20 Easy Ways to Prevent Shrinkage on Natural Hair

For the women out there who has Type 3 or Type 4 hair, shrinkage is something that you want to reduce. Natural hair shrinkage is not bad, in fact it means that your hair is healthy. It’s just how your hair is.

However, in case you want to enhance the appearance of your hair, here are the 20 Ways to Prevent Shrinkage on Natural Hair.

You should read the causes and the effects of hair shrinkage so you are more aware of your own hair.

Causes of Shrinkage

  • Nature of hair
  • Washing hair
  • Humidity
  • Heat

Effects of Shrinkage

  • Lack of confidence
  • Feeling self conscious
  • Unhappiness

Preventing Hair Shrinkage

Here are some of the best ways to make your hair appear longer:

1. Blow Drying Roots

This method is so easy to do. You can do this after you wash your hair. Wait until your hair is halfway dry. Blow dry your roots with medium heat. Try to stretch your hair slightly while doing it but avoid pulling it straight. This method will also give your hair a lovely volume.

2. Banding

This one requires no heat at all. Ensure that your hair is damp, not dripping wet. Add conditioner and divide hair into small sections. Use several hair ties to wrap your hair from the roots to the very end. Wait for the hair to dry and then remove the hair ties.

3. Bantu Knots

Give your hair some conditioner before proceeding. Detangle your hair by dividing it into sections. Start twisting a section of your hair from the root. Then wrap the twisted hair around the root. Leave overnight and use some oil to detangle every twisted hair.

4. Thick Conditioners

When you wash your hair, add a lot of conditioners to it. Conditioners will give extra weight to your hair. They cause the hair to stay down for a longer time. But don’t put too much. Use an amount that is enough to keep your hair to be less frizzy. You may want to read on tips prevent premature grey hair.

5. High Bun

The high bun is also known as the pineapple hair. Don’t wait until your hair is completely dry. When it still feels damp, tie your hair up. Make sure that you’re not giving your hair a strong stretch. It should be quite loose to enable you to pull your hair. A tight high bun will cause creases and breakage on your hair.

6. Coconut and Jojoba Oil

Did you know that dryness can cause your hair to shrink more? Avoid it by adding extra moisture with some oil.

  • Mix some coconut and jojoba oil.
  • Heat them up in the microwave.
  • Use your hands to apply and detangle.
  • Leave to dry.

7. Grow Out Hair

This particular method requires you to let your hair be. Wait for some time until your hair starts to grow in length. You can still maintain your normal hair routine. As your hair grows longer, the weight will naturally bring it down and reduces shrinkage. You might be interested to read how to stop hair fall immediately with home remedies.

8. Olive Oil Conditioner

Use olive oil as conditioner to provide more moisture to your hair. Mix the oil with other ingredients that are not hard to find inside your home.

  • Mix some olive oil with shea butter.
  • Add in a little bit of ripe avocado mixture.
  • Apply paste all over the hair.
  • Wash off and leave to dry.

9. Shampoo in Braids

Another way to prevent shrinkage is to shampoo your hair while it’s in braids. Braids will add some tension to stretch your hair. Detangle you hair first with some oil before you braid it into many sections. Leave overnight and wash your braids with shampoo the next day. Rinse until your hair is clean. Wait until your braids are dry and then detangle.

10. Yogurt Conditioner

Yogurt contains an ingredient that will help your hair to stretch. It contains lactic acid that will make your hair more relaxed. Yogurt is also good for your hair as it provides additional strength and makes it more elastic. You can apply yogurt to your hair as a conditioner and then wash it off.

11. Roller Sets

You can also put on some roller sets for your hair.

  • Wash and detangle hair.
  • Give moisturiser.
  • Part hair into small sections.
  • Apply the roller sets.
  • Leave until hair is dry and remove the sets.

12. Cleansing Hair

Always cleanse your hair when you wash it. Your conditioners will help your hair more relaxed. That can help in reducing shrinkage. Giving your hair the right conditioner will ensure a good supply of nutrients. You will have a healthy hair without any frizz.

13. Castor Oil

Castor oil is great for growing out hair which can reduce shrinkage. It’s also a great oil to use as a moisturiser. Some people may not like how it smells but you can add a few drops of essential oil. Rub some castor oil on your hands. Detangle your hair with the oil while gently pulling it too. Also read tips to prevent postpartum hair loss.

14. African Threading

This method may need an hour or so to do. But it’s heatless so it won’t cause too much breakage. You can use cotton yarn for the thread which is gentle on the hair.

  • Divide hair into sections.
  • Grip a section of hair tightly from the roots.
  • Start threading from there up to the very end of your hair.
  • Give some olive oil to your ends to protect them.
  • Repeat to other sections and leave for 3 weeks.

15. Twists

This method is easy to do. You just need to twist your hair with your hand. Do this while your hair is still damp. Dividing hair into smaller sections will help effective stretching. Twist hair from the root to the end. Leave your hair until it’s completely dry. Use your fingers to detangle.

More Ways (16-20)

Give these methods a try to help you as well.

  • Hair Milk: Helps to keep the hair strong and stretched since it contains lactic acid.
  • Flat Iron: Gives more tension to the hair and allows it to stretch instead of shrinking.
  • Avoid Alcohol: Don’t use products with alcohol as one of the ingredients. It will only cause your hair to dry out.
  • High Bun: Tie up your hair into a high pony tail to help it stretch.
  • Shrinkage Gel: This product often contains flaxseed that can help to reduce shrinkage.

Things to Consider

You need to remember that although these methods are great to stretch out your hair, do them moderately. Don’t lump too many conditioners on your hair or leave a particular hairstyle for too long. You’ll end up ruining or even breaking your beautiful hair. Also, always be gentle with your hair. Being too harsh will cause damage.

Hopefully these methods will work for you. Whether you want to leave your natural hair in its normal state or get rid of the shrinkage, it’s all your choice. A happier you will make your hair more stunning.

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