13 Causes of Acne in Armpits and Fastest Ways to Fix It

Acne  can appear in certain body parts, not just on the face. Including the armpit back is one of the body parts that are prone to breakouts.

The appearance of acne in the armpit is caused by various factors. Here are the results of acne in the armpit:

1. Use excessive deodorant

One that can cause acne migration in the armpits is the use of deodorants. Acne may be an allergic reaction caused by excessive use of deodorant. The use of deodorant clogs the pores of the underarm skin Coupled with the armpit position that is in the folds, deodorants make the armpits difficult to breathe until the acne.

2. Underarm cleanliness is less awake

Keeping clean is very important to prevent acne on the armpit. Unclean underarms will be a hotbed of bacteria that can make money in the armpits. Acne that appears is a small lump may be a lump of bacteria. Be sure to wash your armpits clean every bath. Read more about Causes of Menstruation Doesn’t Stop

3. Blockage of the armpit hair follicle

The former factor is a common cause. Like shopping on the face, blockage of hair follicles in the armpit is one cause of the defense of acne. Blockage can be caused by various things such as the use of deodorant, excessive sweating, and bacteria in the armpits.

4. Genetic factors

Acne that appears on the body other than the face area can also originate genetic factors. If your parent or family has acne on the body such as the back, and you also have acne on other body parts besides the face, then this obligation is due to heredity. But for more clearly you have checked into a doctor. Read more about  Causes of Cramps and Pain on Toe

5. Excess hormone

Excessive hormones can also cause acne in the armpits. Excess hormone will produce acne that may appear anywhere such as face, back, and armpits.

6. Obesity

In obese people, usually found around the crease area, including the armpits. Fat accumulated in the area of ​​the fold that is not exposed to free air makes the skin hard to breathe and the skin pores clogged. Blockage is what will become the forerunner of acne investment.

7. Scratching the armpit is too hard

As part of the body is most susceptible to sweating, the armpit easily feels hot and itchy. Not a few of us who like to scratch the armpits, right? Apparently the habit of scratching this armpit can lead to acne. If your armpit feels itchy, just compress it with warm water.

Do not ever scratch your armpits because it can move the bacteria in your hands to your armpits. Remember, a less clean armpit is the base of acne. Read more about Causes Oily Hair After Washing

8. Have a history of severe acne

If your skin belongs to the type of oily and prone to breakouts, not only the face that can be affected by acne. Other body parts such as the back and armpit can also. Therefore, acne prone skin can cause acne also in the armpits.

9. Inflammation of underarm skin

You often shave an armpit hair? The effect of shaving this feather usually raises the itching of the underarm skin. Itching makes you tempted to scratch it. Your scratches can cause inflammation of the skin and cause acne. In severe cases, underarm skin can be injured and fester.

10. Shave armpit hair

Most women feel disturbed by the presence of underarm hair. Underarm hair can lower their confidence, and limit movement in public. Especially for women who like to wear short-sleeved shirts. Because it shaved underarm hair or waxing is very popular with women.

With aesthetic and beauty reasons, they are willing to withstand pain when the feather shaving is done. But who would have thought waxing can cause acne on the armpit hair. Drugs or creams used during the waxing process can cause an allergic reaction to your skin until it appears acne. Read more about Causes of Increased Gastric Acid

11. Wear perfume close to armpit

Spraying perfume too close to the armpit gives the same effect with the use of deodorant. The chemicals contained in the fragrance can cause inflammation and make the skin of the armpit is very vulnerable covered with acne.

12. Growth of fungus on the underarm skin

The growth of the fungus on the underarm skin is caused by many things including the cleanliness of underarm skin that is not awake, armpits are often sweaty and moist. Mushrooms carry a lot of bacteria on the underarm skin that trigger the growth of acne.

13. Wearing clothes that are less clean

The underarm skin is in direct contact with the clothes we wear everyday. Clothes that are less clean it can cause acne on the armpits. Less clean clothes can make the itch of itching and skin flushed to appear acne. Less clean clothes can also cause irritation to the underarm skin. Read more about Causes of Heart Rhythm Disorder

How to Treat and Prevent Acne in the Armpit Naturally

Acne in the armpits does cause a very uncomfortable feeling. Moreover, the armpit is a folded area that is not exposed to air. Here are ways to treat and prevent acne in the armpit naturally.

1. Keep the armpit not wet

A wet armpit is the main trigger for acne. Therefore, whenever the skin feels wet armpit, immediately dry with a tissue or towel to prevent acne. But you should do it carefully so that the friction that occurs between the underarm skin and the towel or tissue does not cause irritation to the underarm skin.

2. Use natural deodorant

If the acne appears in the armpit, or you want to prevent the acne from appearing in the armpits, stop the use of deodorants that contain many chemicals.

Switch to using deodorants from natural ingredients such as apple vinegar or coconut oil. Naturally these two ingredients will suppress the production of sweat and minimize your body odor. In addition, apple vinegar and coconut oil can soften and nourish the underarm skin. Read more about Causes of High Uric Acid at Younger Age

3. Exfoliate or remove dead skin cells

Underarm skin regeneration is very important to maintain healthy armpit skin and keep acne. But this procedure should be done by the doctor to avoid irritation and other disorders of the armpit.

4. Apply gel aloe vera

Aloe vera has many benefits for the skin. One is to soften and relieve inflammation of the skin. Do not forget to apply gel Aloe Vera after you shave the armpit skin to avoid irritation that causes acne.

5. Compress with warm salt water solution

Do not worry if acne has already appeared in your armpits. Perform regular treatment by compressing your armpits using saline dissolved into warm water. Do it regularly until the acne deflates. The warm salt water can soften the acne that grows in the armpits and accelerate the healing process. Read more about Causes of Pancreas Does Not Work Properly

That’s the variety of causes of acne on the skin of the armpits. Make a natural and appropriate treatment if acne is already growing in your armpits. Do not forget also to prevent the acne does not arise in the armpits.

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