12 Signs of Miscarriage Without Bleeding

Miscarriage is one of the saddest and can occur throughout pregnancy. When the fetus comes out accidentally before delivery time then this term is still called a miscarriage.

This is different from abortion because many mothers who experience miscarriage feel never try to deliberately do this. Usually, a sign of miscarriage is a very clear bleeding. This is a sign that often makes pregnant women feel very worried.

And further examination can be very sad news. Read more about  Danger of Cats For Pregnant Women

However, does miscarriage always begin with bleeding? Not really, because some miscarriages may not be accompanied by bleeding. Here are a variety of other signs of miscarriage without bleeding.

1. Stomach Cramps

Usually, abdominal or abdominal cramps wrapped in pregnancy are often the early signs of pregnancy. Cramps can be caused because the fetus seeks to develop in the womb and the uterus will begin to receive the fetus well.

The development of fetal age also often causes stomach cramps. But cramps in early pregnancy and too often can be a sign of miscarriage. Initially, cramps not only felt in the lower abdomen but also seen moving to some parts around the womb

. You must be aware that your body is made to react naturally. Cramps often become signs below the fetus cannot be saved. Abdominal cramps also often occur as a result of shocks in pregnant women and the effects of the danger of sitting too long for pregnant women. Read more about  Ways to Get Rid of Period Cramps at School Without Medicine

2. Back Pain

Miscarriage is often accompanied by tremendous pain in the back. It may make the back difficult to move or very painful when to walk or even sit. Pressure on the uterus is often the cause of back pain in pregnant women. However, early miscarriage also often causes excessive back pain. Back pain can be accompanied by very strong cramps and fever during pregnancy. Back pain can also be a result of the danger of pregnant women lifting heavy weights and signs of childbirth.

3. Do not Feel Nauseated Suddenly

Nausea and vomiting often occur in pregnant women due to very high levels of hCG in the body. Even the feeling of nausea is still common in pregnant women when it entered the second trimester although it is usually common stop when pregnancy is 12 weeks. Miscarriage is often characterized by feelings of nausea during pregnancy abruptly.

Maybe the mother will feel something strange in this pregnancy because it does not feel sick at all. This is a very clear sign because hormonal changes in the body stop and become normal as in non-pregnant women. But this sign is very difficult to ascertain for pregnant women but not nausea and without cravings.

4. Strong Stomach Pain

Miscarriage can also be characterized by a very strong abdominal pain. Although when a pregnant woman experiences abdominal pain then it could be a result of a bladder infection, a pregnancy disorder, an ectopic pregnancy or a pregnant wine. However, abdominal pain due to miscarriage is described as a different taste. 

There is a part of the organ or something that feels like walking on the birth canal and when there is a feeling of going out then the stomach pain is gone. This means that the possibility of the fetus is lifeless and choose to get out of the body of pregnant women. This becomes a natural response when a miscarriage is often not realized. This abdominal pain is also similar to the characteristic features of contractions will give birth and opening during childbirth.

5. Feeling Not Pregnant

Pregnant women would have experienced a very strong feeling of pregnancy. It uses more instinct to study the inner relationship with the fetus. Although this occurs only in the early stages of pregnancy.

However, when the miscarriage then the mother may experience a very strong feeling of not pregnant or empty pregnancy signs. Then create a sense of worries like a lost fetal heartbeat or other body response. If the mother experiences this feeling then immediately contact the doctor who is taking care of your pregnancy. Read more about Dangers of Morning Sleep for Pregnant Women

6. Loss of Morning Cyclical Signs

Some pregnant women feel very tired when it comes to getting into the morning sickness stage. But when all these symptoms disappear it will cause excessive worry. The problem is that all the discomforts such as breast tenderness, nausea, headaches and tired bodies are the result of hormonal changes. Miscarriage will make the body of pregnant women back to normal and no hormones. So the loss of morning sickness can be a sign of a very strong miscarriage.

7. Severe Diarrhea

Some pregnant women who experience drastic hormonal changes can experience diarrhea during pregnancy. Diarrhea occurs due to hormones that change and make the intestine work harder to clean up all the leftovers. But diarrhea can also occur due to unhealthy foods and sources of infection such as bacteria and viruses. Dangers of diarrhea in pregnant women can also be a sign of miscarriage without bleeding is very definite because it is accompanied by a very strong abdominal pain. Diarrhea can even cause the mother dizzy, tired and fainted.

8. White Fluid From The Vagina

Mothers who miscarried without bleeding are often accompanied by the release of white fluid from the vagina. White fluid is different from whitish during pregnancy. The liquid is not concentrated and has no color but looks like water. Then the next symptoms are often accompanied by abdominal pain, lower abdominal pain, and diarrhea. Dangers of whiteness for pregnant women should be prevented by further examination. If it is like this then ultrasound examination is needed to ensure the true condition of the fetus.

9. The body is Very Weak

Mothers who experience miscarriage can also often be accompanied by a very weak initial body sign. This condition becomes more severe if previously accompanied by morning sickness that causes the mother lack of nutrition due to excessive nausea. This sign is very clear but often interpreted as early pregnancy symptoms that must be experienced by all pregnant women. A very weak body can be a miscarriage of the fetus in the womb.

The weak body can be caused by the fetus has stopped growing, hormonal changes that stop suddenly and the condition of anemic mothers. Usually, after this symptom, there is a light to heavy scale bleeding.

10. There is Tissue Coming Out Of The Vagina

The fetal tissue may come out of the vagina without any bleeding. Usually, these tissues come out spontaneously when coughing or lifting heavy loads. Some mothers may also experience early symptoms before exit tissue is abdominal pain, abdominal pain, cramps and back pain. Other symptoms may accompany and resemble the upcoming menstrual symptoms. This tissue is usually accompanied by blood like black menstrual blood in black.

11. Feeling Anxious and Uncomfortable

Excessive anxiety can also occur due to miscarriage that is not accompanied by bleeding and emotional changes in pregnant women. This feeling of anxiety because pregnant women think about the fetus excessively. If this condition occurs then it could be a miscarriage triggered by a feeling of being unprepared to receive a baby or feeling too strong with the fetus.

Stress during pregnancy can also cause a miscarriage so that pregnant women actually feel a miscarriage without bleeding and often unexpected. Read more about  Tips On Stress Relievers

12. No Fetus During Ultrasound

One of the most valid checks to find out whether a miscarriage has occurred or not can only be done with ultrasound. This will help mom accept reality with certainty. In an ultrasound examination, the uterus can be described as empty, no fetus or fetal sac already formed in the early stages of pregnancy. This routine examination can sometimes be a surprising decision because pregnant women do not feel the symptoms of another miscarriage.

Although miscarriage is a frightening thing, this process may be experienced by some pregnant women. Even to include cases of recurrent miscarriages that often cause trauma to pregnant women. Therefore, various signs of miscarriage without bleeding can be real or not. All that must be proven by the examination of pregnancy both blood test methods and with ultrasound.

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