What Are The Long Term Effects of Hemorrhoids? How to Fix It?

Have you ever heard hemorrhoids? Hemorrhoids is a condition when someone experiencing swelling and bleeding in their anus. Hemorrhoids attacks digestive system which later leaves its patient to feel the pain when they sit.

The pain occurs because lump that appears in their anus. This lump is going to be worse if those who experiencing it have a tough feces. Read also: 12 Worst Foods That Cause Hemorrhoid Flare Up

Hemorrhoids divided into two parts, hemorrhoids that occurs in the inside area of anus and hemorrhoids that occurs on the outside area of anus. Hemorrhoids patients will experiencing uncomfortable feeling and often experiencing deep pain due to this disease.

Hemorrhoids that not treated well can danger our health. Below this, we will explain what are the long term effects of hemorrhoids if you not maintain it. These are:

  • Disturb daily activities

Hemorrhoids, especially hemorrhoids that occurs on the outside of anus makes its sufferer feel uncomfortable. It can disturb several daily activities such as sit and sleep. Both activities indeed needed in our life and if they get disturbed, it will decrease our life quality.

The pain will happen if someone who infected with hemorrhoids sits because there is a lump on their anus. It tortures them.  As the worst result of pain that occurs because of hemorrhoids, it can lead its sufferer to faint. You may also like to read things not to do when you have hemorrhoids.

  • Defecation is not running smooth

Hemorrhoids can lead someone to experiencing dangerous health problem. Defecation which not running smooth is one of the examples. Those who infected with hemorrhoids will face difficulty on defecating because there is a lump in their anus and when it meets the feces, the pain occurs.

Therefore, someone who belong to hemorrhoids sufferer highly recommended to consume lots of fiber because it can help to smoothen defecation process and the feces will not become tough. Read also: 18 Effective Traditional Ways to Cure Constipation

  • Infection

Lump in anus area has a big risk to lead to infection. Inflammation cannot be avoided if someone experiencing hemorrhoids. Anus is very sensitive and it can be easily infected. Virus that contained in feces makes this condition become worse. 

  • Trigger cancer cells

Hemorrhoids can also lead its sufferer to experience anus cancer. This disease classified as long term dangerous effects of hemorrhoids and it needs to be maintained very well. Infection in anus opens a big possibility for cancer cells to be triggered. Read also: Symptoms of Blood Cancer

  • Death

Never underestimate hemorrhoids. The worst effect of hemorrhoids can lead its sufferer to death. Death would be occurred if the hemorrhoids has already at the worst condition because bleeding excessively happen which later make its suffered lose their red blood cells.

As the result of losing red blood cells, complication that can trigger death would be occurred. This condition often occur on someone who thinks they already healed hemorrhoid and not doing medical check afterwards. Read also: How to Get Rid of Hemorrhoids Fast Naturally and Easy at Home

These are what are the long term effects of hemorrhoids that indeed dangerous because it can lead to several health problems and even lead us to death. It is needed to consume food that high in fiber if you suffering from hemorrhoids. Stay healthy, Good people!

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