28 Natural Ways to Treat Blocked Ears at Home Fast

Blocked ears problem can happen in daily basis because a lot of reason. Once it occurs to us, it can bring from annoying feeling to some kind of pain.

Causes of Ear Blocked 

If you’re curious on why it can possibly happen to us, here’s why.

  • Because of Air Pressure
  • Because of Ear Mucus
  • Because of Ear Infections
  • Because of Trapped Solutions
  • And other factors besides what’s already mentioned.

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Natural Ways to Treat Blocked Ears

After knowing why, now you want to now how to get rid of it. So we provide you some natural ways to treat blocked ears that you might possibly try at home as an emergency steps to consider.

  1. Using Gravity

This one comes as first option because it is the fastest and cheapest way we can do as the fist aid of having blocked ears. We can make use of gravity around us to help us reduce the pain by doing several options such as:

  • First method requires standing in one feet, tilting our head to the blocked ear’s side, and jumping several times carefully. This method would last for more minutes because it usually won’t work for the first try.
  • And the second method, requires you to sleep on you pillow with body facing the blocked ear’s side. Your blocked ear will be on top of the pillow. Let your body rest for around one hour to let gravity works its way to help grime out slowly. It might take a while.
  1. Doing ‘Valsalva Manuver’

This maneuver is a little bit tricky because you need to do it slowly and gently. You need to block your nasal passages by pressing your fingers around it, close your mouth too, and then slowly exhale from nose until you feel some kind of ‘pop’ sound around your nose. Valsalva makes us exhale by force and that sound indicate our Eustachi channel is open. But remember not to do it in hurry, be patient because when you’re not you can hurt inside part of your body, too.

  1. Using Fingers to Help Reduce the Air Pressure

When you feel like your ears have been blocked by air, using your finger to the rescue! Just put it inside your ear canal, do a little twist and shocks, try to make some spaces to fill inside your ears.

  1. Draining Some Warm Water to the Blocked Ears

Dirt can sometimes block your ears in an annoying way. Just try to heat up some amount of water, pour it down to your blocked ear by a help from non-needle injection tool (or you may just want to transfer the water by finger, that’s applicable too). Tilt to the blocked side a little, and let the water sits inside for a while before you tilt back to another side and let the dirty water out.

  1. Warm Compressing the Ears

You can start to prepare the tools such as towels and a bowl of warm water. Soak the towels for a while and squeeze it until it no longer holds any water. Put it around the blocked ear and wait until the warm towel tone down the pain of infections. It will also help open up Eustachi channel that once has been blocked. 

  1. Yawning

Yawn will surely help to reduce the annoyance of having a blocked ear because it eases the air out of the ear. Do this motion naturally and slowly and you’ll feel the ‘pop’ as a sign that the air has already been expelled from the way.

  1. Bathing in a Warm Water

Try to have a bath in a hot-warm water, or sauna, and soak in your body until the water soaks the ears. The pressure from the hot air will help your body to balance the pressure inside your ear, too. Besides, the hot-warm water will help soften up the dirt when your ears have been blocked by dirt. Try to do some faster tricks by gulped harshly while lifting your chin and do some stretching by touching the floor for several times after bathing.

  1. Drinking More Water

Drinking water in some pose will save you from having a blocked ear. Start to tilt your head to the Eustachi channel’s side and swallow a big amount of water for several times. You’ll feel that the blockage instantly be released once you do the technique in a right way. 

  1. Gargling with Salty Water

You can make a ‘D.I.Y’ salty water just by mixing up a glass of warm water with a tea-spoon of salt, and a little bit of honey. Stir them well. Try to gargle with the mixture for 30 seconds and throw it away. Salty water here act as an antiseptic that helps killing bacteria, reduces sore-throat during ear infection, and calming down the Eustachi channels.

  1. Munching Some Sweets or Bubble-gums

Munch a lot of bubble gum will our mouth to produce more saliva which then will help us swallowing more often. Swallowing motion can help to let trapped-air find its way out. People usually implement this trick when they’re on a high place such as mountain, or on a plane ride.

  1. Eating Hot and Spicy Soup

This kind of food will help soften up mucus that lies around our nose and ear canals, and then let the mucus out easier. The spicy and hot feeling from the meal will make can make the closed ear canal open. Try to cook some meals with a help from Cayenne pepper for an effective result. Not recommended for people who can’t stand spiciness.

12. Salt And Warm Water

Prepare salt and war water, then mix it. Them gargle it for about 20 minutes, spit it out then.

13. Valsalva Maneuver  

You should try to exhale with the nostrils and close the mouth.

  • Close your mouth
  • Press your nose
  • Blow air through your nose
  • Until there is a ‘pop’ sound in the ear
  • Do it slowly

After trying all of those natural ways to treat blocked ears that have been mentioned earlier but seems like you got no clue on why this problem isn’t go away yet from you.

More Natural and Easy Ways to Relieve Ear Blocked

Here are several other tips that require more effort from you but you still might want to try and have the higher potential to work out on your blocked ears problem.

  1. Using a Mixture of Alcohol and Vinegar Solution
  2. Using Hydrogen Peroxide Solution
  3. Steaming Therapy
  4. Craniosacral Theraphy
  5. Using ‘Neti Pot’
  6. Doing Acupuncture
  7. Avoid Places with Extreme Temperature 
  8. Do Blow Your Nose Softly 
  9. Apple Cider Vinegar With Rubbing Alcohol
  10. Garlic Oil With Sesame Oil
  11. Baking Soda, Non-iodized Salt, And Water
  12. Tea Tree Oil and Boiling Water

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Health Tips

After knowing several natural ways to treat blocked ears, here we got you the health tips of ear health:

  1. Routinely clean your ear with cotton bud or olive oil
  2. Wipe your ear after bathing
  3. Remember about not using headphone too loud cause it can effect further ear health


  • If those natural treatments won’t work, please see a doctor
  • Ear blocked can be the symptom of further ear problem such as sinus
  • If you got a fever and pain around face, please visit a doctor soon
  • If this symptom won’t cured in two weeks, you need a special ear treatments

Hopefully several tips, or at least one tip, would work well to help you treat your blocked ears. And it is suggested to try more than once in order to know which one work faster and more effective for you, as it is known that natural ways won’t always reveal out the exact same result for anybody. Don’t forget to take care of our body. Hope everybody always happy and healthy!

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