15 Effective Ways How to Cure Men’s Depression

Depression is a critical, yet treatable medical illness. The conditions may caused by internal and external factors. However, it can be detected by specific signs and symptoms.

Depression’s symptoms

  1. Physical pain, it can be a headache, sleeping abnormally (too much or less), sexual dysfunction, etc.
  2. Emotional problem, it can be easily to get irritated, very sensitive for criticism, or even losing the sense of humor.
  3. Reckless behavior, this is the most visible sign when someone you know is getting depression. Someone in depression can do some extreme sports, driving recklessly, or even trying to do dangerous things without any purpose.

Beside of affecting their own life, the people who is having depression will highly probable to drag a problem for their family and the loved ones. And the most serious risks of depression is committing a suicide. So that is very important to know if you or your loved one is under depression stance or not. Increase your knowledge with read about How to Cure Children’s Nightmares

Both of men and women have the same chance to get caught of depression. However, there are many differences between them when they got caught a depression. For example, men usually tend to blame the others, while women blame their self. Men feel suspicious, angry, irritable, and trying to create conflicts

. On the other hand, women usually felt nervous, anxious and scared.We could conclude that men’s depression has bigger chance to affect their surrounding. United States records that more than 6 million men appeared to feel depression each year, and many of them caused another problem for another people.

Ways to Cure Depression for Men

In this article, I would like to concern in depression curing method for men. Here is 15 how to cure men’s depression:

1. Talk to him, then listen carefully

Regardless of the cause of depression, having someone to listen us when we are trouble are somehow reassuring. So that is why becoming a good listener when our friends, especially men in depression condition is the first thing that I suggest. Read more about Ways to Get Rid of Bad Breath with Home Remedies

2. Offer him a support and encouragement

Weather he accept your support or not, knowing someone who care about him is a good treatment for his mental state. It will help him doesn’t feel alone, especially if he face an external problem.

3. Point out how his behavior has changed without being critical

It will help him to care about himself even more. For example ask him, “You always seem get stomach pains before work.”. This acts can make him aware about his condition nowadays, and lead him back to doing normal activities and decrease his depression. You may want to read How to Get Good Sleep When Stressed.

4. Encourage him to make a list of symptoms to discuss

Help him focus on his feelings as well as physical conditions, and to be honest if he is using alcohol and drugs. These kind of encourage will be recognized as support by him. Then he will not feeling alone.

5. Suggest a general check-up with a physician

He may be less resistant to seeing a family doctor than a mental health specialist at first. The doctor can rule out medical causes of depression and then make a referral.

6. Offer to accompany him to visit a mental health specialist

Some men are resistant to talking about their feelings, so try to remove roadblocks to him seeking help. Accompany him to go to specialist make him realized that he doing something wrong lately and need physic medication immediately. Don’t forget to read How to Prevent Internet Addiction Disorder.

7. Invite him out for any social activities

Try to find an alternative activity beside of his daily job. For example, ask him to be a volunteer of social event and meeting new people out there. It is not an easy task to do, since most of people who are in depression stance will likely avoid to do anything. So that if someone who you are asked refuse to get involved in any activities, do not ever force him.

8. Invite him to get more Exercise

It will help him to achieve greater mental and physical health, then simultaneously reducing depression and physical pain. Exercise, as we know has been recognized as healthy activities which can make mind relax and fresh than before

9. Invite him to do a healthy lifestyle

Doing a healthy lifestyle will help him changes his mood, then releasing depression slowly. Especially for mental problem. Offer him to eat a healthy food, reduce the time of smoking if he do, accompany him to go to sleep bed early, and do not always in front of screen, (such as handphone and laptop), and let his eyes rest.

10. Invite his friends and family to take a part in encouraging him

Social support is perfect to reduce stress, it will make him happier. With these kinds of encourages, he will know that he still got loved by others, still took care by others, so he doesn’t feeling down anymore.

11. Invite him to professional treatment for depressionin Therapy

It may feel uneasy to talk to a stranger about your problem, or that therapy carries with it a victim status. However, if therapy is available for you, it can often bring a swift sense of relief, even for the most skeptical man.

12. Encourage him to report any concerns about medications

Since medication is one of method for finding a solution, it is better to continuously reporting his condition to the expert. It shows how much he change time after time. Read more about Fastest Way to Heal Dry Cracked Hands with Home Remedies

13. Remind him that depression will leave him by the time and right treatment

It is simple logic when every problem has a solution, so do the feeling of depression. However, for someone who is in this state, it is very important to keep reminding him.

14. Never ignore any comment about suicide

Even though they looked stronger, men are four times more likely than women to surrender for their life and commit suicide. You may want to read How to Treat Anxiety with Aromatherapy

15. The last but not the least, Remember you can’t “fix” someone else’s depression

You’re not to blame for your loved one’s depression or responsible for his happiness. Ultimately, recovery is in his hands. Your task is up to keep remind him to recover himself immediately from depression. If He never hear you, then stop. Admit that He doesn’t want to be recovered by you. At least you can search other person to help him get out from his depression.

Those are complete explanation about How to cure men’s depression in right as well as proper way with home remedies which easy to be followed. Hope this articled can be used generously to make somebody becoming healthy again.

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