25 Effective Ways on How to Relieve Chronic Sinus Pain

There are many kinds of disease that people can catch or experience due to several health problems. One of them is chronic sinus. This kind of disease can cause pain just like sciatic nerve pain with How to Relieve Chronic Sciatic Nerve Pain. The pain can be barely endurable if it is not treated properly.

Causes of Chronic Sinus Pain

The causes of chronic sinus pain vary, some are as mentioned below.

– Growing Polyps. The growing tissue can block the passage in our respiratory system and cause chronic sinus pain.

– Infections. Infection can occur in the respiratory tract. If the infection is not treated, it will increase the chance of getting sinus pain. Thus, infection affects the tissue inside the nose and other respiratory system.

– Allergies. Allergies such as hay fever can also cause chronic sinus pain. This kind of allergy affect the respiratory system, especially the nose, making it stuffed and itchy, thus increasing the chance of getting sinus pain.

After knowing the causes of chronic sinus pain, here are some of the symptoms of it.

  • Swelling in Eyes
  • Stiff Neck
  • Headache
  • High Fever
  • Red Eyes

Chronic sinus pain can be torturing that you want to relieve it as effective as possible. Here are 25 effective ways on how to relieve chronic pain.

1. Take Hot Shower

One of the ways to relieve the stuffy feeling from sinus by using warm water. Take a hot shower with steam to relieve the heavy stuffed feeling in the nose. Warm temperature will also help to relieve the pain as it help to relax the muscle. Take hot shpwer in the evening or in the morning.

2. Elevated Sleep Position

Some people cannot breath properly when they sleep because the sinus pain disrupt it. Therefore, people should maintain an elevated sleep position. Prop your head using pillow and make sure for the head position not below the heart position. This way, the respiratory system will be easier to breathe.

3. Drink More Water

In order to relieve the blockage in the nose and the stuffy feeling it causes, drink more water. The fluids of water will reduce the thick blockage in nose caused by chronic sinus pain. Dehydration can cause the chronic sinus to be more severe. Thus, drink at least 6 glass of water everyday.

4. Eat Broth Soup

Chronic sinus can make us difficult to breath and the heavy feeling can hinder our activities. Start your day by eating warm broth soup. Add some vegetables to your soup and make sure to lavish the broth. It will help to relieve the stuffy feeling. Thus, make sure to make this soup to relieve your chronic sinus pain.

5. Yoga

Some movements in yoga will help to relieve chronic sinus pain as it can help to make the muscle in all parts of body functions better. Some poses that will help to relieve the pain is by stretching the neck and take as much air as possible. Do it once a week or whenever you have free time.

Yoga is also effective for these two health problems:

6. Use Ice Cube

Ice cube can also help to relieve the stuffed nose during chronic sinus pain. Put ice cubes on the outside skin of the nose. Breath in the cold steam rises from the ice cube. However, take note that you should nit overdo it as the frozen ice can also cause common cold.

7. Meditation

Meditation often uses healing technique that will also to help relieve the chronic sinus pain. Use the deep inhale and exhale method while meditating. Eventually, the stiffness of the nose and the blockage in respiratory system will eased up.

8. Eat Spicy Food

People prove eat spicy food can help to relieve the stuffy nose. When eating spicy food, you will get runny nose that will open the blockage caused by chronis sinus. Spicy food produces capsaicin that will stimulate the production of fluid in body. Therefore, it ia a good and simple way to relieve chronic sinus pain. However, do not do it too much or you will get upset stomach.

9. Warm Compress

Aside from taking hot shower, you can also use warm compress to relax the muscle as well as stimulating the nose to open the blockage caused by sinus. Use warm water and clothes. Put the clothes in the warm water and put it on the forehead. Repeat this process until sinus disappear.

10. Drink Ginger Herb

Ginger can produce warm sensation when we consume it. Therefore, when using ginger, it will help to relieve chroni sinus pain. Boil ginger in 2 glass of water, wait for about ten minutes. Drink up the giger herb everyday until the sius gets better.

11. Use Inhaler

Inhaler is also effective to relieve chronic sinus. The pain of chronic sinus mostly center on the nose. Patients have difficulty to breate Because the painful feelong of chronic sinus pain may not going to be cured using natural remedies only so use inhaler to help.

12. Use Oil Reliever

Some oils have smell that will help to relieve the stuffiness in the nose. In order to use this, ake sure not to inhale the oil that is not too concentrated unless the stuffiness will not go away immediately. Some oil reliever may not work or cause allergy, thus choose carefully before applying one.

13. Use Humidifier

You can install humidifier in the house to help relieve chronic sinus pain. Humidifier will cause the air to be more humid. In turn, the nose will catch on it and the blockage will be slowly released. Make sure not to set the humidifier in a too extreme scale. Use it only when other methods fail.

14. Consume Pain Reliever

Use some of the pain relievers available on drug store to help relieve the chronic sinus pain. Some pain reliever like naproxen, ibuprofen, or acetaminophen can help to cure your disease. Make sure to ask the apothecary staff first and ask how many times you should consume the pain reliever.

15. Use Saline Flush

Saline spray contains salt that will help to open the blockage in the nose. This method is an alternative when the stuffiness in the nose does not disappear for days. Use it along with pain reliever for better result.


Other ways to relieve chronic sinus pain include:

  • Resting
  • Eat Hot Porridge
  • Improve Ventilation
  • Drink Cold Medicine
  • Wash Face with Warm Water
  • Use Hot Pack
  • Drink Warm Water
  • Exercise
  • Acupuncture
  • Go to Doctor

Furthermore, here i give you some ways to do self-message to cure your sinus pain. Check this out.

Chronic sinus pain cannot be healed easily if it has reached critical stage. It is better to visit doctor for further treatment. That’s all about 25 effective ways on how to relieve chronic sinus pain.

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