13 Dangerous Foods for Stomach You Need To Be Careful

For those who like to eat and like to experiment, you better start to be careful when already exposed to symptoms of disease or stomach disorders.

Ulcer disease can affect anyone, and those who did not have this disease can suddenly experience it due to eating certain foods too often or irregular meal time.

An ulcer disease needs to be prevented if possible, and the way is to avoid foods that are harmful to the stomach. Here are some foods that might be not good for you who have stomach problems.

  1. Chocolate

Lots of people love chocolate and would be sad if you have to stay away from this one food because of the danger of chocolate for gastric health. But it is true that chocolate is a food that includes the cause of the symptoms of gastric acid because of the substance called Theobromine in it.

That is the name of the compound that will trigger sagging esophageal sphincter muscles so that if too much and often eat chocolate may be in our throat feels there is acid flow.

  1. Food with Sour Acid

Being one type of fruit that offers high levels of vitamin C, citrus is also known as a fruit that is quite harmful to the stomach caused by a sense of wryness. Stomach disease is very easy caused by orange; therefore we often hear the suggestion to consume oranges when we have eaten rice.

The point is, do not let the empty stomach to accept food that tastes sour so that no stomach and stomach pain. In addition to oranges, there are also tomatoes and lemons that also need to be limited and avoided when necessary so that the painful stomach condition does not get worse because the pH balance in our stomach can be disrupted.

  1. Soda Drinks

There various kinds of soda drink. The flavor and color is also varied. It is nice to drink cold soda on bright day light. However, soda drink is not as good as it to our stomach because in it there is acid content that triggers acid stomach rising easily. Remember that carbonated beverages will cause carbonation effects so gas will accumulate in the stomach so that eventually become uncomfortable.

  1. Alcoholic Beverages

Alcohol is definitely not safe not only for the stomach, but also the entire health of our organs. This type of drink has been labeled as a body-breaking drink and needs to be emphasized here that alcoholic beverages can make acid reflux more severe than before. Our body will be more easily dehydrated when consuming alcohol due to increased stomach acid as well.

  1. Coffee

Coffee is one of the most delicious beverages that most people love to drink a few cups a day, and some even get hooked. This is not a good thing for coffee addict because stomach acid disorders can occur if too often drink it. This habit can trigger chronic heartburn so you should start to be limited if it is difficult to stop directly; this also applies to foods that has coffe as the main ingredient.

  1. Tea

In addition to coffee, tea is also dangerous for the stomach if consume excessively and can trigger stomach acid rise quickly if too habitual consumption. Tea is available with many types, and for that it is very important to pay attention to the intake so as not too often and much. A cup of tea a day is still relatively safe in preventing stomach attack, but if it is severe heartburn, this tea should be avoided.

  1. Broccoli

If you hear the word broccoli, it usually related with healthy vegetable that certainly will not trigger any disease. Indeed broccoli is a source of nutrients and fiber, but eating broccoli when there are symptoms of heartburn will endanger the stomach because the digestive system will produce more gas.

  1. Fried Food

Our society cannot be far from fried food because we know how delicious this food regardless of the danger of consuming fried food for health. However, who already feel the symptoms of ulcer, eating too much fried food can worsen the condition of the stomach, and might increases the risk of gastric disease. The esophagus and the pit of the liver are the parts that will experience pain when the stomach acid rises.

  1. Eating Big Portion of Food

The amount of stomach acid can rise because of eating in a portion that is too big. Thus, be careful of this condition because if it happens constantly, it has the potential to cause stomach acid buildup and irritate the esophagus. That is the reason why it is more advisable to eat in small portions but more often than eating in large portions at once.

  1. Fruit that Contains Gas

The fruits that have a lot of gas in it are durian, jackfruit, and pineapple. Those fruits might be dangerous for the stomach if you eat it too many, especially if it is already affected by symptoms of ulcer disease or the condition can become more severe. Gastric acid levels can automatically rise if consuming excessively, it is also recommended for those who do not have

  1. Fermented Foods

Fermented food made from soybean such as tempeh and soy bean paste is the food we’re talking about here. Fermented foods are tasty and healthy, particularly yogurt and tempeh. However, for people with ulcer disease, eating too much fermented food can worsen the state of the stomach.

For those who do not have heartburn, eating both of these foods can increase the risk of having heartburn, so make sure to eat it moderately.

  1. Milk Processed with High Fat

Milk is good for our ulcers or stomach, and can overcome the stomach ulcers, but especially for dairy products that high fat processing can harm the stomach. Who already have previous heartburn also need to steer away or limit the consumption of this type of milk, one example of high-fat dairy products is butter that does provide a savory taste but very high fat so that enter in foods that contain high cholesterol.

  1. Spicy Food

Eating too much and too often of spicy food can affect the stomach. That is why the ulcer sufferers need to limit the spicy food, and even have to stay away from it so that the pain in the stomach does not get worse.

It is important to know that acid can accumulate when we choose to enjoy spicy foods and as a result will increase acid reflux. Spicy sauce and chilies are the best avoided for symptoms of heartburn can we prevent.

That is a series of foods that need to be aware of by those who have ulcers and any other stomach problem because it is harmful to the stomach, whether it causes gastric disease or even further aggravate the existing conditions. Knowing the condition of your own stomach is important and make sure to be aware of the amount of the foods that you eat.

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