23 Medical Benefits of Fasting for Cancer Patients and Tips

Cancer is one of the most deadly disease for humans. It has special condition where it will always doubling or reduplicating itself once it’s activate. These group of cells would then live in colony forming a thing called “tumor”. There are more than 100 types of cancer in this world, and we need to be extra careful not to be infected with hard to beat kind of disease. These are numerous famous factors that trigger cancer cells activation:

  • Direct Sun Exposure
  • Smoking Habit
  • Infection that Caused by Chemical Materials
  • Exposed to Radiation
  • And actually, many more complicated and surprising factors.

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Fasting Benefits for Cancer Patients

Certain studies are already done using the benefits of fasting for cancer patients as their study topics. Various investigations are tried to prove how much fasting actually help cancer patient to have better conditions. And here are benefits that have been declared by professionals on their published scientific journals.

  1. Preventing Cancer Cells’ Activities

There are some benefits of fasting for cancer patients. All kind of activities including growing bigger, growing faster, taking up all legal nutrition, spreading out to another body parts, and so on believed to be blocked for a while by fasting that we do. Moreover when we do it regularly.

  1. Reducing Tumor Ability to Grow

Somehow, several researches had proven that cancer calls can be prevented to grow bigger. And it such a fortune thing to have when our cancer might have finally taken away from our body.

  1. Supporting Cancer Patients to Feel More Optimistic

Fasting usually done by some kind of religious person with their own kind of beliefs. Somehow, our close relationship with The Greatest Director makes us feel more sincere and open to any experience we might have in the future. We focus less on the obstacles, and keep on believing that everything happen in our live happens for a certain reason. This type of people will keep trying to improve their life quality, while making implementing real action, and keeping on believing positively.

  1. Making the Patients Believe More on the Almighty and His Will

For many religious person, fasting can be one of their way to get closer to their God. They will start feeling more hopeful and surrender themselves up to their God will and believe it as the best life story they would ever have. Thus, you may try it to get benefits of fasting for cancer patients.

  1. Raising up Patient’s Palliative Care Improvements

Palliative Care can be defined as healing process that emphasize more on psychological, mental, and religious factors that hopefully brings more comfort and spirit in patient’s heart to get through each medication until the condition finally change.

  1. Helping Cancer Cells to Destroy Themselves in the End

In the end, as we all hope for, fasting can help us recovering from unbeaten cells faster. And we finally can live normally and happily without having a burden to do certain painful process ever again. Meanwhile, that’s all benefits of fasting for cancer patients. 

Things to Watch Out While Fasting

Aside from the fact that fasting is scientifically proven to be good for our body including to reduce cancer cells, it is in fact also a risky choice in medical world. A lot of adjustments and considerations are needed before finally decided to try fasting, such as:

  1. There will be 2 time-phase which is “fasting mode” and “eating whatever you want-mode”.
  2. Our “eating whatever you want-mode” happen for 8 hours, best time lie between 09.00 – 17.00. This mode allows us to eat any kind of meal we would love to have. But, for a note, it will be a little different with the cancer patients. We need quite a bit of an adjustment.
  3. Then comes the best time to do the “fasting mode, which is after 17.00. We do it until the next day (approximately 16 hours in total). Only drinking water is allowed.
  4. Permissible for a stable enough patients’ condition, without any complication running inside their body.
  5. It is suggested to have permission from out doctor first, before we declare ourselves to do fasting constantly. Especially for moslem in Ramadhan month who need to commit for a 30 days fasting as an obligations for those who are capable. And make sure the fasting activity won’t bother out treatment process.
  6. And, it is better to have consultations with nutritionists first before deciding which kind of food the patients should consume for a day. This is some kind of preventive way to minimize possibility to collapse in the future. Because what happens when we’re a in the cancer treatment stage is that we will need more nutrition entered to our body, than in our normal condition.
  7. Things to be discussed together with medical experts are around: meal selection, portion, and eating schedule. Choose anything that is aligned with the treatments they’re taking.
  8. Fasting is not for cancer patients with certain condition such as when their cancer cells are already spreading to another parts of the body. They would need a lot of sufficient intakes for the body. 

Healthy Tips to Prevent Cancer

Based on several research, one third of cancer cases can be treated and prevented. Here are some of tips to help you keeping your health condition away from cancer nightmares:

  1. Checking up genetic origin
  2. Not eating too much grilled and baked foods
  3. Avoiding meals with dye compound inside
  4. Minimizing fats consuming
  5. Adding up more food with high level of diet fiber
  6. Consuming more vitamin A, C, and E
  7. Doing exercises minimum 3 times a week
  8. Being a healthy sex doer

After reading some reasons behind cancer cells activation, the benefits and also tips of fasting for cancer patients we can harvest, hopefully we will be more aware of cancer disease in the future. Besides what has been written at the top, there are still more things/factors affecting cancer cell activation so we need to be careful. Start doing a healthy life would be a good choice to chose.

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When we are being diagnosed as a cancer patient, the wisest thing to do is to stay positive no matter what. It scientifically proven that what’s inside our mind will affect our overall condition. So keep maintaining positive mind and actions to keep on going. God will only test us with certain circumstances we can handle with our capabilities.

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