12 Effective Homeopathic Ways to Get Rid of Pink Eye

One of common eye disorder that most people experienced is pink eye. Pink eye usually means that the whites of the eyes appear bloodshot. This happens because of changes to the blood vessels that supply the membrane covering the front of the eye. Meanwhile, also check out about Most Effective Ways to Get Rid of Dark Circles Under Eyes here.

Causes of Pink Eye

Some symptoms cause by pink eye can be very disturbing and can cause discomfort in the eyes such as itchy, eye discharge, swollen eyes or blurry vision. There are some common causes of pink eye are:

  1. Conjunctivitis

It occurs when the conjunctiva (the thin, normally transparent membrane that covers the sclera and lines the eyelids) becomes infected. When there is an infection on conjunctiva, the blood vessels within it become irritated and swell, it makes the eye a red or pink appearance. In fact, a reddish-pink eye is a telltale symptom of conjunctivitis.

  1. Tired Eyes

This can happen through high usage of computer/smartphone, lack of sleep, or  too long in wearing contact lenses.  Those activities can cause dry eyes and from that it will lead you to pink eye.

  1. Injured Eye

Some conditions such as accidents, carelessness, minor scratches that make the cornea blister, just had surgery, or because of burns will cause the eyes to red. This conditions need an immediate medical treatment.

  1. Chemical Exposed

It is possible when doing daily activities, there are some chemical that may transmitted to the eyes such as spray, vehicle emission, smoke, etc. Those chemical can cause pink eye.

  1. Subconjuctival Hemorrage

Subconjuctival hemorrage occurs when the bright red color covers the white area of the eye. It occurs when very small blood vessels experience trauma or injury and cover the white area of the eye. The condition is usually caused by a laugh or vomiting that is too strong and also when diving in the water. Subconjuctival hemorrage usually does not last for long periods of time. The eyes will recover within a short period of time. Normally, the red eye condition also will not interfere with vision.

  1. Environment and Workplace Hazards

We live in unhealthy environment know. Everyday we have to deal with dry air, dust, smoke and excessive sun exposure are known eye irritants that can cause eyes infection. Corneal scratches caused by windblown particles such as sand and wood filings or flying bits of metal and glass can cause a serious eye injury.

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How to Treat Pink Eye

After knowing the causes of pink eye, it is time to know how to treat it in case it happens. Given below are some home remedies that are helpful in treating pink eye.

Here are homeopathic ways to get rid of pink eye:

  1. Adjusting Brightness

Brightness is one of factor that can irritate eyes. If you have pink eye, it better to adjust brightness in your room, computer, smartphone. You can as well wearing glasses that can protect your eyes from the screen. The other thing is to blink your eyes more. By blinking your eyes it will make your eyes more humid. And always take time to take rest for your eyes by staying away from computer or smartphone screen.

  1. Do Not Rub the Eyes

Pink eye can cause your eye becoming itchy. But it is advisable to not rub your eyes with your hands. Your hands may have lots of bacteria that can make your pink becoming worse. It is better for you to wash your eyes if it’s itchy.

  1. Rose Water Treatment

Rose water can give a sense of comfort to your pink eyes by. How to apply:

  • Take 2-3 roses and put it in a cold water
  • Leave it for 30 minutes
  • Use the water to wash and clean your pink eye
  • Dry it with clean and soft towel

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  1. Cucumber Treatment

Same with rose water, cucumber can give sense of comfort in your eyes. Besides, it can also help you to get rid of your puffy eyes. How to apply:

  • Slice one cucumber into thin pieces
  • Put it in your eyes for 30 minutes
  • Wash your eyes with clean water and dry it with soft towel
  1. Potato Treatment

The other natural ingredients that you can use to heal your pink eye is potato. It can relax your eyes and get rid of itch in your eye. How to apply:

  • Slice one potato into thin pieces
  • Put it in your eyes for 30 minutes
  • Wash your eyes with clean water and dry it with soft towel
  1. Betel Leaf Treatment

Betel leaf contains antiseptic agents and is commonly applied on wounds and lesions for its healing effects. How to apply:

  • Take 4 cleaned betel leaves and put in a saucepan with half of water
  • Boil it until the water turns green
  • Wait until the water lukewarm
  • Wash your eyes using the water
  • Dry it with clean and soft towel

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  1. Aloe Vera Treatment

Aloe Vera can give sense of comfort in your eyes and can heal the burning feeling in your eyes that often happen when you have pink eye. How to apply:

  • Mix aloe vera gel with cold water
  • Use the water to wash your pink eye
  • Dry it with clean and soft towel

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  1. Warm Water Treatment

Washing your pink eye with lukewarm water will help remove dirt due to tears and also relieve itching in your red eyes. Ensure that the water is not hot but lukewarm water, because hot water can irritate your eyes more. Thus, you may also read about Ways to Get Rid of Foot Odor in Shoes

  1. Using Eye Drops

To give a sense of comfort as well as relieve itching in the eyes, you can also use the help of eye drops. However, you should not use excessive use of eye drops because it can cause various side effects on your eyes.

  1. Avoid using Contact Lenses

Try to avoid the item that have direct contact to your pink eye. Using contact lenses will make the retina of the eye becomes noticeably drier so that the pink eye will only get worse.

  1. Avoid Using Make-Up

It is advisable to not wearing any kind of make up when you have pink eye, especially eye make up such as eye liner, mascara, eye shadow, etc. It will only worsen your pink eye.

  1. Enough Rest

It’s good, you also meet the needs of the body to rest. Sleep at least 7 hours each day. When you wake up, wipe your eyes with cold water so that the dirt and irritation of the eyes can soon subside. Meanwhile, those are homeopathic ways to get rid of pink eye you could try to get it fixed fast. 

How to Prevent Pink Eye

There are several ways for you to do in order to prevent your eye from pink eye. The following are easy and simple ways to prevent it:

  1. Reduce the habit of lingering in front of the computer screen or smartphone screen
  2. Have enough rest by havig sleep minum 7 hour per day. Your body and your eyes need rest as well. In order to do your daily activities you need good enough rest.
  3. Healthy lifestyle is important as well. Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages and also quit smoking. Also avoid cigarette smoke because it can adversely affect the health of your eyes. In addition, consume a variety of foods with good nutrition for the eyes. Some foods rich in vitamin A will help maintain the health of your eyes

Pink eye is classified as a less serious health disorder. However, if not handled seriously of course it will disrupt your daily activities. Use natural ingredients to heal your pink eyes so that side effects from chemical drugs can be avoided. However, if it’s not healing then you should immediately perform a medical examination.

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