15 Fastest Ways to Heal Dry Cracked Hands with Home Remedies

Cracked hands haunt you and it doesn’t feel right? Your hands might be one of the vital body parts as they help us to connect with people around us, such as shaking hands with your clients or wiping tears of someone you love. Cracked hands must be very embarrassing and painful for you. This article will describe about how you can use 6 home treatments for your cracked hands.

How do you feel when someone’s hands that are dry and cracked touch your skin? It must be uncomfortable and a little bit painful because they are rough. Cracked hands might not be a serious problem, but if it is not treated well it will get worse and disturb your appearance for sure. How if it happens to you?

Too many activities, especially outdoor activities might cause the hydration of your skin. It might result in dry and cracked on your hands. You may be wondering what the causes and the symptoms are and how to treat them well in a fastest way. Check these following out!

Dry and Cracked Hands Causes 

If your hands are cracking, red and rough, your hands might be suffering from dry or even cracked hands. Cracked hands occur because of the condition of extremely dry skin. The worse condition of this cracked hands is it might be bleeding. Cracked hands might happen because of too much exposure of environmental conditions, such as cold temperatures, chemicals and water.

Thus, this cracked hands phenomena is usually experienced mostly by people who work outdoor, such as construction workers, beauty stylists or even housewives. Here are the details of the factors causing cracked hands.

  • Too much exposure to water – This is usually experienced by housewives and household assistant who have frequent contact with water. Washing dishes, mopping the floor, washing dishes are exposing your hands too much to water. It makes your hands become less moisturized as the water takes the moisturizing oil of your skin away.
  • Cold temperature – Skin tends to be dry in the winter season. The drop of the temperature and humidity level cause our skin to lose it moisture.
  • Use of chemicals, such as detergents and soap – Many detergents and soap that are sold widely take away the moisture of the skin as mostly they are manufactured to remove oil (that is actually moisturize our skin)

Dry and Cracked Hands Symptoms

Then, how do I know that I suffer from cracked hands? These are the symptoms.

  • You feel that your skin is tightened, especially after taking a bath, swimming or washing hand.
  • The hands skin is rough.
  • It sometimes itchy.
  • It turns to red.
  • There are some deep cracks that might bleed.

That must be scary to see your cracked hands. There might be lots of treatments outside to heal your cracked hands from the cheapest to the most expensive ways. Some medical doctors have suggested some products that could treat the cracked hands very well. Then, what are the ways? Here they are. 

Treatments of Dry and Cracked Hands with Natural Home Remedies 

There are some ways you can try at home to cure your cracked hands. Here are the ways.

1. Wear soft-material gloves

During winter, it is better for you to wear warm and soft gloves that protect your hands from the cold weather. Prefer the soft material gloves so that it will not irritate your skin. It will also help to reduce the friction of the cracks with the other things.

2. Homemade paste

You can make your own mixture of some ingredients that are rich of nutrients for hydrating your skin.

  • You can mix 1/4 cup of cornmeal,
  • 1 tbsp. of water and
  • 1 tsp. of apple cider vinegar.
  • Rub it all over your cracked and dry hand.
  • Wait for around 10 to 15 minutes and rinse it with warm water.
  • Then, apply some moisturizer on it.

3. Olive oil massage

We know that olive oil is the best cure of dry skin. It is also useful for your dry and cracked hands. Just simply apply some of it to your cracked hands. After that, put a little massage on it. It will eliminate dryness and moisturize your skin.

4. Drink enough water a day

Believe it or not, treatment from inside is the best. By drinking lots of water, you will keep your body hydrated and your skin will not get dry further. Avoid drinks that give you dehydration, such as coffee or alcohol. Mineral water is the best! That’s one of the fastest ways to heal dry cracked hands. 

More Natural Ways to Heal Dry Cracked Hands

Here are fastest ways to heal dry cracked hands:

  1. Soaking your hands with warm water for 20 minutes
  2. Add salt in the warm water to make more relaxing
  3. You can use cucumber slices, massage it on your dry skin
  4. Well, slice lime into two, apply it to your cracked hands
  5. Rose water, massage your dry hands with it
  6. Massage your hands with olive oil

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How to Prevent Dry and Cracked Hands

Once you know your problem already, you can start preventing it from getting worse. It is better to realize from the beginning than realizing it that it’s too late. Here are some ways of preventing cracked hands.

1. Apply moisturizer, such as lotion

By rubbing the moisturizer that is based on oil, it will nourish your skin better. Avoid choosing the oil or lotion with fragrance or alcohol. You might try some lotion if you are looking for a well-known product.

Many people have used Vaseline to solve their dry and cracked hands. Dermatologists said that applying moisturizer a day is adequate enough. It will also enrich the oil in the skin so that it will not dehydrated. That’s one of the fastest ways to heal dry cracked hands.

2. Prevention of the worsen condition

The best way is preventing the condition of getting worse. You can start limiting the time exposing your hands in water. The more you are in contact with water, the more oil will be washed off by the water. If you cannot avoid this condition, you can wear rubber gloves so that your hands can be protected. Use warm water instead of hot water.

Cracked hands might not as serious as the other diseases in your body, but it is as important as the health of the other parts of the body. You had better not underestimate this skin problem. The treatments above are the simplest ways you can do to treat your cracked hands.

By doing thorough and conscientious treatment, I am sure you can get better hands in your hands. Say good bye to cracked hands!

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