3 Dangers of Centipede Bites – Symptoms and Treatments

Centipede is a kind of animals which is mostly feared by anyone. Centipede can be found in any condition in your home, either the clean or not clean one. Centipede can run very fast. Centipede can be killed by hitting it using hard objects. The scariest thing of centipede is its bite which can be very painful.

Poison from Centipede Bites

The most dangerous class of centipede for human is chilopoda. It can spread the poison called venom. The venom is produced in the lower area of the fangs. The first segment of the body contains the most venom. When the venom bite the human skin then the poison gland from the centipede can spout poison through its front channel of the centipede shaped like needle. The poison won’t cause dangers to human but the scariest thing is when the centipede bites and causes a severe painful sensation.

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Other kinds of centipede which are poisonous are centipede classified as maxillipeds class. The unique characteristics from this centipede are curved forelegs around the head and also jaw in the behind. The way this centipede spews toxins is similar to other centipedes. This centipede is rarely causing severe painful sensation so it is similar to wasp stings.

The Dangers from Centipede Bites

The bitten can cause trauma to the person. A small sized centipede will not cause severe complication. But if the centipede is bigger or big enough, then the bitten can be very painful. The dangers of centipede bites are painful sensation and hard to treat. The painful sensation caused by centipede bites can occur for several days and also can frustrate the victims. Nevertheless, the good thing until now is that centipede bites will not cause sudden death even the person experiencing any kind of poisoned.

Symptoms of Centipede Bites

The severe painful sensation usually occur to the person who just got bitten by centipede. Besides, to the area where it is bitten often becomes swollen and turns darker. These mild symptoms or the mild painful sensation will usually be healed in two days. Nevertheless, if the centipede is big, then the painful sensation can be longer. Here are several other symptoms from centipede bites:

  • Headache
  • Respiratory disruption
  • Pain when breathing
  • Chest pain
  • Faster heartbeat
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Body becomes weak

If those symptoms occur, then medical treatments are required to avoid severe infection.

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How To Treat Centipede Bites

When the centipede bites, then there will be a small part inserted to the skin surface. This insertion can cause severe painful sensation when you are bitten by centipede. Moreover, if the centipede is big, then the painful sensation can be severe. But, if the condition occurs then it can be treated the sore reaction, such as:

  1. Clean the bitten area using soap containing antiseptic.
  2. Put the area using hot or cold water to the area to ease pain sensation.
  3. Use anti-pain sensation drugs to ease the pain.
  4. Use cream containing hydro-cortisone if the mark causing itchy and rashes.
  5. If the infection from the mark, to remove it, you can use several kind of antibiotics which can be obtained from doctor.
  6. Rashes or the damaged skin tissue usually can be healed automatically but to maintain the hygiene the area of the bitten is urgently required.
  7. The dangers of centipede bites can cause tetanus so if you have not taken the vaccine to treat tetanus, you have to consult to the doctor. 

Diseases Causes from Centipede Bites

Usually, the centipede bites can cause swollen as well as pain. But, this painful sensation and swollen can easily removed in several hours after the bitten. These infection symptoms or the bitten can cause the body becomes weaker. Here are several dangers of centipede bites:

1. Heart Function Impairment

Centipede bite which causes infection can be problem to your heart health. It is marked by the heart beat faster and irregular. Even, in some severe condition, it can cause lowering heart beat and cause heart function problems. If the condition keeps happening, then look for doctor’s help is urgently required.

2. Major Headache

The causes of headache can occur when the wound has turned into infection to our body and our body’s reaction is headache. For several people, they may get major headache or even nausea and vomiting.

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3. Swollen in Lymph Gland

Swollen in your lymph gland is caused by antibody system to prevent the poison from the bitten so it will not cause infection in other parts of the body. Nevertheless, if this condition keeps continuing and more than 24 hours, look for doctor’s help. 

Tips If You Are Bitten by Centipede

If you are unintentionally bitten by centipede, here are tips for you to do:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly in the area where you get bitten. Use soap and wash gently. Do not rub or press the area since it can cause infection.
  • Use ice cube to the bitten area. It is required to avoid infection and to treat the dead tissue around the bitten.
  • Avoid bandage the bitten area. Do not cover the wound using bandage so the wound is exposed to air.
  • Consume mineral water to prevent poisonous symptoms, such as fever, nausea, vomit, and headache. The effect of lacking mineral water can be fatal after centipede bite.
  • Consume any kind of foods containing Vitamin C to maintain body immune system so you are prevented from getting weak after bitten.

Centipede is often found in many area in Indonesia. The ways to prevent from centipede bites are by maintaining the home area so it won’t be centipede nest. Avoid to keep empty boxes in the corner of your room and always check your household furniture which are damp to avoid it turns into centipede nest.

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