9 Healthy Juices for Stomach Ulcer Patient – Easy and Delicious

Problem that occurs in the stomach such as ulcer disease is absolutely a burdensome because it can cause nausea, dizziness, and decrease our appetite.

In order to overcome ulcer when it comes to you, you can try to consume several healthy juices that recommended for ulcer patient. Here are 9 healthy juices for stomach ulcer patient you can easily make and of course delicious.

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  • Avocado juice

Avocado juice has been the most favorite beverage for some many people. The good news is, those who suffer from ulcer highly recommended to drink avocado juice because it rich of vitamin E, vitamin B complex, and vitamin A.

All nutrients that include in avocado are very good to overcome the pain in the stomach which is occur due to ulcer. For a good result, try to not consume avocado juice with chocolate milk.

  • Pear Juice

Because of the fact that pear is good for people who suffer from ulcer, processing it into juice is very recommended due to its component which rich of vitamin C. To make it more delicious, you can add honey into your pear juice. You may also like to read side effects of too much consuming vitamin C.

  • Guava Juice

Guava is one kind of fruit that contains high vitamin C. Guava has been known for its ability for cancer sores. Moreover, guava is also beneficial for ulcer patient who gets pain in the stomach. It will heal the pain.

  • Banana juice

Banana contains high potassium that not only recommended for people with muscle and joint disorders but also for those who belong into ulcer patients. Drinking banana juice will relieve stress as well.

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  • Papaya Juice

Papaya has been known as its ability to solve constipation. Furthermore, papaya that categorized as one kind of fruit that has a strong smell also capable to overcome ulcer and treat its patient. Papaya contains proleolytic enzymes that good for ulcer sufferer.

  • Papaya and aloe vera juice

another 9 healthy juices for stomach ulcer patient is the combination of papaya and aloe vera. Just prepare 200 gram of aloe veral alongwith 100 gram of papaya, the blend them together.

Don’t forget to wash them first. You may also like to read how to treat cancer with aloe vera.

  • Pear and kiwi juice

The combination of pear and kiwi also beneficial for ulcer patient. You can prepare a pear and a kiwi alongwith 500 ml of coconut water, 2 cucumbers, and 2 strands of spinach, then blend them together. You can drink it regularly to heal ulcer.

  • Avocado and apple Juice

You can prepare 1 – 2 pieces of apple and 1 avocado, blend them together until they get smooth. Drinking it regularly has been proven will help ulcer patient to overcome the pain in the stomach they got.

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  • Papaya and banana juice

Another fruit combination juice that beneficial for ulcer patient is papaya and banana. You can prepare 1 banana and a half or 1 papaya, cut them into small pieces, then blend these two until they get smooth. You can add honey or yogurt to make the taste become more delicious.

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These are 9 healthy juices that for stomach ulcer patient that you can easily make and of course, the taste are delicious. Stay healthy, Good People!

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