14 Common Carbohydrate Sources For Diet

Carbohydrates become one of the nutrients the body needs in order to obtain energy and perform activities by burning carbohydrates contained in the food.

This carbohydrate intake is also very important in the diet menu by choosing the best carbohydrate source for the diet you are living can be maximal.

Carbohydrates that also contain high fiber often called complex carbohydrates can be stored in the body longer because it is more difficult to digest the body so it is very good if you choose complex carbohydrates for your diet. Read more about Vegetable Salad for Diet

Carbohydrates that also contain these fibers will also help reduce cholesterol levels because the fiber will be tasked to bind the blood cholesterol that will be discarded along with the feces.

So that you do not choose a good source of carbohydrates, here we will provide some sources of carbohydrate foods for the most appropriate diet to support your diet program.

Carbohydrate Sources For Diet

  1. Potatoes

Potatoes are an excellent source of carbohydrates for your consumption. Perhaps, you often eat potatoes as a side dish of rice friends. But actually, potatoes you can also make a main meal as a substitute for rice. In potatoes contain resistant starch or starch that can not be digested so that the process of weight loss can be faster.

It would be better if you eat potatoes without peeling the skin, because in potato skin a high source of fiber that is very beneficial to your body and contains vitamin C and high potassium. Read more about Side Effects of Too Much Vitamin C

To cultivate potatoes, avoid cooking with fried foods because fat intake will increase from the oil used and will inhibit your weight loss. Cook the potatoes by steaming or boiling a much more healthy.

2. Red Rice

Like potatoes, in red rice also contains high fiber even higher than white rice. If you must always consume rice every day, then use this brown rice for menu diet program. Not only does it help the process of weight loss, but brown rice is a good food for diabetics because the high fiber content in brown rice will control your blood sugar levels.

3. Wheat Pasta

Compared to you eating white pasta, it would be better to replace it with wheat paste that has a much higher fiber content up to 3 times more than regular pasta. Read more about Causes of Fetal Heartbeat Not Detected

The fiber content in this wheat pasta will make you full longer so it will automatically reduce the portion of your meal as well as lose weight faster. This wheat pasta can also be kreasikan into various types of delicious food according to your taste.

4. Wheat Bread

Carbohydrate source For the next diet is whole wheat bread. Just like wheat pasta, bread made from wheat and non-wheat flour also has a high fiber content compared to white bread.

Wheat bread is one of the recommendations of healthy carbohydrate intake for you who are undergoing a diet program. In 100 grams of wheat bread contains at least 7 grams of fiber, while at 100 grams of white bread contains only 2.6 grams of fiber alone.

5. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is already known for a long time as a source of good carbohydrates for diet foods. Fiber in this oatmeal will make you full longer while lowering cholesterol levels in the blood and also control your blood sugar levels.

The thing to watch out for when consuming oatmeal is do not add with ingredients that have fat, sugar or other high carbohydrates. It would be better if you consume oatmeal with honey or fruits. Read more about  Early Symptoms of Kidney Disease

6. Quinoa

For the people of Indonesia may still be somewhat foreign to the source of carbohydrates called Quinoa this. But in Quinoa has a high nutrient content that is very useful for the body especially you who are undergoing a diet program.

In addition, Quinoa also contains a higher protein than other types of grains and certainly a source of excellent carbohydrates for consumption. Quinoa this you can get easily in various supermarkets are available in packaging and you can cook directly.

7. Various Types of Fruit

Fruit is not only a source of vitamins, fiber and water is high, but also a source of good carbohydrates in the diet program. In the fruit contains natural sugars that will be converted into energy while in the body.

Consumption of fruits that contain high fiber so you can also feel full longer just by consuming fruits. such as bananas, apples, pears and raspberries that contain lots of vitamin C, potassium and essential minerals.

You can also mix these fruits in yogurt, salad or oatmeal to make your diet more perfect.

8. Various Kinds of Beans

Carbohydrate Sources For the next diet is some kind of nuts. Some types of nuts are also a source of complex carbohydrates that you can eat while on a diet program.

Some types of high-carbohydrate complex beans include red beans, soybeans, beans and peas.

Not only get enough carbohydrate intake, but you will also feel full longer just by consuming some of these beans. Some other ingredients contained in nuts and excellent to support your diet program include fiber, vitamins, protein and folic acid. Read more about How To Treat Back Pain With Exercises

9. Various Types of Vegetables

In vegetables contain several types of important substances that are very good for the body as for example protein, fiber, minerals, iron, potassium and also carbohydrates. It is advisable to consume lots of vegetables not only when running a diet program but for everyone.

While the fat content contained in vegetables is low fat calories that will not make you gain weight. Some types of good vegetables to eat include lettuce, broccoli, spinach, carrots and radishes. To get the benefits you can try How To Diet With Vegetables.

10. Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are often regarded as populist food is also a source of healthy carbohydrates that will not make you gain weight and fit into the main menu substitute for rice.

By consuming yams, you also get other benefits that blood sugar levels can be maintained properly because the cooking process takes a longer time compared to other carbohirat sources. Read more about How to Reduce Gas in the Stomach

In yams also contain vitamin C and potassium which is also needed by the body and to cultivate better steamed yam which is much healthier when compared with frying.

11. Raisins

Raisins or grapes that have been dried it also has a high carbohydrate content that is good for you consumption. While the fiber content in the raisins will also act as a binder of cholesterol in the body causes excess weight.

In addition, raisins are best consumed by you on a vegetarian diet or anemic. Consumption of raisins as a snack hunger delay or can be mixed with other foods as one of your diet menu.

12. Bit

Fruit bits that look very fresh with red, purple or pink is also a source of high carbohydrate is good in consumption when you run a diet program. In addition, the bits also contain very high levels of antioxidants that can fight various free radicals that come from pollution in addition to losing your weight to the maximum. Read more about Negative Effects of Drinking Coffee on an Empty Stomach

The fruit of this bits you can do with the way in pieces or refined to be like juice to be used as sauce or other food mixtures.

13. Beans

When you want to eat salad or want to make stir fry as a diet, it would be better if you choose beans as one of the main vegetables. In beans contain folate, fiber, manganese and also carbohydrates are very important in the diet program and also support the bone health and growth of new cells.

Beans also contain a low glycemic index so you can feel full longer. In addition to healthy, beans into the type of vegetables that are easy to reach and affordable price so you can consume every day.

14. Banana Fruit

Bananas are famous for their high potassium content and high in carbohydrates. In one medium-sized banana contains at least 27 grams of very good carbohydrates you consume for snack hunger snack in the middle of your meal.

By eating this banana, you also feel full longer so it is very supportive of your diet program. You can bring a banana anywhere as a healthy hunger booster. Read more about Characteristics of Lack of Oxygen In Brain

Some carbohydrate sources for the diet that we have to say is the best option that you can consume while undergoing a diet program to replace unhealthy white rice. Use some of these carbohydrate sources from now on and kreasikan how to cook it so you do not get bored.

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