruit,  a common commodity that usually found on high temperature areas such as south Florida, natives of Mexico and other desert areas where it has a source water.

The locals usually called this fruit with “Pitaya” name. the fruit itself has two kind of flesh color, red flesh and white flesh. Both fleshes are safe to eat, rich in water, nutritious and can be a savior in the water crisis.

Records says that this fruit can heal some illness like fevers, dehydration recovery, dry mouth, Immunity problems and some other nutritional problem. Why is it can be happening? Because the fruit itself contains large amount of water, fiber and nutrition.

Dragon Fruit contains a lot of anti-oxidant, which is preventing free-radical, and in other means, a direct contact to the face will prevent any free radical problem.

Dragon fruit face mask recipe and how to use it

So how to make your face smoother, silkier, and off course, brighter using this fruit?

Here’s  8 ways how to make you beauty using dragon fruit

  1. Use a mixture of white-fleshed dragon fruit with egg’s white.

Since there are a lot of good proteins inside this whites of egg, you can use this protein as a revitalizer for your skin, and dragon fruit as the addition.

You can use this method to revitalize dark spots and because of the acids contained by the dragon fruit, it is possible to pierce more deep part of the outer skin to being revitalized.

You can make the mixture by adding 2 egg’s white and scoops of dragon fruit smoothies. apply the mask cream firmly around the facial and wait for 45 minutes until its dry off on your skin and wash it using warm water.

You can add more acidic fruit like lemon and more fragrant like flower smoothies or even better, flower oil.

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  1. Use a mixture milk powder and dragon fruit smoothies

Making it a half-mud half-water cream from this method is the key.  make it applicable by solidify it using milk powder.

Dragon fruit face mask recipe and how to use it:

  • Now prepare your bowl, add 5 spoon of milk powder and 3 spoon of dragon fruit water,
  • mix it well until it gets creamy muddy
  • apply it on the face firmly, let it dry ( around 45 minutes)  and wash it with warm water after the masking.

This milk powder is good for your skin since it will makes your skin brighter and smoother, added a dragon fruit essence inside, it will make every single brightening step more efficiently. Plus a bonus, it will prevent free-radical effects caused by carbon dioxide around your living place.

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  1. Use yoghurt and dragon fruit smoothies

You eat yoghurt? Aww yes! now you can use it to make your own home-made facial mask from this yoghurt. Mix it with a few fruit smoothies can make the results better.

In this case, I will tell you that dragon fruit is a supportive friend for your yoghurt facial mask, you need to smoothen the dragon fruit first along with the skins, and use yoghurt as the condenser.

Mix all of those dragon fruit smoothies and apply them on all of the face skin, wait until it dries off from your skin and peel it smoothly. Wash it with warm water after it.

  1. Dragon fruit masking with grain flours

Grains contains a lot of carbohydrates, but they also contains a lot of skin vitamins like vitamin E and vitamin D, so it is reasonable to use the flours as a facial mask condenser.

While the dragon fruit itself is acidic, it helps all of that vitamins penetrates deeper into your skin and will results better! Along with the minerals contained by the dragon fruit, it’s a super brightener mask.

Please do note this, as flours has big amount of carbohydrate, it is recommended to wash your face with anti-bacterial facial products that fits your face needs. As this carbohydrates can be a supply for germs and causes bacteria to grow more quickly so it may results acne if you don’t wash your face first.

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  1. Lime + mashed coconut + dragon fruit facial mask

This one is actually interesting, it combines 3 acidic fruits into one facial mask and it can be a freshener + whitener for your skin. Take 1 lime and extract the water.

Prepare an old coconut flesh and grind it with the food processor. Extract the dragon fruit essence by  juice it in the juicer. Take 1 spoon of lime water, salt, 3 spoon of dragon fruit essence and mix it with the mashed coconut. Wait for 10 minutes and apply it on your facial skin.

It has every benefits as this facial mask is real acidic as it penetrates deeper and allows you to peel more black spots with salts. And the result is a whiter face and you will regain some fresh sensation out of it, tho it may be a little itchy when the facial mask applied. But the results is worth the price!

  1. Papaya leaves + papaya + dragon fruit facial mask

Why off course! Papaya contains papaine enzyme which is used to soften meats inside the cookings, but what if you use it for facial mask? That will results in softer face.

You will be satisfied touching it all day long after the facial mask, so maybe you’re gonna love this one. You can extract the leaf water from the papaya leaves first, this essence will make it softer than the fruit itself, so why is the fruit is mixed along?

It contains a lot of minerals and vitamins, and no to mention, good amount of vitamin E, so it is worth the mixing process.

Since we don’t have any condenser for the facial mask, we’re gonna mash the papaya fleshes. The dragon fruit, as always, extract the water from its juice with juicer, juice it along with the skin.

Papaya leaf essence + mashed papaya + dragon fruit essence, its always getting softer after you applied this one.

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