9 Effective Ways to Prevent Color Blindness

One of the most common optical disorders is color blindness. Color blindness itself is a condition in which the eye is incapable to see color or some colors. The color blind sufferers usually have a hard time to see colors such as red, green, blue, or a mixture of those colors.

Although the case of color blindness in total is very rare, but there are people around the world who does have that condition. It happens because some people are able to adapt to their surroundings, so that the patient can see some color gradation although it is not as clear as people who has normal eyes.

To avoid this eye conditions, there are actually several ways to prevent color blindness. Here are some ways that you could do:

  1. Consume Papaya

Papaya fruit is also very good for people with color blindness. This is because papaya fruit is one food that contains super high vitamin A. This fruit can help you treat and prevent color blindness.

  1. Consume Cow’s Milk

Other way to prevent color blindness is to drink milk. Cow’s milk itself is basically very good for health. Cow’s milk that has high calcium in addition to good for bone and to prevent osteoporosis is also very good for treating eye disorders of color.

  1. Consume Goat’s Milk

Similar to cow’s milk, goat’s milk can also be useful to prevent color blindness. Drinking goat’s milk on a regular basis can also treat vision problems, especially color blindness.

  1. Consume Onion

Consuming onions regularly is believed to prevent color blindness as well. Thus, try to eat onion regularly. You can add onion on your meal and salad.

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  1. Eat Apples

Apple is one type of fruit that has many functions and rich of vitamins. One of the great functions we can get from consuming apples is to prevent color blind. Eat this fruit regularly as it is or you can consume it as apple juice or add it into your dessert.

  1. Consume Lots of Carrots

As we know carrots are one of the foods that contain lots of vitamin A. This type will be very good for eye’s health in general. It is also believed that if you consume carrot everyday, especially for kids who have myopia, it could decrease the number if minus of the eye. In addition,  Carrot is good to be eaten as it is, you can boil or make a smoothie from it as well.

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  1. Consume Dragon Fruit

Another way that we can try to prevent color blind is to consume dragon fruit. Dragon fruit is a fruit that can reduce the risk of color blindness.

In addition to the natural ways to prevent color blind, you can also use some gadget or tools. Here are some of the gadgets you can try to use to prevent color blindness:

  1. Using Special Glasses

One of the tools that can be used to prevent color blind is special glasses. Glasses in question are the glasses that can improve the color and brightness so that people with color blindness can recognize the color better.

Using this gadget is highly recommended. Find glasses that suit you the most and you will feel not only more stylish, but also will make you see color better than when you not wearing the said glasses. Read more about Dangers Due to Excessive Salt Consumption

  1. Conduct an Ichihara Test

This test is more intended to diagnose a person who is suspected of having color blindness problems. This test can only detect blindness of the color red and green. This test is done by using the method of recognition of numbers that look faint.

The cause of color blindness

After knowing how to prevent color blindness, we must also know some factors that can cause color blindness itself. Some factors causing color blindness include:

  • Genetics

Most color-blind is caused by innate births and genetic factors related to the X chromosome. This kind of condition is avoidable and the only thing you could do is live with it.

  • Illness

There are several diseases that can also be the cause of color blindness such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, glaucoma, diabetes, and others. This kind of condition is also avoidable and the only thing you could do is embrace it, you can live a normal life even if you have color blind conditions.

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  • Age

Color blindness is also affected by age. This is a natural thing that usually happens to elderly people. If this happens, the least you could do is try to use glasses especially made for color blindness and avoid to do things that could make the condition to be worse.

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  • Chemicals and drug side effects

Some chemical ingredients can also cause a person to experience color blindness. In addition side effects from drugs such as digoxin and chloroquine can also be a cause of eye disorders.

Those are some foods that you can try to consume in order to prevent color blindness. Until these days, the cure to treat color blindness have not been invented yet.

Most of people who have color blind condition is inherited from the genes. One thing you can do to avoid your offspring to have color blindness is, you and your spouse need to do medical check up and medical history of your families to see if any of your relatives have it and how high is the chance of color blindness that your kids might get.

People who have this condition needs to embrace their eye condition and remind themselves that this eye condition should not stop them from living their live to the fullest and try to adjust themselves in doing their daily activities.

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