8 Causes of Acne on the Lips – Treatment

Acne is a fun topic to discuss. Everyone has experienced it, at least once in a life time. One thing for sure, acne never makes a good appearance. Acne can appear in any part of the body, such as chin, nose, back, face and lips.

If acne appears on the lips, you will have difficulty to eat or drink. You also become unconfident to talk to other people. And it seems difficult to avoid the gaze of others.

Basically acne is formed due to the clogging of the skin pores by impurities. The most common is the blockage of skin pores by oil.

This oil then becomes the medium where bacteria grow and eventually cause acne. Many people think that the cause of acne on the lips is different from those on the back or nose or forehead. (Read causes of acne on the forehead) For more details, let’s look at the explanation below.

1. Excessive Oil Production

The most common cause of acne on the lips is excessive oil production, especially in the area around the lips. Excess oil will clog the skin pores and become a growth medium for bacteria. Coupled with the buildup of dead skin cells, in the end the acne will pop up.

2. Skin Condition

The breakout of acne on the neck, back, chest, face and lips as well is most likely caused by dirty skin condition. Dirty skin will stimulate excess oil production and become an ideal place for bacterial growth. Excess oil will then clog the skin pores and trigger the growth of acne. Not only for acne on the lips, it is also one of causes of acne in armpits.

3. Stress

Stress will always be associated with acne, including acne on the lips. Stress arises from too much thought and pressure. When you are stressed, a hormonal imbalance will occur. This will lead to excess oil production on the face. The oil that is contaminated with dirt, dust, or bacteria will most likely trigger acne breakout.

4. Consumption of Oily Food

Food is the basic necessity of all people. Food gives you energy to perform various activities. However, food can also cause acne. For example fried foods that inarguably contain oil. Eating foods that contain oil means your body stores oil. As a result your face will be more oily so that acne is more likely to appear. In addition, foods with high sugar content are also believed to cause acne.

5. Cosmetics

The use of cosmetics can also cause acne on the lips. Cosmetics such as lipsticks contain chemicals that can cause allergic reactions in the form of acne. In addition, the use of lipstick or lip balm may clog the skin pores on the lips.

6. Toothpaste

The use of toothpaste can lead to allergies in the form of acne. When toothpaste accidentally hit the lips, it will trigger the appearance of acne around the lips.

7. Fungal Infections

Fungal infections are also the cause of acne on the lips. The fungus that lives in our skin is candida albicans. When the growth of the fungus becomes extreme, it will cause acne around the lips. To solve this problem, you can consult it with a dermatologist.

8. Allergic Reactions

Allergy is a sign of the body that usually arises because of certain foods or beverages that you consume is not suitable for the body. However, allergies are not only caused by food, lip balms or lipsticks containing chemicals can also cause allergic reactions.

How to Cure Acne on the Lips

Although there are many causes of acne on lips, it can be cured. Most causes of acne on the lips are simple things that you can control. Therefore you can take the necessary action to prevent the breakout of acne. But there are also causes of acne that are beyond your control. Even so, you should still do your best to eliminate acne on the lips or around the mouth. Here’s how.

    • Drinking water and yogurt

Drinking plenty of water is proven to cure acne around the lips. So meet your nutritional needs and balance your metabolism by drinking 10-12 glasses per day. In addition to drinking water, drinking yogurt is believed to kill the bacteria that cause acne on the lips.

    • Natural lips products

Choose lip products that contain natural ingredients to prevent allergic reactions. Always apply lip balm or lipstick with SPF content before you do outdoor activities.

    • Avoid toothpaste with fluoride

Fluoride contained in toothpaste helps to maintain oral hygiene. However fluoride may cause small bumps around the lips. Therefore people with acne around the mouth should avoid brushing their teeth with fluoride-containing toothpaste.

    • Baking soda

Baking soda can work effectively to remove acne around the mouth. Baking soda will make the lips softer and reduce the size of acne. You can make a baking soda paste by mixing 2 tablespoons baking soda in 2 glasses of warm water. Apply on the lips and let stand for about 10 minutes, then rinse with cold water.

    • Compress with ice

Wrap the ice cubes with a cloth and place them gently on top of the pimples. Cold will shrink the acne and inhibit the oil glands in the lips. Thus the oil will be reduced so that the bacteria lose its growth medium. Anyway, you can also make efforts to eliminate acne with garlic.

    • Castor oil

Mix one tablespoon of castor oil with two drops of eucalyptus oil. Apply on acne and let stand overnight. Castor oil will absorb impurities in the skin pores so unclogs and cleanses the skin pores. Castor oil will also kill acne-causing bacteria. In addition, eucalyptus oil also has anti-bacterial properties that help cure acne.

    • Lemon juice

Dip the cotton bud into the lemon juice, apply it to the lips and let it dry. Citric acid content in lemon juice will kill the bacteria that cause acne. In addition lemon juice will also constrict the oil glands thereby reducing the oil on the lips. You can also try to How to eliminate acne with honey.

Well, now you know the causes of acne on the lips. Hopefully this information will be useful for you.

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