6 Side Effects of Avocado Leaves That You Absolutely Have to Know

Who doesn’t know Avocado. Almost everybody knows it and probably consume it, because it’s becoming very popular nowadays. But how many of you know about the benefit of its leaves? So many people only know the fruit, but what not most people is that its leaves are very beneficial for our health.

Some components in avocado leaves such as quercetin and polyphenols make this herbal ingredients one medicine for several diseases. Some diseases which can be cured with avocado leaves are:

  1. Back Pain

Avocado leaves are beneficial to overcome back pain. A lot of people actually practiced it, and of course their back pain goes away. No wonder rural people consume this herbal medicine when their back aches after a day of farming.

  1. Treating High Blood Pressure

Another benefit from avocado leaves is it being able to normalize high blood pressure. This herbal medicine is so effective in normalizing high blood pressure. Some people with high blood pressure consume this herb consistently to deal with their high blood pressure, but of course according to doctor’s or an herbalist’s instruction.

  1. Sciatica

In addition to normalizing high blood pressure, another benefit of avocado leaves is that it can overcome sciatica or rheumatic aches.

  1. Asthma

Although avocado leaves are known as a traditional ingredient, it is able to effectively overcome asthma. Some of the ingredients in it can cure this breathing disorder.

Despite their benefit for our health, avocado leaves turn out giving side effects for our body. If these side effect happen to our body then avocado leaves will no longer be a medicinal herb that heals, but instead it will be an herb that cause diseases. Therefore, we have to first know the side effects of avocado leaves before you decide to consume it every day.

Side Effects of Avocado Leaves

For those of you who don’t know the side effects of avocado leaves, you have to read this article which will explain some of the side effects that avocado leaves could give:  

  1. Worsen Kidney Stone Disease

The first side effect from avocado leaves is it could worsen kidney stone disease. This side effect will occur if you consume avocado leaves in a relatively high dosage, and causing the components inside the leaves did not work as medicine, but instead bring out symptoms of kidney disease, and does not rule out the possibility of kidney failure.

Therefore, measurements of dosage and the proper way to consume avocado leaves are important to be paid close attention to, so this side effect does not attack your body.

  1. Worsen Swelling

Another side effect of avocado leaves are worsening swelling that already happens on your body, for example swelling on your feet. This happen when the consumption of avocado leaves is excessive, so that quercetin reaction contained in the leaves did not work as proper to heal or to maintain health in our body.

  1. Causing Toxins

Whatever consumed in a large quantity will result something not good for our body, including avocado leaf. If you consume avocado leaves in an excessive amount it will turn into something rather bad. One of which is toxins. This toxin caused by avocado leaves surely is dangerous for our body.

  1. Nausea and Vomiting

Nausea and vomiting are other side effects avocado leaves can bring. These side effects happen when your body experiences a rejection effect of the component inside the avocado leaves. The body will automatically release it by vomiting. Don’t do nothing if it happens, you have to treat your stomach properly after vomiting

  1. Headache

Nausea and vomiting caused by avocado leaves are generally simultaneous with headaches. This headache is one of body’s reactions to impairment that occurs in the body. If you consume avocado leaves in an excessive number, one of the signs that you will feel is headache.

Surely, you have to relieve the headache fast to avoid any further complaints. Therefore, once again, understanding the proper dosage for any herbal medicine you’re about to consume is important to avoid bad side effect they could bring.

  1. Allergy

Not everybody is able to consume avocado leaves, because of our bodies’ different immunity capacity. For those who can’t consume avocado leaves, they will experience allergic reaction in their body. Some allergic reaction that usually occurs is itching, red spots on the skin or other form of allergic reaction.

These allergies are caused by body’s inability to receive components inside the avocado leaves, so it brings out bad reaction. If it happens, you must treat the allergies quickly before it spreads out and cause further severity of the allergy.

Those are some side effects of avocado leaves that you absolutely have to know. By knowing these side effects, you could at least be more aware and more careful before consuming herbal medicine including avocado leaves. If it’s possible and necessary because you have such sensitive body, you should consult with a doctor or an herbalist to determine the safe and proper dosage of avocado leaves you can take per day to avoid any side effects mentioned above. Good luck!

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