17 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Swollen Finger Fast

Finger is one important body part that you use it most in everything you do. It must be uncomfortable if there is something happens to your fingers. Fingers swell due to many reasons and most of them are harmless and should not be worried of.

Commonly, it is caused by the collective fluid (edema) and the result of inflammation. Other causes might be bug bites, infection, extreme temperature and hormonal changes in your body. You may experience swelling in your feet too as explained in Ways to Get Rid of Feet Swelling with home remedies. It really works.

Though the causes of swelling fingers might be harmless, it does not mean that you should not be worried about that. Swelling fingers might be one indication of certain health problems, such as fungal infection on nails, cellulitis, osteoarthritis and other diseases.

What are the symptoms of swelling fingers?

If you are doubtful whether you experience swelling fingers, you may see these following symptoms:

  • redness
  • bruising
  • fatigue
  • lumps around the finger
  • swollen joints
  • numbness sensation
  • stiffness
  • inability to move the fingers

Causes of swelling fingers

There are lots of causes of swelling fingers. Check these out all the best ways to get rid of swollen finger!

1. Poor blood circulation

When you are having excess cholesterol or high blood pressure, your circulatory system will flow stronger and it will increase the speed of the blood from heart to lungs. You will also get tired and as a result, your fingers will feel colder and your fingers will be more swollen. It is because your blood vessels open more.

2. Too much salt intake

When your body takes more salt, your body will try to balance the amount of salt by absorbing more water. Due to this fact, your body will collect more water that results in the swelling.

3. Infection

Infection occurs when your skin has germs inside through an injury. When your skin is open, like having small cut, it will start to swell and it will be painful.

4. Allergic reaction

Your body sometimes has a “stranger” coming into it. As for defense, your body will produce histamine in the blood to fight that stranger. As a reaction of this, it might create swelling in your finger.

Some indication of certain diseases

Swelling finger might be one indication of following diseases:

  • carpal tunnel syndrome – the build of pressure on the nerve from your arm to your hand through a small space in your wrist.
  • lymphedema –  commonly occurs in people who experience cancer treatment and it occurs because the lymph is not able to flow around your body and it will result in swelling including in your finger.
  • Raynaud’s disease – it is the condition when some parts of your body feel numbness sensation, especially when you are under stress condition.
  • arthritis – the condition when you experience pain in your joints. 

6. Heat edema

It happens when your body is exposed too much to heat. Your body will have difficulty in pumping the blood from your hands back to your heart. As a result, the fluid will gather in your hands and it will cause it to swell.

Natural remedies to get rid of swelling fingers

If you are looking for the practical treatment to get rid of swelling fingers, you may directly go to the doctor and get the medicines. However, you know that natural remedies are always the best because they are cheap, practical, safety and some of them are working effectively than medicines.

What are they? These are the natural remedies as the best ways to get rid of swollen finger.

1. Get your fingers move and exercise 


By moving and exercising, you can help to reduce the fluid retention. Following the movement as shown in the picture above will make the flow of the blood smoother and get the excess fluid out.

Another movement you can do is by putting your palms as in the praying position and raising it above your head. It will enhance the circulation of the blood.

2. Turmeric

It has natural antiseptic property that helps to heal the wound. The bacteria causing inflammation will be killed by the power of turmeric.

ways to get rid of swollen finger?

  • Mix turmeric powder with water until you get a paste.
  • Apply the paste on your swelling finger and wrap it with cotton.
  • Wait for around 2 hours.
  • Wash it off with warm water.

3. Garlic

Garlic has allicin, a powerful antibiotic that helps the immune system to prevent the growth of the germs.

ways to get rid of swollen finger?

  • Heat one and a half tbsp of sesame oil in a pan.
  • Crush 2-3 gloves of garlic and cook it on the pan.
  • Wait until it turns to brown, then mix 1/4 tsp of turmeric powder, 1/4 tsp of carom seeds powder and 1/4 tsp of ginger powder into the pan.
  • Apply the mixture on the swollen finger and repeat it three times a day. 

