11 Symptoms of Hives All Over Body and The Dangers

The medical term for hives is urticaria rash which is assumed as a skin response that triggering hives in the skin surface which can be red or white followed by the some severe itchy sensation. The hives in the surface of the skin appear one by one, before it spreads to other parts of the body.

Allergy is a factor that one of many causes of hives which can cause the different shape and size for each hives. The hives can also be called as rashes, which the sensation is not only about itchiness, but also sore and sting sensation. And then, what are the other symptoms of hives that you need to know? Read also:  How to Cure a Rash on Your Stomach

1. Red Spots

Clearly, red spots are the main symptoms of hives, and the term that often used is rashes or hives, like it is mentioned before. It is because, there are small bumps or lumps that appear in the skin surface when you are having hives.

The size of the rashes and bumps are not similar to each other hives and it appears in cluster. The sensation is indeed very bad when you are having hives although it seems rashes only. If it is multiplied, you need to check it to the doctor so you can get proper treatments from the medical expert before the symptoms are getting severe and having complication which then can lead to worse condition.

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2. Itchy Sensation

What’s more symptoms of hives all over body and the dangers? The itchy sensation often appears with the rashes, especially when the factors causing itchy is allergy. The allergenic substances come in many ways, it can be pollutant or even foods which can cause itchiness in the skin. The itchy sensation is different with other itchy sensation because it is followed by burning sensation and a sense of piercing.

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3. Whitening Rashes

If the rashes are red before, it can turn into white rashes (whitening rashes). The process of whitening rashes that appear suddenly can disappear when you try to touch and press the rashes. Therefore, when you are having hives, it is better for you not to touch or even scratch it because it can worsen the condition of the hives.

4. Bumps Appear After You Scratch It

If you try to scratch your rashes which have ran the whitening process from red to white, it can appear new bumps. So, if there are only few number of the bumps or rashes, it can appear more one by one. So basically, the spreading or the appearing process of new bumps can be a result of scratching process.

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5. The Bumps Getting Bigger

Because you scratch it, it will also multiply the number but also the size of the bumps will getting bigger and bigger. Therefore, it it is not treated well and properly, the bumps can easily get bigger and then spread or join to other hives. The dilation process occurs by joining one hive to other hive so it gets bigger.

6. The Changing Shape of The Bumps

If you put attention carefully to the bumps in the surface of the skin, it can easily be found the changing shape of the bumps. It is not only about the shape, but the hives will come-and-go easily and in very often. In several minutes or hours, the hives may come and go easily.

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7. Swollen On The Other Part Of The Body

Because of many new bumps in the skin, the spreading will get worse if it is not treated quickly. As a result, it will lead to swollen on the other part of the body, such as eyelid (one or both eyelids). The swollen can also occur on the ear, mouth, or lips, so those parts will look bigger and thicker than usual. 

8. Stomachache

Maybe, many people will think that hives are only about rashes, itchy, and swollen. Nevertheless, in several cases, the stomach will also get ache. Some person who are having hives will experience stomachache.

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9. Fever

The other symptom of the rashes, itchiness, and also stomachache is fever. If the fever occurs after the person experienced reddish skin and big bumps in their skin surface, it is better for them to look for doctor’s treatment and get recommendation from them. If the person gets treatment as soon as possible, the worst complication from the hives can be prevented.

The Dangers of Having Hives or Rashes

Having hives seem like a common disease that attack our body. Nevertheless, if the treatment is late or not proper, there are several complication problems that may occur. The long term person with hives will be uncomfortable with their condition. Several complication that can be prevented, such as:

  • Anaphylaxis – This condition is also known as a reaction to allergy but it is severe enough and can be experienced in sudden. The symptoms are very extreme and can be a fatal one to the person with it. There will be swollen in the throat or neck or face which can make the person hard to breathe. It can increase the risk of passing out to the person because there is a significant dropping of blood pressure.
  • Angioedema – For person with chronic or acute hives, angioedema can be experienced if their layer of the skin is having swollen in the deeper area. This condition will occur for more than three days followed by severe symptoms which are different with common hives.

Those are information about the symptoms of hives all over body and the dangers that you need to know so you can take treatment to overcome this disease. You are recommended to go to the doctor if it is unable to be cured with home remedies or if it gets worse.

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