12 Causes of Cramps and Pain on Toe – Natural Remedies

Cramp is a condition which occurs in the muscle in sudden and can cause a very painful sensation. In general, the body parts which can have cramps are calf muscle, neck, and also fingers.

Cramps can cause ache with different level and the period is various. It can occur in several seconds or minutes.

Here are several causes of cramps and pain on toe:

1. Not suitable footwear

For women who like to wear high heels, the possibility of cramps on toe is higher. Many of them who are often to wear high heels feel uncomfortable. Not only women, but it can also happen to men. Footwear, especially for closed shoes can increase the risks of cramps on toe, especially if you wear small size ones. A narrow shoe automatically will not give proper space for the toes and it can increase the possibility of crams.

2. Dehydration

Body with lower level of liquid can affect feet health, including toes where the cramps may occur. To prevent the body is lacking liquid, take enough mineral water so the cramps will not be likely to happen.

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3. Inadequate blood flow

Inadequate blood flow will cause several diseases including cramps and pain on toe. The narrowing artery can cause painful sensation because of the inadequate blood flow. Therefore, when you are exercising, cramps can occur in sudden. Also, if you take a rest for a while, then the cramps will disappear automatically. So, this condition will not last longer.

4. Lacking potassium

Vitamin and mineral are the most important two substances for the body because if you are lacking potassium, it can increase the possibility of crams. Electricity impulse of potassium in the body is conducted by potassium. It is also useful to maintain muscle contraction so when you are lacking this substance, you are likely to have cramps, either on toe or finger.

5. Lacking magnesium

Lacking magnesium can inhibit muscle function. Therefore, it is important for you to consume foods with high magnesium so you can prevent your muscle to have cramps as well as pain. If it is hard to get foods with high magnesium, you can take supplement as your choice as long as it is doctor’s recommendation.

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6. Lacking calcium

These are more causes of cramps and pain on toe. Calcium is one of required substances for the body. It is not only for bones’ development but also for preventing your toes from cramps.

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7. Lacking Vitamin D

Consuming vitamin is also very important for you body, especially Vitamin D. If you are lacking this vitamin, you will increase the possibility of having cramps and pain on toe.

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8. Pressure in the spinal nerves

Cramps that occur in the foot, including toes, calf, or behind the knee can be caused by the pressure in the spinal nerves. It can be more severe if you force to use your feet to walk. If you are having cramps, change your walking position and take a rest for a while by sitting in the nearest sitting area.

9. Lacking exercise

If you are one of person who don’t like to let your body has exercise, cramps and pain on toe may occur easily. Having exercise can make your muscle healthy. If you are lazy, the muscle will turn stiff and when you try to move it, you can feel cramps. Therefore, other than fulfilling the vitamin and mineral supplies, you need to exercise too in routine.

10. Muscle exhaustion

In contrast with previous point, doing exercise or walking for too long can cause muscle exhaustion which then lead to cramps on toe or foot. Therefore, take the most proper exercise for you by considering your physical ability. You don’t have to exercise for long time to avoid muscle exhaustion. Even when you are walking, you don’t need to force it. Take a rest for a while to relax your toes and foot. 

11. Cold temperature

Foot poured by cold water can be cramps. It includes taking a bath using cold water which can cause cramps on toe or foot.

12. Medical reason

Toes which are suddenly cramps can be caused by any disorder in the feet, such as tendinitis or plantar fasciitis. Also, thyroid or diabetes problem can also be factor causing cramps on toe. It is because the electricity impulse cannot be received by the toe muscle (although it is signal from the brain), and then it causes cramps on feet followed by ache.

Ways to treat cramps on toe

  1. Take painkiller drug by rubbing it to the cramps area.
  2. Rub and massage the cramps area gently by using massage oil.
  3. Take a rest for a while and relax your muscle. Move your toes slowly and try to walk slowly too because by doing so, you can send signal to the body that contraction and relaxation are needed to the muscle.
  4. Move the toes or leg parts to the reverse side so the stretching muscle can be more easy.
  5. Use hot water to compress your muscle so it can be more relax. Nevertheless, it is not recommended for those with spinal nerves injury, diabetes, or other diseases.

Ways to prevent cramps on toe

  1. Drink mineral water or water with electrolyte to make your body hydrated. It takes a long time but it is simple and can decrease cramps on toe in the other time.
  2. Consuming foods with high magnesium, calcium, potassium, and also vitamin. Seeds and nuts can be your best snacks when you are hungry as well as prevent yourself having cramps on toe next time. Nevertheless, for pregnant women, ask the doctors first before taking magnesium supplement.
  3. Doing exercise routinely to prevent the cramps.
  4. Strengthen your muscle by balancing diet and exercising the muscle.
  5. Use suitable footwear.

After knowing the causes of cramps and pain on toe, you can also take those natural remedy. Stay Healthy, Good People!

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