13 Negative Side Effects of Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is very useful for human hands that contain with bacteria.

We uses our hands for everything.

We hold something with our hand, hold another hands for manner, touch everything with our finger and hands.

We often uses hand sanitizer for a better health and also a better clean. We believe in the ads that claims hand sanitizer might be killed bacteria almost 99,9%.

These statement can satisfied our brain. And how about the 0,01 % ? is there still bacteria? So lets scroll down to know the negative side effects of hand sanitizer.

  1. Hand Sanitizer Does Not Kill The Bactery AT ALL !  some sources says that hand sanitizer can kill almost 99,9 % but not at all. The 0,01 % are still active bacteria and microbe. So we never clean at all. We ALMOST clean our hand within bacteria.
  2. There is Contain an Alcohol ON IT! – Almost brands of hand sanitizer have contains alcohol  up to 60 %.  These ingredients are the most important things in kill the bacteria, microbe, and also virus in our hands.
  3. Increase the Microba Faster – After microbe loss, they can be multiply growth more than we know. Read more  Side Effects of Bitter Melon Most People Yet to Know
  4. Hand Sanitizer is Flammable Liquid – how could it be? because of the alcohol contains, we just explain it before. this is get in the flammable liquid that forbidden to bring on airplane.
  5. Dry Hands Because of it – not every brands have the moisturizer ingridients to prevent our hand in dry.  Read Also Ways on How to Prepare Moringa Leaves Tea and Its Various Benefits
  6. Can not Replace the Water and Hand Soap – 20 second of washing hands with water and hand soap is a better hack for life than using hand sanitizer. Old school way is a brand new way.
  7. Instant but not Everlasting – Instead of washing hands in 20 second, using hand sanitizer is only have to 5 second to do it. Is it practice, right? but is it safe?
  8. Once Practice but not at all – using hand sanitizer is not as complicated as washing hands. We do not have to find water, washing stand or hand soap and tissue for doing it. it may be practice once, and how about the effects after that?
  9. Useful Only for Children – Children do not have the immune system as much as adults. it prefer uses for children than for adults. Read more Tips and Trick to Help Baby Sleep Through the Night in 40 Seconds – 100% Works!
  10. Ads That Wash our Brain – Advertisement nowadays is so massive. they make an advertisement to wash our brain . to be healthy, nice, cleanly.
  11. Prevent Diarrhea – Some sources says that using hand sanitizer can decreased diarrhea. it is true, but not significant. diarrhea case causes more about the cleanly environment.
  12. Prevent Virus – There is virus can not killed by hand sanitizer ingredients.
  13. Difficult to get it  – there is not every store sells hand sanitizer. it only can buy on big store.

We hope this article helps you. so lets be clean. you want a live longer? so eat healthy, be healthy, and keep your environment clean.

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