10 Habits of Korean’s Face Care that Can Be Followed

Koreans are famous for their habit of always maintaining their appearance by routinely carrying out many skin care arrangements. This habit can make Korean skin quality always maintained even as age continues to grow. To treat the face, Koreans have the habit of using a large range of skin care products that are also the secret of the bright skin of Korean artists. Here are a few steps in the habit of Korean’s face care that you can try:

  1. Cleaning Face with Double Cleansing

The habit of Koreans treating the most basic face is to clean the face with two steps, first using cleansing or makeup remover to cleanse dirt or makeup followed by a facial wash to thoroughly clean the remaining dirt into the pores.

  1. Using Facial Toner

Toner has a function to balance the pH of the skin and prepare the skin before using the next skincare product so that the nutrients contained in skincare can be absorbed perfectly. Avoid using a toner containing alcohol because it can absorb the moisture of natural skin.

  1. Applying Essence

The essence is a skincare product that can function to nourish the skin and overcome various skin problems such as dry skin, black spots, wrinkles, and so on. The use of essence is the same as a toner, namely by applying it by hand while gently massaged so that the nutrients are perfectly absorbed.

  1. Applying Facial Serum

Using serum after essence functions to make skin whiter and glowing like Koreans. You just adjust the type of serum with the type of your facial skin. Currently, there are many serum whitening brands in pharmacies that are safe like serum vitamin C that you can try.

  1. Applying Lotion or Cream

After using the serum, use a lotion or night cream that matches the condition or type of skin to get the appropriate nutrition. At night, the skin can regenerate optimally and absorb nutrients that are obtained to the maximum.

  1. Applying the Sleeping Mask

The sleeping mask can be applied after using a night cream. Sleeping mask is a face mask that is used overnight while sleeping and as a way to make a glowing face in Korean style. Rinse your face after waking up, guaranteed the face will be suppler and clean in the morning.

  1. Using Masks Regularly

One of the habits of Koreans to take care of their faces is masks. It is to tighten sagging skin and many others. Even so, Koreans can use masks as their daily care. Usually, the mask is used at night after cleaning the face.

  1. Using Sunscreen or Sunblock

Before they move or leave the house, Koreans always use sunblock to protect the skin from sun exposure. Using sunblock can prevent the skin from becoming stripped and the cause of the face appears old like wrinkles and black spots.

  1. Using A Mist

Face mist is one of the products that must be taken everywhere to prevent dry facial skin and look dull. Face mist can be sprayed on the face at any time so that the skin remains moist and fresh at all times.

  1. Good Sleep Quality

Lack of quality sleep can cause the appearance of signs of premature aging and make the face lose its light. By improving sleep quality, it can help improve skin health and give the skin time to work to repair damaged skin cells.

Those are reviews of Korean’s face care that can be done by everyone.

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