20 Ways How to Stop Running Nose in Cold Weather

When the cold weather hits, your body will feel its effects. Besides the shivering hands and feet, you are more prone to running nose. Apparently, a running nose is a natural mechanism to provide more moisture to your nose. But too much of it can be irritating. So, these are the 20 Ways How to Stop Running Nose in Cold Weather. These methods will help alleviate your sickness so you’ll feel better. Take some time to understand the causes and the effects for more insights to your condition.

Causes of Running Nose

  • Cold weather
  • Sickness
  • Low immunity
  • Irritation

Effects from Running Nose

  • Lack of good sleep
  • Feeling tired
  • Watery eyes
  • Itchiness

Stop a Running Nose

Get rid of that bothersome running nose with these number of ways:

1. Rest

Limit your activities when you are down with a cold. Tiring yourself will only make the condition worse. You need to ensure that you are giving your body some time for resting. Stay indoor to lie down with some cozy blanket and your favourite TV shows. Going outside will only expose you to colder weather or even more unwanted virus.

2. Eat Soups

Eat a lot of soups that are high in proteins and nutrients. Chicken soup for example can increase the immunity of your body. A well fed body will cure you. Moreover, warm soups will help to heat up the body. Your runny nose won’t clog your nose due to the warmth from your food. You may want to read how to relieve chronic nasal congestion.

3. Wash Hands

No matter where you are, always wash your hands frequently when you have a running nose. You may subconsciously touch your nose with your hand that is full of germs and bacteria. You’ll only cause your running nose to become irritated. Remind yourself to wash your hands with soap before you eat or touch door handles.

4. Thick Clothing

Think of your clothing as a defence for your body. The thicker it is, the better you are protected from the cold weather. Thus, you’ll decrease the amount of mucus in your nose. Wear warm sweaters, long pants and socks while you are staying at home. Use blankets for extra warmth. In case you need to go outside, wrap yourself in some comfy jackets, coats and of course cover your nose with a scarf.

5. Rule Out Allergies

There’s another thing that threatens your condition in addition to the cold weather. It’s allergens. An allergic reactions to certain things will definitely cause your nose to produce more mucus. As you stay indoor to keep yourself warm, you are also prone to dust, fungus, mold and mites. Always keep your house clean and wash fabrics often.

6. Avoid Dry Air

Apparently, dry air can cause irritation to your nasal passage. You’ll have your nose running with mucus as your nasal passage tries to keep it moist. What you can do is to have a humidifier at your home. It will create the right balance of moist air that you need to breathe in. Also read how to relieve chronic sinus pain in case you experience it.

7. Steaming

In case your running nose is causing blockage, start steaming your nose. The warm air will make it easier for you to breathe. The moisture from the steaming will also reduce the chance of causing inflammation to your nasal passage. Boil some warm water, hot enough to produce steam. Breathe in the steam slowly until you feel much better.

8. Oregano

Oregano has an anti bacteria property which can heal your nose. You can purchase some oregano capsules or oil from food stores. You can consume either the capsules or the oil to heal your body. The oregano will help your body to fight off any bacteria and fungi which cause the running nose.

9. Exercise

Exercising is a great way to strengthen your immune system. Moving your body will also promotes warmth. Depending on how healthy you are, you can do some heavy or light exercises. Let that endorphins course through your body to rid away that mucus buildup in your nasal passage.

10. Reduce Stress

Allow yourself to be stress free. Stress definitely strains your immune system, making you more vulnerable to more diseases. It won’t cause any significant improvement for your health. Do or watch things that you love to make you feel happier. Meditation or simply getting a good sleep will highly decrease your stress.

11. Get Good Sleep

Talking about sleep, you will need a good one for that running nose. A good sleep does not mean that you need long hours of resting. It all lies in the quality instead of the quantity. A 9 hour sleep won’t be good if you keep waking up. Ensure that you are getting undisturbed, deep sleep. Read on how to get good sleep when stressed to give you a more fulfilling sleep.

12. Say No to Processed Foods

Processed foods are your enemies when you have a bad case of a running nose. During the cold weather, eat fresh and healthy food. Make sure they are warm without all the oils and grease. Oils from processed foods will cause inflammation to your whole body.

13. Blow Nose

Frequently blow your nose to reduce the mucus in your nasal passage. Use wipes or tissues to blow your nose. Discard them immediately to avoid spreading bacteria. Another trick you can do is to make a small ball of tissue and stick it to your nose. It will absorb all the mucus without you doing too much.

14. Warm Compress

A warm compress will make you feel better. Have a warm, wet towel on your nose or all over your face. The heat will help all the mucus to run loose so you can wipe them away. Also, that extra warmth on your face is a plus during the freezing weather. Also read home remedies for children running nose.

15. Massage

Massage the areas around your nose to help you breathe better. Use your thumb and index finger to slightly apply pressure outside your nostrils. Gently massage up to the bridge of your nose to the areas between the eyebrows. This can stop running nose as you allow them to get out of your nassal passage.

More Ways (16-20)

Here are more things you can do that are as effective as the ones above.

  • Spicy Foods: They are decongestants and provide instant reliefs.
  • Warm Drinks: Promotes warmth to all parts of the body.
  • Eat Fruits: Increase immunity to stop running nose.
  • Vitamin C: Fight off any bacteria and illness which will make running nose worse.
  • Warm Bath: Heats up the body and provides warmth for the nose.

Things to Consider

If your condition persists for more than 4 days or up to a week, then you need to visit your doctor. Always use professional help to cure your illness. A running nose could turn into a serious case of cold that may take a long time to heal. Moreover, while you are experiencing a running nose wear masks or limit meeting people as to not spread your bacterias around.

Healing a running nose takes time, it all depends on the power of your body. Be patient and take good care of your body to help it heal.

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