4. Epsom salt

It is not a common salt you can put into your soup to make it tasty, but this Epsom salt really works well to solve some problems such as blisters on hand and calluses. Its magnesium and sulfate will be absorbed without any complications. Magnesium helps to relieve the inflammation that reduces the swelling.

ways to get rid of swollen finger:

  • Boil one cup of water and put 1 tsp of Epsom salt into it.
  • Dip the swollen fingers into the hot water solution. (if you don’t have Epsom salt at home, you can do it using common salt that you use to flavor your food)

5. Apple cider vinegar

This vinegar is very famous for its effectiveness in solving several health problems. Apple cider vinegar is rich in potassium that is beneficial for reducing fluid retention. It also relieves the discomfort of the swelling fingers.

How to do it:

  • Mix the apple cider vinegar with warm water in the equal amount.
  • Soak a small towel in the mixture.
  • Twist the towel to remove the excess towel and wrap it around the swelling finger for 10 minutes.
  • Do it several times a day until you get the desired result.

6. Black tea bags

Black tea has antioxidants and lots of tannins that are beneficial for reducing swelling and the build up of fluids. Tea bags also helps to tighten the skin and shrink the blood vessels.

How to do it:

  • Brew a cup of tea by using black tea bag.
  • Remove the tea bag and put it in the fridge for around 15 minutes.
  • Apply the cold black tea bag on the swollen fingers for 10 minutes.
  • Repeat it for several times until you get the desired result.

If you are curious of what other uses of tea bags, you may check Ways to Get Rid of Foot Odor in Shoes Naturally and Natural Ways to Get Rid of Fungal Infections

7. Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy is action of using water to compress the swelling part. People mostly use warm or cold water but using both is more effective to get rid of the swelling fingers. Hydrotherapy will boost the blood circulation and reduce the swelling in the fingers.

How to do it:

  • Prepare two basins or bowls of water – warm and cold.
  • Soak the swelling fingers in the warm water for 3-4 minutes.
  • Then, soak the swelling fingers in the cold water for 1-2 minutes.
  • Repeat this action for 15-20 minutes.
  • Do it several times until you get the desired result.

Hydrotherapy is also used and known as effective way in Best Ways to Get Rid of Cellulite on Calves.

Other natural remedies to get rid of swelling fingers

Besides using the natural remedies explained above, you can follow the following remedies to get rid of swelling fingers.

  1. Oil massage – it helps to relax the muscles and improve the blood circulation. You may use mustard oil, tea tree oil, or olive oil.
  2. Ice – it helps to reduce pain, swelling and inflammation. You have to cover the ice with towel or something else to prevent injury on the skin.
  3. Lavender – it is beneficial as a pain relief and antibacterial agent.  
  4. Ginger –  it helps to treat inflammation and thin the blood. You can add ginger in your drink or add it into your food.
  5. Aloe vera – it is used as compresses to relieve muscle pain. Just simply apply the gel inside to the affected area and you get the relief sensation. 

  6. Pineapple – it reduces inflammation that becomes the cause of swelling fingers. Add it in your baked goods or blending it for a glass of juice will be great.
  7. Elevation – by doing elevation, you can improve the blood circulation.
  8. Compression – compression using bandage will stop the swelling and help to prevent fluid collection in the fingers.
  9. Dandelion greens – it helps to relieve your bloated stomach and it is low in cholesterol.
  10. Celery –  it helps your body to remove excess water from your body.

Thus, that’s all the ways to get rid of swollen finger.

How to prevent swelling fingers

People said it is better to prevent that to cure. So, these are the tips of how to prevent swelling finger to happen again.

  • Do not overuse your finger because when your fingers are overused it will create swelling.
  • Stay hydrated by drinking lot of water.
  • Limit the intake of salt to your body.
  • If your fingers are injured already, do not use it too much.
  • Use compression gloves
  • Maintain moderate temperature in your room

These remedies are known effective in solving the swelling fingers problem. However, if you are applying these remedies, but you don’t get any desired result, you had better to consult with the doctor.

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