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Boil must be one of the terrifying skin problems ever faced by some people. It might seem like a pimple, but it is actually does not. Most people said that boil is a severe type of pimples as the effects are greater. Both pimples and boil create red spot on the skin, but boil is more painful. Boil sometimes grows larger, even as big as a golf ball.! Can you imagine that? Nobody will not want to have this kind of problem.

This article will tell you more about boil, including the definition, the symptoms, how essential oils cure boil and some health tips of preventing boils. Let’s check them out!

How boil appears on skin?

As stated before in the previous section, boil is similar to pimple, but it is more painful and severe. Boil is commonly known as furuncle, an infection on the skin caused by bacteria. The bacteria causing boil is called Staphylococcus or better known as staph. The existence of this bacteria will infect the hair follicle or oil gland as well. When they are infected, the boil starts to be formed. When this bacteria flourishes, pus starts to appear and boil mostly occurs in a form of balloon with a liquid-filled center.

Boil commonly affects the area that has lots of sweat and friction, such as armpit and buttocks. Boil is typically sensitive even to the slightest touch. It will appear as a pinkish red skin and as the time flies, tender bump will arise from the skin’s surface. After four to seven days, the boil will turn white as pus is collected under the skin. During this time, popping boil will be the most tempting thing you want to do, but never do that! By popping the boil, you will spread the infection and it will make the condition even worse.

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What are the symptoms of boil?

Here are the common symptoms of boil:

  • swollen and red lump in the skin
  • pain when it is touched
  • various size, from a pea size to larger than a golf ball
  • occurrence of white head at the center of boil (when it appears, it means the pus will drain)
  • may spread to its surrounding, forming a carbuncle

The severe symptoms of boil may include:

  • fever
  • the infection spread to its surrounding
  • additional boils appear around the original
  • lymph nodes

How does essential oil help to cure boil?

Essential oils are very beneficial for treating and curing most of skin problems. Acne and other skin problems are able to be cured easily by having essential oils applied to your skin. Lavender, tea tree, geranium and rosemary are some examples of essential oils that can be used to cure boils.

You might be curious how essential oils can be very useful and effective for curing boils. Essential oils are very useful for curing boil because they:

  • fight off bacteria causing infection
  • reduce swelling and redness
  • sooth inflammation
  • reduce fever
  • boost your immune system
  • accelerate the healing process

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Essential oils for curing boils fast and easy

Here are the list and the use of several recommended essential oils you can use to cure boils. Let’s check them out!

1. Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is very amazing for treating most skin problems, including boils. You may read the other advantages of tea tree oil as explained in How to Relieve Itching from Yeast Infection at Home. It is rich in antimicrobial and anti fungal properties. It is very beneficial for killing the bacteria causing boils. 

Amazing ways to cure boil using tea tree oil:

  • Clean the area infected by boil using warm water and mild soap.
  • Dissolve one cup of salt with one gallon of hot water. Soak a wash cloth inside for five minutes.
  • Squeeze out the water and press it to the affected area for around ten minutes.
  • Apply few drops of tea tree oil to the affected area. Cover the whole boil and its surrounding area.
  • Cover with bandage. Repeat this way three times a day until you get the desired result.

That’s how to cure boil with essential oils!

2. Lavender oil

Lavender oil is very good for accelerating the healing process of boil. It is one of the best essential oils for curing boil.

Amazing way to cure boil using lavender oil:

  • Clean the area infected by boil using warm water and mild soap.
  • Rub few drops of lavender oil and apply it on the boil.
  • Cover with bandage and compress the bandage with warm and damp clothes.
  • Repeat this way for several times a day.

3. Black seed oil

Black seed oil is one of the best and natural cure to boils and most skin infections. How to cure boil with essential oils?

Amazing ways to cure boils using black seed oil:

  • Drop ½ teaspoon of black seed oil to your drink.
  • Drink it twice a day until the boils gone.

4. Castor oil

It is rich in antiseptic so that it is considered as one of the best treatment for boils.

Amazing way to cure boils using castor oil:

  • Place few drops of castor oil onto cotton gauze and apply the gauze directly on the affected area.
  • Repeat this way several times a day until it is healed.

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5. Eucalyptus oil

This oil has been used for treating some skin conditions and infections. It is one of the best essential oils for curing boils. It is rich in antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

Amazing way to cure boil using Eucalyptus oil:

  • Make a mixture of Eucalyptus oil with one ounce of elm in the form of powder.
  • Add some boiling water until you get a paste form.
  • Apply it directly on the boil and repeat this way twice a day.

Eucalyptus oil is also beneficial for treating some health problems such as stated in Things to Do Before Bed to Help You Sleep Better.

Health Tips to Prevent Boils on Skin

Those treatments are very recommended to cure boils if you have one. Though treatment can be done every time as they are easy, you must be thinking several times for getting boils again. So, here are the prevention and tips you can do to prevent boils from ‘disturbing’ you.

  • Wash your clothes, bedding or towels carefully. If one of your family members is infected by boils, you had better separate washing it.
  • Clean even the smallest skin wound.
  • Personal hygiene is important. So, keep practicing it!
  • Maintain good health of your body.

Boils are quite serious to be treated, so make sure you treat them well so you will not get further infection effects of it. If your case is more serious, you had better consult with your doctor. Good luck on trying!

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