13 Uncomfortable Side Effects of Wearing Compression Thigh High Socks

Nowadays, people are getting more and more confused by the vast and various information that spread out quickly in the internet. Confusions rise when there are a mismatched statement about something.

The same keywords that people use in the search engine show different information and no one knows which one is the right one. Especially, about treatments and remedies on any diseases.

However, there’s something important that everyone should know first before trying any treatment out.

Side effects of  that treatment is the thing that one should know. What would happen if I try this out?

Such questions should get proper answer so that the treatment such as compression stockings could be beneficial instead of getting useless.

Uses of Compression Thigh High Socks

People won’t try to use something they know nothing about. They will be asking continuously, about what can they get by wearing something. Here are few usage of wearing compression thigh high socks :

  • Helping blood to flow back towards the heart.
  • Improve the flow of lymph to reduce swelling
  • Reduce the symptoms of varicose veins
  • Improve athletic performance
  • Preventing injuries

Side Effects of Compression Thigh High Socks

Everything in this world has effects, agree? There are side effects of staying up too late, there are also … Those are the thing that happen when we’re doing something. Using compression thigh high socks, which is said to be beneficial, also have these effects that can be both good or bad. Usuallu, such effects are inevitable during the early stages. What are the effects that we should take a note on and get prepare to deal with?

  1. Uncomfortable

Imagine getting used to walk, run, stand freely without getting compressed by such tight stockings. Oh, how good it feels to be free, right?

When suddenly thigh high socks come and take away such freedom from your thigh, of course you’ll be feeling uncomfortable at first. It might make you feel like pulling it out of your thigh as soon as possible, right?

This is the most common side effects that you should bear with if you really want to get maximum benefits. Usually, this uncomfortable feeling will be gone as time goes by, so you should bear with it for a while.

2. Itchy

Every person have different types of skin, some are sensitive, some are resistant to anything. If you’re someone with sensitive skin, getting your thigh wrapped by tight socks for few periods of time might get you a side effect that you wouldn’t like to get, which is itchiness.

First, the materials might be unsuitable for your skin so that it starts to make you feel itchy. Other than that, you might not be used to be wrap around and perhaps, you sweat a lot so that it makes you feel itchy. It can be one of the causes of itchy feet and legs at night that will need similar treatment as the natural ways to get rid of itchy bug bites.

3. Numb

Ever wrapped your finger tight with a rubber bands? Let it be that way for a while, then you’ll soon find your finger getting numb.

The blood circulation of your finger will be abnormal, and that cause that numbness feeling. Such feeling is also possible to happen to you who wear thigh tight socks for the first time. If the compression is just too high for you to resist, you would not only feel uncomfortable, yet feel numb. This is temporary, but it still doesn’t feel good. So, perhaps you should be finding the best way to get rid of numbness in hands that can also work well for your thigh.

4. Skin irritation

Itchiness is not the only thing that a compression thigh high socks can do to your thigh skin. Irritation is also likely to happen due to this unfamiliar and suppressed environment that your thigh skin is going through. It’s another side effects of wearing compression thigh high socks that you might be getting. You might end up having irritated skin, which is usually dry, flaky, red, as well as itchy.

Well, actually skin irritation can also be the effects on skin from drinking less water on skin beside wearing compression thigh high socks. If this kind of condition occurs, you should let your skin have a rest and not using that socks for a while until the irritation goes away. If it keep happening, you might have to find another stockings with more friendly materials to make sure your skin is doing good.

5. Swollen toe

Is your toe in pain? Feeling uncomfortable warmth and redness on that area? Finding out your toe has gotten bigger than how you know it used to be? Such symptoms indicating a swollen toe is likely to happen if your toe is unable to adapt properly with the compression thigh high socks you’re wearing.

Take your stockings off and compress your swollen toe with ice to ease it. You can also try putting pillows under your foot when you’re lying down to help reduce the swelling.

6. Soreness

Soreness in your thigh and knees area might occurs when you’re wearing a compression thigh high socks. There are a lot of reasons underlying. It might happen because of the wrong size that you choose, or the wrong materials that put such pressure to you.

This soreness is absolutely uncomfortable, as it can limit you to do things you’re supposed to do. If this situation rises up, you should reconsider taking it off and make sure whether you have chosen the right size and materials.

Beside that, if you know how to treat sore knee from running properly, you should also start treating your soreness the same way. That way, you can also know how to relieve soreness in your body that will make you feel a lot better.

Other Side Effects (7-13)

Here are other side effects that might be bothering you during your treatment :

  • Cut off : Your body needs proper circulation. If you press your thigh too much, then it might means that you’re currently cutting off the blood supply to that area.
  • Muscle spams : Due to the high compression of the stockings, you might end up with spams around your knees, thigh, or ankle area.
  • Corns and calluses : Hardened, thick layers of skin on your feet or toe might occurs due to the poor blood flows to your feet.
  • Feet tingling : Since the blood pressure around the pressed area is high, you might experience tingling all over your thigh and feet.
  • Joint pain : Your knees have joints that can be damaged and hurt when you wear compression thigh high socks.
  • Tachycardia : The unstable and abnormal blood flows around your thigh and feet area could mess up with the overall blood circulation by increasing the blood pressure. Then, you might experience fast heart rate, tachycardia.
  • Tightness : Pressing your muscle for a long time might weaken it and give such uncomfortable, tight feeling around that area.

Taking care of the diseases you’re having is necessary. However, you need to know the best, proper way that can really save you rather than hurt you. When you’ve known the method, make sure you also know the right product and procedure so that you won’t experience side effects of wearing compression thigh high socks which are uncomfortable.

If you know this, you can minimize all of the side effects and then wear the stockings while feeling at ease. It’s not just feel good and comfortable for you, yet it could also be a lot more beneficial for you.

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