10 Signs of Blood Deficiency That Can Disrupt Your Activity

Blood deficiency, also known as anemia, is a condition of the body when there are not enough red blood cells. This condition is common in some people, nearly two million cases per year occur in Indonesia.

Lack of blood may be seen by most people as harmless such as leukocytosis or leukemia. The lack of blood alone will still have an impact on the performance of our bodies. This condition can indeed be handled by professional medical personnel and many ways to cure anemia.

But if it is not handled seriously it can cause fatigue, shortness of breath, dizziness, and can cause a person to faint and even cause death.

The doctor of blood team will try to convey 10 signs of blood loss in the body so that the reader can immediately take proper care if the following signs appear.

  1. Feeling Tired

Get to know this one sign of lack of blood because the condition is almost similar to the condition of the body that is tired due to heavy physical activity. But the feeling of fatigue felt by someone who lacks blood is more to the feeling of fatigue that gets into the bones. Especially if in that period of time you did not carry out heavy and energy-draining activities, then you should suspect that it was a symptom of anemia.

  1. Pale

Pale on the folds under the eyes is also a sign of lack of blood that looks visible. In addition, you can also pay attention to the color of the skin under the nails, wherein patients with less blood the color of the skin will tend to be white.

  1. Noiseless

One of the effects of lack of blood is that the number of red blood cells is not enough (normal) so that the supply of oxygen to the brain also decreases. As a result, in addition to the body often experiencing fatigue and also when doing just a little heavy activity, we quickly run out of breath or runny.

  1. Frequent Anxiety and Difficulty Concentrating

Another sign of blood loss is that we will often feel anxious and difficult to concentrate. The lack of red blood cells in this case hemoglobin which acts as an oxygen-carrying protein can have an impact on mood and energy levels and our ability to make decisions. It is better if this sign appears you must pay attention to dietary restrictions for anemia sufferers.

  1. Insomnia

Other signs of blood loss are symptoms of insomnia or other sleep disorders. In children, adolescents, adults, and seniors according to studies in Ireland experience difficulty sleeping or disorders due to lack of iron. Iron itself is commonly found in the blood.

Further reading:

  1. Leg Cramps

Another sign of blood loss that is often overlooked is leg cramps. In patients with mild blood loss, leg cramps can be ignored because they don’t hurt. But in patients with severe blood loss, the leg cramps experienced will feel very painful.

  1. Dizziness

Another effect of the lack of red blood cells or hemoglobin is dizziness. This is natural because hemoglobin which acts as a carrier of oxygen to be distributed throughout the body decreases so that the supply decreases.

  1. Fast Heartbeat

Lack of blood can cause disruption in the cardiovascular system (heart) where the work of the heart will be more severe due to the lack of supply of oxygen that is channeled through the blood.

  1. Frequent Infections

Iron plays a very important role in the body’s immunity. Lack of this substance which is the cause of lack of blood can have an impact on our immune system so that it is susceptible to infection.

  1. Hair loss

Our hair is definitely experiencing hair loss. But if the loss of hair can produce 100 strands a day, you should be suspicious of being anemic.

Remember the dangers of anemia if not treated immediately. Make the signs above as an early warning for you and your family.

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