5 Dangers of Taking Bath When You Are Sweating to Avoid

Taking bath is one of must-do activities for all Indonesians. It is one of the many ways to maintain body hygiene as well as our body health. When we are doing any activity, our body will be sweating. When the sweat is accumulated, it can lead to any health problem. Nevertheless, when is the right time to take bath?

The time is various to any people, it can be two things, such as:

  1. Depends on their habits; or
  2. They take bath whenever they want to.

Everyone wants to take a bath when the weather is hot and they are sweating. It almost occurs after we are arrived from office, school, exercising, training, or our full-day activities. Or sometimes, we take a bath when we are sweating. But, is this good or even dangerous to take a bath when we are sweating? Below, there are several explanation about the dangers of taking bath when you are sweating. Read also: best way to prevent muscle soreness after a workout.

  1. Our body will get shocked

When you are sweating and you take bath either with warm or cold water, the first reaction of your body is that it will get shocked. Our body will be uncomfortable even when you are not finished taking a bath. It is caused by the pores which are open during sweating. After that, the sweat that are wiped by the water, it can make our skin dry. So, your body will get shocked and it can harm and damage your internal organs.

  1. It is harmful for your immune system

The sweat from our body is a kind of metabolism process which is very good for our body. You have to produce the sweat to maintain your immune system so it can work well. Nevertheless, when you are sweating too much and you take a bath, it can damage your metabolism process and worse, destroyed. This system will occur in our body. The sign when your immune system gets damaged can be detected from your hands and feet which are cold after you take a bath. This also can make yourself shaking.

  1. Increasing the risk of sinusitis

Many people thinks that they are having sinusitis after they take a bath when they are sweating. It occurs because our immune system has been damaged and it causes the bacteria or virus enters our body. The bacteria can live in the sinus cavities. This condition is sometimes recognized as flu after take a bath when you are still sweating.

  1. Increasing the risk of blood vessel health

When you are sweating, it indicates that your body is healthy. You can release all residuals from your metabolisms process and hot from your body. So, if you are taking a bath when you are sweating, either from cold or hot water, it can make your body can not release the hot from inside. It can cause problems to our body vessels because of abnormal changing from our body temperature. Read also: sign of clogged heart.

  1. Causing muscle problems

Many people have habits to take a bath after they exercise or aerobics. They think that after doing exercise, their body will be more fresh and comfortable. Nevertheless, taking a bath when you are still sweating, especially after doing exercise, it can cause a damage to your muscle. Our muscles work very hard when we are doing exercises or aerobics. 

Afterwards, similar to your body, your muscles actually need times to take a rest. Either the cold or warm water you are used to take a bath can increase the risk of muscle problems because our muscles do not have enough time to take a rest after exercising. Meanwhile, there are some dangers of taking bath when you are sweating that you may need to avoid.

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Tips to Take A Bath After Sweating

Indeed, taking a bath can make our body more fresh and can remove all of germs or other things causing diseases from our body. Here are several tips to take a bath after sweating.

  1. When you are still sweating, take your time and choose the right time to take a bath. Let all the sweat release from your body to decrease and to normalize your body temperature. Several things you can do related to how to relieve tension in your body before you take a bath.
  2. Give your time so your body and muscle can relax before you are take a bath after doing exercise. If you are taking a bath without taking a rest, either with warm or cold water, it can cause damage and increase the risk of muscle injury.
  3. Choose the proper temperature to your body before you take a bath. If you think you have habits to take a bath using hot water, especially when you are sweating, then do not do this again because hot water can cause damage to your blood vessel health.
  4. Taking a bath in a proper way, for instance, using soap, scrubbing your body folds, such as armpit, between toes, fingers, or other parts of the body. Use scrubbing clothes to remove all of body dirt.

Taking a bath when you are sweating are often assumed to be able to make your body gets fresh. Nevertheless, this way is actually wrong if you are doing this when you are sweating.

So, the most appropriate time to take a bath after doing exercise or anything that cause sweating is until you are no longer sweating and you are cooler; after your body is comfortable enough to be exposed by warm water or cold water to take a bath.

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8 Side Effects of Taking A Bath At Night

There are several side effects of taking a bath at night, these are all related to health problems, such as:

  1. Causing rheumatic.
  2. Causing premature aging.
  3. Causing pneumonia.
  4. Causing uric acid.
  5. Causing disruptions to your body metabolism process.
  6. Causing colds to your body.
  7. Causing fever.
  8. Causing pain to muscles.

Thus, there are some dangers of taking bath when you are sweating that we may need to consider. Always take care of your health cause somebody loves you.

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