Natural Ways to Get Rid of Dry Mouth After Smoking Cannabis

Saliva is secreted by salivary gland and plays an important role for someone’s everyday life. Saliva can protect teeth and provides lubrication and facilitate chewing and swallowing foods.

There are some conditions that can reduce the production of saliva such as having radiation at head and neck region, local disease that affects salivary gland, side effect of using some drugs and smoking weed. This condition is called as ‘dry mouth’ or also known as ‘cotton mouth’ or ‘xerostomia’. It’s not a disease but tend to be a symptom of a particular disease.

Smoking becomes a habit for people nowadays. They tend to like it without thinking about numerous side effects that may appear because of that habit. The joy can only stays for a while but the disease will stay and cause some serious illness afterwards.

Based on previous researches that have been done before, there are much more side effects than the benefit from smoking. And one of them is causing dry mouth. The research stated that people who smoke weed have more cases of dry mouth than the one who doesn’t smoke. Weed can also cause unpleasant breath odor and will contribute to diminish the ability for detecting taste and smell.

Causes of Dry Mouth After Smoking Weeds

There are some factors that are likely to be the causes that can lead to dry mouth as mentioned before such as having radiation at head and neck region, local disease that affects salivary gland, side effect of using some drugs and smoking weeds. Nicotine that contained in weed can stimulate the taste receptor and cause a short term effect that is increasing the amount of saliva.

But as the long term effect, nicotine can cause the reduction amount of saliva and cause dry mouth. Most of smokers have thick saliva while the non-smokers have the watery one. Weed can cause parotid gland to loss its function as the secretor of watery saliva and cause subamandibular and sublingual gland to compensated and secrete mucous saliva. This is the reason why smokers tend to have thick saliva. Indeed, also check out more about Dangers of Using Too Much Mouthwash

Symptoms of Dry Mouth After Smoking Weeds

The symptom of dry mouth is basically having the mouth to feel so dry because there’s a reduction amount of saliva. It will also cause chewing and swallowing foods will feel a little harder.

The ability to taste food and smell will also reduce as well as the ability to speak. Inflammation can also happen as the result of losing the function of saliva as the protection and provide lubrication that can make someone’s having burning sensation at their mouth. Gingivitis and teeth carries will also increase on some people. Indeed, also check out more about Ways to Get Rid of A Dry Mouth After Smoking Weed

How to Cure Dry Mouth After Smoking Weeds

Dry mouth is indicated by feeling so dry on the mouth that can disturb the chewing and swallowing process of foods. To overcome this condition, people have to understand first about what can cause this condition. And removing the main cause is the most important way to overcome dry mouth.

If the cause is because of the smoking habit so it’s much better to start reducing the habit while remembering other side effects that can appear because of this habit. There are also some other way that can help and improve the condition of dry mouth, such as:

  • Eating some sugar free candies or gum.
  • Eating some foods that have high water content such as cucumber and apple.
  • Drinking more water to help the mouth feel moist.
  • Sleeping in the room that use humidifier.
  • Reducing the habit of drinking sugary, acidic of caffeinated drinks.
  • Avoid salty and spicy foods that can lead someone to feel pain.
  • Avoid crackers or other dry foods that can only suck up the moisture at mouth, and start eating by using broth or soup that can help chewing and swallowing the foods.
  • Use artificial saliva (But this can only make someone feel comfortable without treating the real condition of dry mouth).
  • Use mouthwash or moisturizing gel that designed to treat dry mouth.
  • Seeing medical doctor or dentist to seek for any necessary help. Indeed, also check out more about Traditional Ways to Cure Mouth Ulcer

Health Tips

Although smoking cannabis weed can make someone feel happy and relieved, there are so many side effects that can appear. And one of them is dry mouth.

Ways to get rid of dry mouth after smoking cannabis that happen because of smoking weed is reduce or even stop smoking. It’s maybe a little difficult especially for those who really love to smoke, but this be the only choice and the main key to overcome the dry mouth because of smoking weed.

There are other health tips that you may have to treat this condition, such as:

  • Exercise regularly to have healthier life and eradicate the toxic that may appear because of the weeds.
  • Eating healthy foods to have better immunity.
  • Drink at least 2 liter per day to fulfill the need of every day’s life.
  • Drink less caffeine because it’s a diuretic that can contribute to make the dry mouth become drier.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol because it’s also a diuretic that can increase the amount of water discarded from our body and can make the dry mouth worsen.
  • Sucking ice cube can help the mouth to keep moist.
  • Using soft brush and toothpaste that are rich in fluoride, calcium and phosphate to prevent caries, gingivitis and other inflammation that may appear at the mouth.

Having dry mouth isn’t a good issue for everyone. So finding the cause and cure it is an important thing to do. These are the ways to overcome dry mouth and some health tips that you may try to help you increase your condition while having dry mouth. It isn’t a good condition nor sensation and can lead to serious problem if not cured well. Indeed, also check out more about Best Ways to Get Rid of An Infection in Your Mouth

And for the dry mouth that caused by smoking weeds, it’s so much better to reduce or stop the habit. That’s the Ways to get rid of dry mouth after smoking cannabis. This is the most important key of to treat this condition. And if this condition is keep happening and become very disturbing, it’s so much better for you to seek any help from the doctors.

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