20 Natural Ways to Prevent Ingrown Hairs After Waxing

You wish your skin smooth and glowing by removing the hair. Waxing is one of the hair removal methods that will remove hair easily and less painfully. But there may be some risks that follow, one of them is ingrown hair.

Ingrown hair can happen to anyone especially those who have curly and coarse hair. The chance of getting ingrown hair also happens to those who do hair removal treatment such as shaving and waxing.

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Cause of Ingrown Hair

Ingrown hair occurs when the hair bend-back and re-enter the skin causing the swelling and inflammation. People who have high sex hormon will have higher chance to get ingrown hair due to excessive hair growth. The hair that re-enters the skin after shaving or waxing has sharper edge. This lets the hair to damage the skin and stay there causing irritation and swelling. No one should worry about the ingrown hair if they know how to treat the skin after having the hair removal.

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Natural Ways to Prevent Ingrown Hair

The natural and safe way to prevent ingrown hair after waxing is by treating your skin with homemade remedies. The easy-making scrubs will act as exfoliator that can prevent the dead skin to clog up the hair follicle. The anti-inflammatory properties and soothing agent from natural ingredients will prevent the irritation and swelling that can cause the abnormal hair growth. Non-comedogenic moisturizer will prevent the blockage of the skin pores that will cause the hair to bend back and re-enter the skin.

There are many ingredients you can find in your kitchen to make the homemade scrubs. These scrubs aren’t just inexpensive and easy to make but they can also give long-term result and have less harmful side effects. These are the ingredients you can use as natural ways to prevent ingrown hair after waxing.

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1. Sugar

Sugar works as a natural exfoliator that removes dead skin cells and helps moisturizing. The simple way to make sugar scrub is by mixing some white sugar with carrier oil like extra virgin olive oil or jojoba oil and ten drops of your favorite essential oil such as tea tree oil or lavender oil.

2. Oatmeal

Those who love natural remedies for beauty treatment must have proven that oatmeal can be such a life saver. Having antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, oatmeal works as soothing skin agent. Oatmeal mixes with yogurt and honey helps prevent the ingrown hair as it checks the growth of ingrown hair from the skin.

3. Honey

Honey acts as good moisturizer and antiseptic. It reduces the itching and redness from hair removal. Applying honey to the shaven skin will prevent the skin from getting inflammed due to the contact with chemical shaving cream and wax. 

4. Corn starch

Often used as the main ingredient for mask, corn starch works as natural exfoliator that can help remove the dead skin cell so there won’t be any blocked hair growth on skin. Just add water into your corn starch and apply the paste to your skin.

5. Aloe vera

Aloe vera has always been the multipurpose ingredient that can solve many health problem. Its soothing skin agent can help prevent the ingrown hair in an easiest way. You can apply aloe vera gel into your skin and leave it for about half an hour. Wash them off with lukewarm water.

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6. Sea salt

Not only it does well for exfoliating, sea salt can also promote the blood circulation that can prevent the swelling. You can simply make paste of sea salt and some water then apply it to the skin.

7. Cucumber

High amount of water that cucumber owns can help reduce the inflammation, irritation, redness, and swelling. Cut into slices the cucumber that you pick from refrigerator and put them into the skin.

8. Baking soda

Mix a tablespoon of baking soda and some water to make a concentrated solution. Use a cotton ball to apply them to your skin. Its anti-inflammatory and soothing agent will help prevent the irritation after waxing.  

9. Lemon juice

There are many natural ways to prevent ingrown hairs after waxing. Lemon juice is a great natural exfoliant that peels off the dead skin cells that may block the hair follicle. Just apply lemon juice onto your skin and let it dry then wash it off.

10. Warm water compress

An easiest way to prevent ingrown hair after waxing is by compressing your skin with warm water. Soak a towel into warm water and squeeze it. Put it to you skin to help reduce the redness caused by waxing that may cause the ingrown hair.

11. Black tea bags

Moisten a black tea bag and apply it to your skin. Alternatively, you can steep the tea bag into a cup of water and add coconut oil. That’s the natural ways to prevent ingrown hairs after waxing.

12. Strawberries

Mix some crushed strawberries with sour cream and apply it to your skin for 20 minutes . Wash them off with lukewarm water.

13. Coffee

Mix some coffee and lukewarm water to make a paste. Rub it to the skin in circular motion. Let them sit for 10-15 minutes and then wash it off with lukewarm water.

14. Yogurt

Mix a tablespoon of yogurt and honey. Apply the mixture onto your skin and leave it for 15 minutes. Wash them off with cold water.

15. Shea butter

Use shea butter as a moisturizer after get your hair removal done. This will keep your skin hydrated and prevent the inflammation.

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16. Sunflower seed oil

Sunflower seed oil is rich in linoleic acid and acts as skin barrier that will lock the skin moisture. Apply it regularly onto your skin after waxing to prevent the hair to grow abnormally.

17. Jojoba oil

Jojoba oil can control oil in the skin by modulating the sebum production. Apply it to the skin after waxing will prevent the excessive oil production that may block the hair follicle.

18. Tea tree oil

Mix ten drops of tea tree oil with your favorite carrier oil such as coconut oil, olive oil, or almon oil. Apply it to your skin to protect it from skin problems. 

19. Argan oil

Argan oils is non-comedogenic so it won’t block the pores that may cause the ingrown hair. Using argan oil as moisturizer after waxing will keep the skin healthy.

20. Castor oil

Applying castor oil to you skin after waxing will prevent the inflammation due to chemical contents of the waxing products. That’s the natural ways to prevent ingrown hairs after waxing.

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Tips before Waxing

Here the tips of natural ways to prevent ingrown hairs after waxing:

  1. Check your skin condition before you do waxing
  2. Apply herbal oil
  3. Let the hair grow naturally
  4. Before waxing, apply herbal oil

Those are natural ways to prevent ingrown hairs after waxing that you need to know. Make sure you clean your skin before waxing to avoid the irritation and use the non-comedogenic moisturizer after waxing to prevent the blocked pores.

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