10 Dangerous Effects of Smoking on Teeth

Lots of health problems caused by wrong lifestyle. One of the most frequently highlighted is smoking.

This lifestyle is obviously unhealthy, because it can cause various health problems as a whole, including being a problem for dental health as well as mouth.

Here are some effects of cigarettes for oral health that need to be known :

  1. Tooth color change

One of the effects of smoking on oral and dental health is that it can cause tooth color to change. As is well known that the cigarettes must have a number of compounds that if the smoke is inhaled, then the possibility of cigarette compound affixed also in the teeth. Read more about Home Remedies for Tooth Pain from Nerves

Then, if done in the long term will cause the teeth to become yellow or brown. Of course this is not good for appearance and dental hygiene. So one way to prevent yellow teeth is to quit smoking.

2. Causes breath odor

The influence of cigarettes for other dental and oral health is to Cause the Teeth Odor or bad breath becomes unpleasant. Cigarettes are made of tobacco, and this tobacco has a strong smell when burned. It will affect bad breath becomes unpleasant. Not to mention if cigarettes also become the entrance for the germs into the oral cavity. It will increase the risk of bad breath for heavy smokers.

3. Creating plaque or tartar

Cigarettes not only affect the aesthetics of teeth and cause bad breath, but also increase the risk of plaque or tartar. Plaque or tartar itself is the result of material  attached to the teeth. Read more about How to Relieve Itchy Gums after Wisdom Teeth Removal

This material can be formed from the rest of the food that is not cleaned completely, can also be formed from the influence of cigarettes against the teeth. Plaque and tartar will be home to bacteria so that it can increase the various problems in the teeth and gums in the future.

4. Risk of peritonitis increases

Peritonitis is one type of bacterial infection in the oral cavity that attacks the tooth supporting tissues. Peritonitis can occur to people who smoke, because the buildup of bacteria in the oral cavity. Especially if the smoker has the condition of cavities. Then this will be easier to cause and cause various problems in the oral and oral cavity. Read more about Things to Do Before Bed to Help You Sleep Better

5. Trigger sensitive teeth

The influence of cigarettes for further oral health is triggering sensitive teeth. Sensitive teeth is a condition where dental dentin opens so it makes teeth more sensitive and easier to feel pain. This sensitive tooth can occur because the active smokers may experience a decrease in the gums, so that the tooth neck becomes more visible.

6. Avoid cancer in the oral cavity

One danger cigarette for dental health and gums is able to trigger cancer in the oral cavity. Dental and Oral Cancer is indeed not known the exact cause. But smoking can indeed increase the risk.

There is even a study that explains that active smokers have 6 times greater risk of mouth disease when compared with those who do not smoke. The cause is a pile of harmful substances that stick to the teeth and oral cavity so that disturb the atmosphere of the oral cavity itself. Read more about Foods to Avoid during Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer

7. Increase the risk of dry mouth

Dry mouth or in the medical world referred to as xerostomia is a condition in which the salivary glands do not produce saliva in normal amounts. So the mouth becomes dry.

Dry mouth conditions unfortunately not only affects the mouth that feels dry, but also increase the risk of oral health. Because saliva has a function of protection against teeth and tissues in the mouth. If a little saliva, then the protection function will be reduced and may be other problems arise in the more severe teeth.

8. Increase the risk of cavities

One result if the dry mouth is the process of decay in the tooth will take place more quickly. This will make the teeth hollow faster. So if the teeth are fragile and hollow, it will show symptoms of extreme pain when the infection occurs.

If this continues, the tooth can become a Severe Hollow Spongy Teeth and needs to be revoked or treated much more complicated later on. Read more about Characteristics of Oral Cancer

9. Increase the risk of inflammation of the salivary glands

The influence of cigarettes for other oral health is to increase the risk of inflammation in the salivary glands. Disrupted salivary glands can certainly cause various symptoms and health problems that need to be aware of.

10. Risk of shaking teeth even date

As described above, one of the cigarette dangers for oral health is increasing the risk of periodontitis. This period will weaken the tooth supporting tissues. If so, teeth can be easily rocking. And it is not impossible if the teeth will be dated or dislodged by itself. Read more about Dangers of Using Too Much Mouthwash

Thus some explanations about the influence of smoking for dental and oral health that need to watch out for. Given there are many dangers of smoking for oral and dental health, you should stop smoking. May be useful.

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