9 Causes of Blood Mixed Mucus That People Don’t Know

The mucus gland in the body is the place where mucus is produced and functioning to moisturize the respiratory tract when needed. It produced mucus in the throat or windpipe that can work as a lubricant that lines chewed food to make it easier to reach the stomach. This mucus gland can experience several disorders, one example of which is an infection attack from a virus due to the transmission of influenza that enters the respiratory tract and causes or triggers mucus glands to more actively producing mucus.

This excess mucus is usually placed in the windpipe, sometimes it rises to the nose. The amount of mucus produced by the body causes blockages in the respiratory system. This accumulating mucus is an easy target for viruses or bacteria to develop and infect.

The Presence of Thick Mucus in Snot

Mucus can become thicker due to the presence of viruses or bacteria in it. Thickening mucus is usually referred to as phlegm which tends to have a rather thick color which can cause shortness of breath. Actually, the colors that arise in mucus can indicate that the body or more precisely the immune system in the form of white blood cells is eradicating the virus in mucus that accumulates. It is because a large number of white blood cells in phlegm or snot can cause milky white color on phlegm or ingestion.

The mucus that has a more concentrated color like yellow, green, or brownish is phlegm which has a more severe level than the phlegm or snot which has a milky white or clear color. When the body is experiencing severe flu, which can be characterized by the onset of cold symptoms that clog the nose or respiratory tract, this will certainly make the patient’s body try to get rid of snot on his nose so that it does not clog up and interfere with breathing.

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Sometimes snot that is released during a cold can be accompanied by the presence of red blood cell fluid in the snot. For those who first experience this without knowing what causes the discharge of blood in this snot, of course, can be panic. Mucus mixed with blood can be caused by several things which are as follows:

  1. You blow your nose too strong

When the body suffers from cold, the discharge of excessive runny or thick mucus can be very disruptive to breathing. Difficulty breathing is one of the effects of thick mucus accumulation in the nasal cavity. When this happens, we will try to remove the mucus that thickens so that thick mucus will not interfere with the nose.

However, when you blow your nose too strong, it can irritate and tore the muscle tissue in the nasal cavity causing it to eject blood. This event is reinforced by a dry surface of the nose due to fluid or mucus that should moisturize the come out.

  1. Scratching the Inner Nose

The act of scratching your nose to the inside can also increase the risk of runny nose mixed with blood. Scratching your nose too often can make the skin become irritated and eventually cause muscle tissue to tear and draw blood from the blood vessels. This will be compounded if you have long nails because the nose will tend to bleed more easily.

  1. Hemophilia

Hemophilia is a rare disease where the body experiences a disorder that causes blood vessels to break or become damaged. It tends to be categorized as one of the rare diseases because the method of transmission can only be through genes or lineages. On the body of the patient, the platelets work even longer in covering damaged tissue.

In some parts of the body, bleeding will often occur whether it be a small bleeding that can occur without cause or acute bleeding due to an accident. The blood flowing out won’t be easy to stop and it requires some time to stop it. Hemophilia patients have a higher risk of experiencing nosebleeds which can cause the discharge of mucus mixed with blood.

  1. Allergy

Someone who suffer from allergies will cause the body to experience some symptoms that can worsen the cold or runny nose in the nasal cavity. Allergies that occur due to a disruption in the respiratory tract will cause mucus or runny nose to last longer, then inevitably will force the body to always blot. Irritations and injuries to the nose may occur.

  1. Tumors in the Nasal Cavity

Tumors are a type of disease that can now be easily experienced by the human body due to the presence of several trigger factors that are constantly being ignored. Tumors that occur in the cavity in the nose can cause the body to experience nosebleeds. These nasal tumors usually appear in certain parts of the nose, namely the nasopharynx, which can compress blood vessels around the nose area. The appearance of a tumor in the nasal cavity can be caused by a viral infection that is continually ignored until it gradually triggers a tumor.

  1. Psychosomatic

Psychosomatic is a mental or psychological condition of the body that can disrupt the health of the body for a long time. This psychosomatic can be the cause of the onset of symptoms of the disease which will greatly disturb the body and one of them is experiencing sudden nosebleeds.

Elderly mental disorders can be caused by stress, depression, and excessive anxiety that continue to occur and are harbored by oneself for a long time. If the body experiences psychosomatic, it is better if you consult to a psychologist.

  1. Hypertension

A normal body will have a stable amount and blood pressure. But if the discharge of snot and blood occurs accompanied by a headache and slightly blurred vision, there is a possibility that this event is caused by hypertension. Drastic blood pressure can result in fragile blood vessels and nose bleeding. Hypertension experienced by this body can be caused by several things such as heredity, unhealthy lifestyles, irregular eating patterns, and consumption of alcohol and cigarettes.

When the body is experiencing high blood pressure, it is good to overcome it immediately in several ways such as by consuming several types of healthy foods for instance; green vegetables, low-fat milk, garlic, salmon, and some types of beans.

  1. Leukemia

Leukemia is a type of disease that occurs in the blood in the body. This disease is in the form of abnormalities in the blood which are caused by cancer that attacks blood cells. The discharge of snot mixed with blood can also be a symptom of leukemia. The treatment for cancer-related illnesses is classified as more serious because it can be a therapeutic treatment which is included in medical treatment. Treatment of this blood disease can be like chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and performing surgery.

  1. Dengue Fever or DHF

Dengue fever is a type of disease that can be caused by the bite of a mosquito in which there are certain types of viruses. The initial symptoms of dengue are certainly high fever that continues to occur in a week where the temperature will rise and fall by itself. Dengue is a dangerous type of disease because it can cause death in the infected body. This disease can cause severe internal bleeding if the dengue disease is not immediately overcome.

Rupture of these blood vessels can be overcome and prevented if the first time a fever occurs, the patient’s body immediately gets the right treatment.

Snot that comes out together with the presence of blood fluids can be prevented and overcome if we had done several ways which aims to stop the nosebleeds or rupture of blood vessels in the nasal cavity. Always maintaining a healthy body is a necessity if the body tends to experience nosebleeds easily. In order to have a healthy body, it is better to always consume flu healing drinks made from natural ingredients.

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