13 Dangers of Lime for People with Stomach Ulcer

Lime is known as a fruit that is beneficial for daily diet, health, and beauty. Lime can also be used as a natural way for ‘melting’ the belly fat, as a face mask to make your face smoother and free from acne. Even so, lime also has some bad effects for health.

The danger of lime for ulcer sufferers is already known by most people. It is because a lot of people with ulcer trying to consume lime, and then they felt uncomfortable in the stomach later.

That is why the consumption of lime for those who have stomach ulcer should be supervised, or at least be aware that they are consuming lemon or something that contains lemon in it. The reason is because the ulcer patients might have a risk to get the effects of the lemon or lime.

Lime, coffee, coconut food, spicy foods that are abstinence stomach acid. In order to prevent high gastric acid, people who have stomach ulcer need to avoid or at least limit the consumption of those foods and beverages and foods that contains those ingredients

Here are the dangers of lime that must be known by those who have stomach ulcer:

  1. Lime might Trigger High Gastric Acid

One of the dangers of consuming lemon or lime for ulcer patients is, it will trigger stomach acid becomes high. The reason is that the lemon has a sour taste due to the acid in it. It is the acid that will cause the stomach acid to be high. When the stomach acid is high the ulcer might have a relapse.

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  1. The Stomach Feels Bloated

The stomach will feel full or bloated when someone who has ulcer disease consume too much lime or food that contains lime. Bloated stomach is caused by high stomach acid after consuming lime. High stomach acid makes the stomach feels bloated or full of fluid. Bloated stomach is also caused by the acid in the lime that makes the stomach produces excessive gas. The risks of the rising of stomach acid should not be underestimated because it will harm the stomach and also your health.

  1. The Stomach Feels Sore and Wringed

The effects of consuming lemon for those with ulcers must be recognized, because it might make the stomach feel sore and wringing. This condition can also occur in patients with gastritis and also chronic ulcer. Those with light ulcers usually will not get any effect if they consume lime and dairy products in moderation.

However, for those who have chronic gastritis or stomach ulcer must be very careful when they eat foods that contain acidic substances. It is because the stomach ulcer patients might feel sore after they eat foods that are too sour. It will be very painful for people with stomach ulcer. Therefore try to avoid foods that cause stomach acid one of them is lime as much as possible.

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  1. Vomit

The danger of consuming lemon for ulcer patients is it might make you feel nauseous and eventually vomit all the food you’ve eaten. The reason is because the acid in the lemon can trigger the reflux of the stomach or trigger stomach acid up into the human esophagus. It becomes the trigger of nausea and vomiting in patients with stomach ulcers.

  1. Burping Frequently

Another side effect of consuming lime for those who has stomach ulcer is burping frequently. Burping is the continued effect of acid reflex that rises into the human esophagus. The acid that gets into the esophagus will trigger a person to be burping frequently.

  1. Excessive Saliva

People who experience ulcer and consume lime might have excessive saliva. It is because the acid substance that is owned by lime stimulates the production of saliva excessively.

  1. Bitter Mouth

The content of acid reflux can cause the mouth to be bitter. It is because the said acid in the lemon will make the tongue membrane becomes bitter. A bitter mouth is a further effect of excessive salivary production in the mouth.

  1. Bad Breath

One cause of bad breath is the rise of stomach acid in the esophagus. This often occurs in people who suffer from stomach ulcers. An effective way of preventing bad breath for ulcer patients is, try not to eat something that can trigger the acid in the stomach to rise. If you already have bad breath, it is better to treat is as soon as possible while continuing to try normalizing stomach acid in your stomach. Limiting the consumption of lime is one of the ways to treat your condition.

  1. Swallowing Difficulty

When you have difficulty swallowing after consuming lemon you can try to eat foods that are good for stomach acid patient. Difficulty in swallowing might occur due to lime juice makes the stomach acid up into the esophagus. It might make the Esophagus clogged with the acidic substances so that the food that wants to enter the esophagus is blocked.

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  1. Toothache

Excessive consumption of lime can cause toothache. It happens due to the acid in the lemon might trigger the muscles in the gum. As a result, you might feel pain in your teeth or gums.

  1. Stomachache

The danger of consuming lime for health is that it might cause stomachache for some people, especially in those who have chronic stomach ulcer. This condition is not only caused by lemon alone but is caused by all sour foods. In addition, stomachache could occur when people who consume foods containing acid do not eat their meal beforehand, so that the acid in the lemon will come into contact with the wall of the stomach and cause you to feel ache in the stomach.

  1. Diarrhea

Consuming excessive lime might also trigger diarrhea. Sour acids on the lemon might disturbed the digestive tract so that the stomach will be affected by diarrhea. Acid will accelerate the rate of movement of food in the colon so that the liquid in the food is not absorbed perfectly. That’s what causes diarrhea.

  1. Scrape the Tooth Email

The danger of lemon for your dental is, it might erode tooth enamel or tooth enamel. The acid in the lemon could erode the tooth enamel is. If the teeth are not enameled, the teeth will be susceptible to germs and bacteria that cause tooth decay. Pain on the teeth is also a sign that tooth enamel is colliding with acid and it can be a sign of erosion of tooth enamel.

Those are the danger of lime for ulcer patients and also for health in general. Those who do not have stomach ulcers and any other stomach problems might not get the side effects of lime as long as they consume it in moderation. For people who suffer from ulcer, it is better to limit the consumption of lime in order to prevent the side effects of lime.

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