11 Ways to Treat Gout in Hands – Completely Works!

Have you ever had gout? Gout is one of the diseases that cause someone who experienced an unpleasant and pained sensation in the joint, mostly on the arms and legs.

You need to know that gout is a form of a disease called arthritis or often called OA (osteoarthritis, calcification of joints) which will cause you to experience swelling and redness that comes suddenly and usually will also be accompaAnied by pain.

The pain and unpleasant sensation can last for hours and even days, thus there is a great chance it will interfere your daily activities.

You need to know that the big toe is usually claimed as the most frequent part that gets affected by gout, even though it can affect other types of joints, such as the feet, knees, and ankles. Some people experience the gout symptoms in their hands such as arms, elbows, and also the wrist. Meanwhile, other people experience the pain from Gout on their spine, although it is kind of rare case but it does happen to some people. Read more about Ways to Treat Dust Allergies

Gout can indeed attack any part of the joints in the body, especially in the hands as mentioned earlier. Therefore, here are some ways on how to treat gout in the hands that you should know.

  1. Soursop Leaves

The first treatment that is introduced first in this article to treat gout in the hands is Soursop leaf. You need to know that inside the Soursop leaf there are some substances that are very useful to help you to overcome pain from Gout. As for the treatment itself is very easy, you only need to drink the water from the boiled Soursop leaves.

  1. Green Chiretta Leaves

Green Chiretta leaves can also be used as a remedy to help overcome your gout. Inside the bitter leaf there are some very useful substances such as sodium, calcium, and potassium which are also potent to treat gout. To use this leaves as the natural medicine to treat your gout pain is you need to drink the water from the boiled leaves, just like the Green Chiretta leaves.

  1. Consume Cherry Fruit

The next method of treatment that you can try is to consume the one particular fruit which is Cherry. Those who likes to eat this kind of fruits are lucky because it contains a lot of good nutrients which are good for the body, especially for those who have joints pain problem. Read more about Side Effects of Playing Gadget While Lying Down

Cherry has a strong acidic which will be able to balance the levels of uric acid in your blood and urine. In addition, in the cherry there are sodium and calcium which are also known to be very useful for your joints, including the joints that exist in the bone.

  1. Consume Lemon Juice

Lemon is also included in the fruit class which has a high enough acid levels that can be used to help balance the levels of uric acid in our bodies. Because of the benefits of acidic properties that will later be of help for your body as a carbonate producer and can be relied upon as neutralizing uric acid.

There is a lot of way to consume lemon juice, one of the easiest and most popular is mixing them in mineral water, let it sit for couple hours or a night in the fridge, then you can drink the lemon water. Lemon water is also good as a detox.

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  1. Black Honey

Black honey is a honey that comes from the forest and is usually also called bitter honey. Inside the black honey there is an alkaloid compound which is derived from nectar. The content is very useful to treat gout disease in your hands as well as in other body parts. Alkaloid itself is a basic compound that is usually found in certain plant species such as:

  • Tomatoes.
  • Tomatillos.
  • Eggplant.
  • Potatoes.
  • Goji Berries.
  • Tobacco.
  • Peppers
  1. Rosella Flowers

Inside rosella contains essential protein which is very useful to help overcome your gout pain. The way of treatment is very easy, you can directly consume it or you can boil it first then drink the water.

  1. Vitamin C

As we know that vitamin C is very powerful to help overcome some problems in the joints, including also treat gout that attacks our hands. Even the antioxidant content contained in it is also able to protect you from the effects of free radicals. That being said, do not forget to consume foods that contains Vitamin C on daily basis.

  1. Consuming Clove and Sweet Potato

Both Cloves and Sweet Potato are the type of tubers that very useful to help you overcome gout disease. The way you should do is to boil the clove and after it is done then you just drink water boiled. As for the sweet potato itself, you can consume it directly and separately.

  1. Drink Water

Mineral water can indeed be used to help treat some diseases such as sinusitis, cough, and also includes gout. Water is excellent for dissolving uric acid in the kidneys, including treating kidney cough (urinary stones). That being said, make sure to drink enough water daily.

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  1. Bryophyllum Pinnatum

Bryophyllum pinnatum, also known as the air plant, cathedral bells, life plant, miracle leaf, and Goethe plant, is not only useful for treating hemorrhoids (hemorrhoids), constipation or constipation, but also can be used to treat Gout. Usually, to consume this air plant leaves, you need to mix it with other ingredients such as cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, etc. boiled them and then drink the water.

  1. Warm Water Therapy

As we know that warm water therapy is able to treat joint problems, including gout pain in the hands. Even by getting used to soaking in warm water can launch a system of blood flow so it can prevent hypertension or high blood pressure.

Those are some natural remedy to treat Gout pain especially in the hand. The treatment is natural remedy, like mentioned before, thus the side effect is very minimum and almost none. If you or anyone you know has Gout or experiencing the pain, you might try the natural remedy above and hopefully it will help to at least lessen the pain.

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