Natural Ways to Prevent Ringworm in Groin with Home Remedies

Ringworm is a vary skin disease. It is also known as fungal infection of the skin. Common areas infected by ringworm are scalp, hand, feet, and also groin. Ringworm results in a red, itchy rash. Multiple areas can be infected at the same time. This time we will explain about ringworm especially in groin area. We will explain about the characteristics of ringworm, ways to prevent ringworm and some herbal medicines that can be used to treat ringworm.

As fungal infection, ringworm tend to happen to people who sweat a lot and overweight people. These types of people mostly tend to sweat a lot and it will make their groin area to be moist. This is one of the important factors of ringworm or any other skin disease to occur, a wet or moist area.

To prevent from getting ringworm, it is better for us to know about ringworm; the characteristics of ringworm and also ways to treat it and herbal medicines that can be used to treat ringworm.

Characteristics of Groin Ringworm

1. Triggering Severe Itchiness

Ringworm will cause severe itchiness due to the spreading fungus. You can use cajuput oil, coconut oil or ointment to treat the itch. This itch can spread to other areas if not treated properly. To avoid this situation, you should keep your surrounding clean. You can also get allergy medication in nearest pharmacy store or itch medicines.

2. Scalded Skin

Ringworm definitely will lower our self-esteem. Scalded skin also will make our skin feels less beautiful. Olive oil can be used to treat scalded skin. Remember to not use someone else’s personal belongings and it is important to keep ourselves clean.

3. Sore Skin

Feeling sore along some liquids bursting from the skin is one of the signs you have ringworm. You should do treatment for this condition right away because this disease is contagious.

4. Blistered Skin

Blistered skin is one of the characteristics of ringworm. Other than the blisters you will feel unavoidable itchiness along with some liquids. If you scratch it, it will spread to other areas of the skin.

5. Skin Inflammation

Skin inflammation or swollen skin is one of the characteristics of ringworm. You should treat this condition immediately to prevent the spreading. It is advised to live in a clean environment and keep your surrounding clean.

6. Red Rashes on Skin

These rashes usually are in form of circle. To avoid this, it is better to maintain the cleanliness of our body.

Ways to Prevent Groin Ringworm

Here are the natural ways to prevent ringworm in groin:

  1. Change your underwear everyday so it will prevent the growth of fungus.
  2. Clean the groin area with water everyday, and make sure to dry it before putting underwear. Wet underwear will worsen the ringworm other skin diseases.
  3. Don’t use dirty towel and wash the towel regularly.
  4. Maintain ideal body weight. Overweight people tend to have greater risk of fungal infection.
  5. Avoid tight pants. Tight pants will cause our skin to be moist especially in groin area. If the skin is moist, it will easily become infected.
  6. Don’t use someone else’s personal belongings like towel, shirt, etc.
  7. Avoid direct contact with people with ringworm.
  8. Maintain the cleanliness of the surrounding.
  9. Take a shower right away after doing physical activities that make you sweat.
  10. Use antiseptic soap to prevent any fungal growth.

Medication for Groin Ringworm

Here are more about the natural ways to prevent ringworm in groin:

1. Garlic

Garlic is known to treat skin diseases, especially ringworm. You can take some garlic and crush it until it becomes paste-consistency. Apply it to the area of the infected skin. You may also read: Ways to Get Rid of Corn with Garlic at Home

2. Apple Vinegar

Apple vinegar is a natural acid. Apply some drops of apple vinegar to the infected skin and then wash with warm water afterwards. Do this regularly for a month. You may also read: How to Treat Varicose Veins with Apple Cider Vinegar?
3. Turmeric

You can apply turmeric paste on the infected skin, then wait for a while. Wash it with warm water afterwards. You may also read: How to Treat Cancer with Turmeric #Proven Home Remedy.

4. Coconut Oil

It is the safest and most effective natural way to treat ringworm. Apply coconut oil to the infected skin then wash with warm water afterwards. 

5. Salt

Salted water can fasten the recovery process. Apply salted water to the infected skin, wait for a while and wash it with water afterwards. Salt has a lot of benefits but you need to remember danger of excessive salt consumption and lack of consumption can affect out health. You may also read: Benefits of Salt Water for Skin Health

6. Raw Papaya

Raw papaya can get rid of the dead skin cells. You can use raw papaya paste and apply it on the infected skin. Wait for a while then wash with warm water afterwards.

7. Aloe Vera

You can apply Aloe Vera gel to the infected skin regularly. The gel is capable to treat irritations. You may also read: Ways to Make Glowing Face with Aloe Vera

8. Galanga

Galanga is believed to able to treat ringworm. You can crush the galanga and put it onto the infected skin, let it for a few of minutes and wash it with warm water afterwards. Do this regularly for 1-2 times a day.

Those are characteristics and ways to avoid and also herbal medicines to treat ringworm. By maintaining cleanliness of our body and environment, we can prevent ringworm or any other skin diseases. That’s the natural ways to prevent ringworm in groin.

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