13 Side Effects of Eating White Bread Excessively

Plain white bread is certainly a favorite for some people. By applying butter or jam, it would be hard to resist the temptation to gobble it up with enthusiasm.

Although it looks healthy, white bread is not entirely good for the body.

There is danger of consuming white bread that threatens us all. Too much eating white bread has been proven to be bad by health professionals.

Here are some of the reasons:

  1. Not Easy to Digest

White bread is tasty and many people like to eat it. However, the delicious taste is making it even more dangerous. White bread does not contain natural enzymes in it. It is because our pancreas needs it so that fat, protein and carbohydrates can be broken down. Gluten is the main content in white bread difficult to digest.

  1. Lack of Fiber

Usual plain bread like white bread is unfortunately made from flour where the fiber is lost most of the time when in the process of making it. Fiber will make cholesterol levels down on the body so that the digestive system healthy and full stomach. The lack of fiber could make you want to eat again and again.

  1. Not Enough Nutrition

Many of us may think that bread is always synonymous with good nutritional content. However, all the healthy ingredients that can be found in bread, such as of chromium, folic acid, vitamin B6, zinc and vitamin E are not that much. That being said, white bread is not really nutritious and consuming too much of it would not be good for your body.

  1. Could Make You Overweight

When deciding to do healthy diet tips or trying to lose weight naturally, bread should not be included in the menu. The right diet menu does not have plain bread because the calories in it are so large. This is what makes weight easier to ride. If you want to get the best results and the maximum for the diet, stop eating plain bread. This is so that the body does not then become fat or weight is difficult to lower.

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  1. High Carbohydrate

In plain bread, especially the white ones, the carbohydrates in them are so high. When consumed too often and excessively, you are at risk of having hyper carbohydrate. This kind of condition certainly is not safe for the vital organs in our body.

  1. Could Disrupt Digestive System

Instead of feeling satisfied and full, consuming lots of plain bread actually leads to indigestion. This still has something to do with the very few remaining fiber content. Not to mention the super high carbohydrates in it that also could affect our digestive system. Thus, consume white bread moderately.

  1. Interfere with Brain Function

The health of the brain’s nerves system could be disrupted by the fact that we eat too much bread. This disorder is a result of the buildup of carbohydrates that may occur due to hyper carbohydrates. Brain function that can be disturbed here is the cognitive function so that automatic intelligence will decrease.

  1. Lower Your Ability to Memorize

Eating white bread can be that dangerous for the cognitive ability. This is risky when we cannot control how much bread that we have to consume every day. An example of a declining memory condition is Alzheimer’s. If excessive bread consumption continues, it will actually aggravate the condition of the brain.

  1. Trigger Diabetes

High blood sugar levels can also be triggered by white bread because when entering the body, Amylum will be split by digestive enzymes. From there the Amylum or starch changes into a glucose compound. The bad news is, these compounds can invade the blood circulation. If not immediately limit the intake of white bread, high blood sugar levels can occur. Life-threatening diseases such as diabetes will also be inevitable.

  1. Containing High Fructose

Fructose is known as a type of sugar present in many processed foods. This fructose sugar content must be very often and easily encountered in almost all types of bread, not to mention plain bread. Even in plain bread, the fructose that can be found in it might be high. As a result, this fructose might attack the blood and our kidneys.

  1. Containing High Sodium

Sodium content also exists in white bread. High content of sodium would not be good if it entered the body in a sustainable manner for a long time. Increased levels of salt in our blood can cause a variety of deadly health conditions. Examples of these deadly diseases are types of heart disease.

  1. Cause Allergic Reactions

Remember that in white bread there is also gluten. The problem is when the particles are heading for blood antibodies from the intestine; this stimulates the formation of histamine. Histamine at high levels in the body will not be good because it might trigger an allergic reaction. At a mild stage, there will only be a sense of discomfort, but the gut can be threatened more seriously.

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  1. Causing Intestinal Inflammation

The occurrence of inflammation of the intestine is most likely due to its relation with high levels of histamine in the body. That being said, do not underestimate this condition because in some cases, the absorbent surface of the intestine can be torn and interfere with nutrient absorption function. Even consequently in some cases, you might experience diarrhea constantly.

From the list of dangers of consuming the plain or white bread above, we can gain some information that the bread is not always safe to consume, particularly eating it constantly and excessively.

You do not have to stop eating plain bread immediately, try to limit the portion or amount and try to eat other foods that contain more nutrients are also a great step to prevent you from getting any kind of side effects from eating too much white bread. It is because it might be not a problem for now, but if you keep eating it in large quantities, in the long term, you might harm your health since there is always risk in doing and eating anything excessively.

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