12 Ways to Reduce Your Sweat While Doing Exercise

Over sweating while doing exercise may be a problem. Why? Over sweating can make you smell bad and less confidence. So here we will describe the causes and the solution to your problems. We present to you 12 Ways to Reduce Your Sweat While Doing Exercise.

Switch Your Deodorant To A Higher-Strength And Anti-Persipant

Underarm odor may be troublesome. During exercise, whether you did an extra exercise or an easy workout, your sweats will appear first on your armpit. It happens because of sensitivity of the nerve on our armpit.

So, to avoid over-sweating during your exercise, you had to switch your deodorant to an anti-persipant content on it. Anti-persipant deodorant will help you to prevent over-sweating during exercise. It will also help covering your smell. Bad smell sometimes comes from over-sweating. That’s why to reduce over-sweating, first of all you should change or switch your deodorant into anti-persipant content on it.

Apply Deodorant At The Best Time

Using deodorant in a wrong way will cause chaos all of the time. Many case happens because of the wrong way of using deodorant. Such as wet armpit, white stain on your shirt, and less confidence moment. Why is this happening? Because of the wrong way of using deodorant.

Well, the best time to use deodorant is after you had your shower. After bath time, you had to use your deodorant. This is called the best time  to apply it because at this time your body doesn’t sweat. Your body is clean enough and free from bacteria and sweat. That’s why this is the best time for you to use your deodorant. See Also 11 Ways to Get Rid of Burning Fingers After Eating or Cutting Chili

If you did use your deodorant while your body is sweating, worst things would happen to you. It could be your wet armpit or even worse bad smell. So, be careful with your time in using deodorant.

Save Your Skin

Save your skin means, you had to care more about your body, not just your face skin care. Your body also needs a skin care too. Skin care routine for your body such as scrubbing, spa, applying the best product for your skin. Natural ingredients during your skin care routine for your body will also help your skin to be healthy and avoid the over-sweating.

Take care of your skin health also plays a big role to reduce your sweat production. Sweats would appear in your skin but it won’t have a bad smell. Your skin pores would closed if you did the routine skincare for your body.

Wearing  Comfortable Shirt

During your exercise, you should wear your comfortable shirt. Too tight shirt will make you feel uncomfortable and bring you a new disaster beside over-sweating. Loose shirt is not bad at all, but make sure that you are comfortable with your own shirt. See Also 12 Ways to Keep Your Heart Stay Healthy (No. 4 is Shocking)

However, if we talk about the shirt during exercise, does it related at all?  Yes, absolutely. Over sweating could happen because of tight shirt that your wore. Your skin can not breath normally so it will over sweat too.

Skip Spicy Lunches

Before doing your favorite workout, it will be much better if you do not have an extra spicy lunches. Avoid it! Some researchers say that, after you had a spicy lunches or a spicy food, your body would burnt out over, which will make you over-sweating.

The hot-feels after had a portion of spicy food might make you feel better, but it’s not happen to your body too. Over sweating because of over burnt calories inside of your body is caused by the spicy food. It’s better to avoid spicy food before and after exercise too. It will much prevent you from over-sweating.

Bring A Handkerchief

A handkerchief is a must thing to bring during your workout, if you had done avoiding the things above, but you are still sweating, a handkerchief will save your life! A handkerchief or a small towel will assist you to wipe off those sweats. A handkerchief also play a big role to reduce your over-sweating during exercise. Read More Causes of Pin and Needles on Fingertips – Symptoms – Remedy

Change Your Footwear Often

Changing your footwear is a must too. You just need to have two or three pairs of shoes for your daily activity. One for work, one for exercise, and the other one is for holiday. It will be a good and ideal idea for you.

However, footwear is not only about a pair of shoes. It includes socks that you wore. You should change your socks often too. Because wearing a pair of socks everyday would cause feet odor. Your socks will soak in sweat. That’s why socks never smell good. You should change your socks two times a day for a better life.

Skip Hat

Yes, don’t wear a hat while you’re exercising. It will make your hair sweats more and it affects your whole body. Let your hair breath normally even if you had an exercise. Avoid wearing a hat can help you to reduce extra sweats. It will be a big help if you simply tie your hair during your exercise. See Also 14 Habits That Are Bad for Your Skin

Let Your Sweats Dry By Itself

After an exercise, you still need to take a break to calm down. This is called a step of cooling down after a heavy exercise you had done.  While taking your break time, your sweats will disappear slowly. Let it happen until the calm down session ends.  See Also Why Do Some Obese People Have Dark Necks? Here’s The Causes, Treatments, Prevention

Cooling down session would also helpful to reduce your sweats. Usually, cooling down session included some simple moves and relaxing moves too. Have you ever tried this session during your exercise? If you haven’t, you can do it by your own. Just watch some example video of cooling down session on Youtube!

We had done describing more about 12 Ways to Reduce Your Sweats While Doing ExerciseWe wish you gain extra knowledge after you had read this whole article. Stay Healthy and Live a Good Life.

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