20 Effective Ways How to Treat Allergic Pink Eye at Home 

Eye is a vital organs that’s sensitive and have to be treated well in order to function properly. Having eye problems will be a lot irritating since you’re using this organs almost all the time.

One of the most common eye problems that almost everyone have ever been through is allergic pink eye or conjunctivitis.

Although this is quite common and mostly not so serious as it can fade away naturally, it won’t hurt to do something about it, or at least trying to prevent it. Because it’s clearly uncomfortable and can interrupt your productivity indirectly.

This article will give you the definition of pink eye, what are the symptoms, different types of pink eye, and of course how to treat it well.

What is Allergic Pink Eye ?

Knowing what a pinkeye actually is might help you to better understand the conditions that you’re dealing with. Pinkeye or usually called conjunctivitis, is a type of eye infection, when there’s an inflammation on the conjunctiva, resulting in redness, swelling, itching, and other uncomfortable symptoms.

This is very contagious, as it can spread easily from person to person. It can be caused by many different things, and what you should remember is that different causes will require different treatment.

What are the Symptoms

  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Itchiness
  • Tearing a lot or watery
  • Burning feelings on the eyelids
  • Slightly thick drainage
  • Blurred vision

Types of Pink Eye

  1. Bacteria-caused : This one will usually heal after about 10 days naturally. This is literally caused by bacteria, and can lead to severe damage in some cases. Usually, you’ll produce more mucus. Few bacterias that commonly caused this disease are Haemophilus influenzae, Streptococcus pneumoniae and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.
  2. Viral-caused : This one take longer to heal naturally, about two of four weeks. This can be induced by common cold or cough. Special treatments might be necessary in order to prevent spreading, as it is known as the most contagious one.
  3. Allergic-caused : This can be caused by eye irritants such as dust, pollen, mold, and pets. It is seasonal but not as contagious as viral type.

How to Treat Allergic Pink Eye

As you can see, there are many kinds of pink eye. It is important to find out which one is causing your pink eye  because Different cause might require different solution. Here are some ways that you can do at home to treat pink eye effectively :

  1. Remove contacts

While you’re having an infection, you should really stop using your contact lenses. This will help your eyes to cure itself. If possible, get new contacts later on when your eyes are cured already, or at least wash it thoroughly before using again. Otherwise, you might end up getting pink eye again, or even worse than before.

2. Cold compress

In this case, this simple yet soothing treatment will help reduce redness by shrinking blood vessels in the skin around the eyes. The cold temperatures can also numb the pain and reducing the itchiness or burning sensation. You can apply different compress for both eyes to prevent infection spreading. Don’t forget to make sure that the compress that you are using is clean.

3. Aloe Vera Gel

This ingredient has antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties that will make a perfect combination for treating pink eye. Actually, it might also be found in many eye drop products, but the natural one is better for you, as it has no additional additives.

Place few drops of aloe vera juices to your eyes about three times a day. Other than that, you can simply place its gel around your eyelids. Your eyes should be soothed and the swelling will also stop.

4. Honey

You can mix this ingredients along with milk or water and let it boil for a while before  using it in a cooled condition to wash your eye, or drop it into your eye. Honey has antibacterial and antiviral properties that will help to ease the inflammation and soothing the pain. Repeat this few times in order to promote the healing. This is best used to treat bacterial pink eye, but can pretty much ease the pain of every types.

5. Stop using eye make up

For women, this might be something quite terrifying, yet it’s so important to follow this if you’re having eye problems, including pink eye. You should also throw away or clean the brushes that you wear when you’re suffering from pink eye. This will hopefully help your eyes to recover faster and preventing further infection in your eyes.

6. Rose Water

You can try apply two drops of rose water to your affected eyes daily. This is good as a coolant and washer that will create a clean and pathogen-free environment to promote healing faster.

7. Cold Tea Bags

Classic cold compress is not the only option to relieve your pain. This time, with one of the Most Effective Ways to Get Rid of Dark Circles Under Eyes can also be a good option to treat your pink eye. Tea bags that had been rinsed and cooled should be placed on the infected eye for few minute. Your itchiness and pain should fade away and finally gone.

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8. Raw potatoes

Again, the anti-bacterial properties, along with astringent, can help treating pink eye. Peel a raw potato, grate it before putting it in a clean cloth. Simply tied the cloth then pressing it over your eye, and hopefully soothe your itchiness.

9. Coffee

It might sounds odd for some of you, but coffee  is rich of anti oxidant properties, leading to better fight against the bacteria-caused pink eye. By boiling coffee powder with water and using it as an eye drops, then rinsing with clean water can gives you the benefits.

10. Breastmilk

This milk is known for its good quality, especially for baby. But for the bacteria-caused pink eye, this is unexpectedly good to treat that. Immunoglobulin A, one of the antibody that can be found in breastmilk can prevents the bacteria to attach on the eye’s mucous area.

Since this is something that only a new mother has, it might be a good answer for those who have been wondering about How to Stop a Pink Eye for Baby.

11. Salt water

This treatment is very simple, cheap, and easy to make at home. Mix a cup of water and a half teaspoon of salt then let it boil. Use it from an eyedropper after cooled a bit to apply on the eyes. This will give you relief.

12. Turmeric

Adding two tbsp. of turmeric powder into a boiled water then using it on a cotton pad will help reducing inflammation. As turmeric also has anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties, it can relieve your pain. You might also ass a pinch of salt into the mixture.

13. Cold Bread

Using cold compress, cold tea bags, might be familiar enough. But what about cold bread? No matter how strange it might seemed like, this can actually reduce inflammation and itchiness of pink eye. It’s as simple as applying a cold slice of bread on your eye and letting it sits for a while.

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Other Ways ( 14-20)

  • Coriander Leaves Eyewash : Anti-bacterial properties can help reducing your inflammation and swelling again this time. Boil coriander leaves and use it as an eyewash.
  • Chamomile tea bags : Soak it in warm water and place it on the affected eye for few minutes. It will soothe the eye and promote healing
  • Coconut oil : This source of anti-microbial, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties will help getting rid of pink eye by simply applying this to your tear duct.
  • Jasmine flowers : Best for viral conjunctivis, it can also reduce the redness of the pink eye. Soak in the water, use the water as an eye drops.
  • Charcoal dust : Add also sea salt into the mixture, then let it boil and cool. Strain with cheesecloth, and drop it into the affected eye to reduce eye swelling
  • Wash and clean : Stay clean, wash and change household that are exposed to your pink eye such as sheets or towel to prevent further infection.
  • Avoid Allergen : It might vary from one to another, for example like pollen, mold, dust, pets, etc. Know which one is the cause in your case, try your best to avoid those to let your eyes to heal.

At times, you might need to check your doctor and get a medical treatment, or even not doing anything at all. But as long as you can, why not trying home treatment that can actually help you to at least soothing and easing the pain? Prevent doing things that are increasing the possibility of spreading can also be a good thing in this case.

As we know that pink eye can be so contagious, it spreads very quickly. So you need to understand Ways to Prevent the Spread of Pink Eye .Keep your eyes healthy, love it dearly, it should serve you right then.

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