11 Easy Ways How to Overcome Wrist Pain When Pregnant

One of the problems that pregnant women often complain about is lumbago. Usually, symptoms of back pain are increasingly felt during pregnancy entered the second trimester.

Mom will have difficulty walking, wearing clothes, lifting things even when sitting even waist still a pain. Actually, the condition of this hip pain is quite normal.

So you need not worry too much. The cause may be due to several factors, such as an increased fetal development, weight gain, relaxin hormone production, unstable muscle and psychological position changes (such as depression and stress). Read more about Ways to Heal Sprained and Swollen Wrist

Well, here are some ways to cope with back pain during pregnancy.

1. Expand the consumption of calcium foods

How to cope with back pain during pregnancy the first is to increase the consumption of calcium foods. As explained in medical that this calcium is a mineral that is useful in maintaining bone density and prevent bone disorders.

Including lumbago problem. You can get a source of calcium from the consumption of milk, sardines, almonds, tofu, salmon, broccoli, red beans, sesame seeds and soy milk. Read more about How to Treat A Torn Ligament in Your Wrist

One cause of low back pain is the lack of water consumption. Generally a pregnant woman who rarely drinks and likes to sit long risk of higher stricken with back pain. Because water plays an important role to maintain healthy muscles, joints and bones.

In addition, a person who lacks water usually urine color is more yellow and dark. If the condition occurs long enough to trigger a bladder infection that impact on lumbago. Therefore, pregnant women are encouraged to increase the consumption of water about 2 liters per day.

2. Make a massage

The next simple way to cope with back pain during pregnancy is by doing massage. You can ask the help of husband, child or another family to massage the back of your body, that is in all areas of the back and waist. This method can help remove stiffness in the waist, relax the muscles and relieve pain.

3. Sports

Many people mistake that pregnant women should not exercise. This is certainly not true. Precisely with exercising pregnant women can reduce the risk of bone and joint disorders. Even some types of powerful sports cure lumbago. Read more about Tips to Get a Good Nap

For example, yoga exercises. Movement of the massage done while yoga can help smooth blood flow to the waist, relax the muscles of the body and relieve wrist pain. To maintain security, you should do this yoga exercises at a special yoga practice site pregnant women.

That way you can get the right direction. Other sports such as walking, cycling, swimming, and pilates are also known to overcome lung pain.

4. Waist compress

Compress is not only useful for lowering the fever alone. In fact, this compressing technique is also often used by the community to treat back pain naturally. How to use cold water or hot water. Both are equally powerful. But not for use at once yes.

So, for example, today you compress the waist with cold water (water that contains ice cubes), about 4-5 days later turn you compress with warm water. And so on until too long, the pain will subside. It’s good if you consult a doctor first before doing this technique. Read more about Cause of Shivering During Sleep

5. Sleeping in a sideways position

The next tips for how to cope with back pain during pregnancy is by applying for the correct sleeping position. According to medical science, a pregnant woman suffering from lumbago is advised to sleep in a sideways position.

In addition, you can also put a pillow on the knee and back to reduce tension so that the muscles become more relaxed. Use a soft cushion and do not be too big. Read more about Causes You Can’t Sleep at Night

6. Using special clothes pregnant

Selection of clothing also affects the condition of the muscles at the waist. We recommend that you use loose clothes (like a dressing) or special clothes pregnant women in times of pregnancy.

Because the use of tight clothing can disrupt the process of digestion, bend the stomach and make the waist feels more pain. So, avoid the first desire to appear fashionable during pregnancy. Read more about How to Treat a Throat Infection While Pregnant

Prioritize your health as well as the fetus in the womb. Just use clothes that you feel comfortable.

7. Maintain proper posture

Usually, pregnant women who suffer from back pain is difficult to perform activities. Wrong bit of motion can trigger pain. Well, for that pregnant mother should really be able to maintain her posture properly. Avoid bending too long.

Then try to sit and walk in an upright position. Then do not stay too long (such as standing for long or sitting for hours), this just makes the pain in the waist recur.

8. Avoid high-heels shoes

The desire for fashionable style during pregnancy should be buried first. Do not let you do things that endanger health just for the sake of looking beautiful, for example, wearing high heels. High-heeled shoes are not recommended for pregnant women.

Because it can increase the risk of falling, trigger discomfort and improve symptoms of back pain. To be safe just wear flat shoes or flat sandals during pregnancy.

9. Chiropractic therapy

Have you ever heard of chiropractic techniques to treat back pain? This technique has actually been long enough discovered by medical experts, ie since 1895.

Usually, this technique is used to overcome problems in the spine, muscles and also the nervous system. Well, you can also use this therapy to treat waist disorders naturally without drugs.

However make sure you do it with a professional huh! When chiropractic did carelessly eat the risk of causing tearing of blood vessels and other neurological disorders, even triggering death. Therefore, consult with your obstetrician first.

10. Acupuncture technique

In addition to chiropractic therapy, another alternative to overcome the back pain is by performing acupuncture techniques.

Surely you can not apply this technique alone. You should do so in a trusted medical place with a professional expert. However, you should consult your doctor first before deciding to choose acupuncture.

11. Seek medical attention

The last way to try if the above methods do not work out then tries taking the drug but do not haphazardly buy medicine! Moreover, to buy drugs in the stall without a doctor’s prescription. This actually endanger the health of your fetus.

The best way is to consult a doctor so that later you will be prescribed the right medicine to treat back pain, such as Acetaminophen. Read more about How to Prevent Snoring while Sleeping

So some ways to overcome lumbago’s pain during pregnancy. One of the most important things is to multiply the consumption of nutritious food and consult your doctor. Maybe useful.

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