13 Ways How to Withstand Hunger without Eating

Many people assume that the fastest way to lose weight is to withstand hunger. But the application of this method needs full consideration. After all, it is not good to keep hunger too long. Especially for people with ulcer (find out how to cure an ulcer on your stomach naturally), they need to be careful if want to lose weight using this way.

Basically, there are two good ways to withstand hunger.

  1. You can do various activities to divert your mind from hunger.
  2. You can eat certain foods that do not cause weight gain but can reduce hunger.

Activities That Can Divert Hunger

Being physically active will divert your mind from hunger. Here are some simple activities that you can try.

1. Brushing Teeth

Brushing teeth is expected to reduce hunger because the mint contained in toothpaste can provide a sense of calm. In addition, having clean teeth will make you think twice about eating.

2. Doing Aroma Therapy

Aroma therapy not only can relax the body, but also can suppress the appetite. It’s the most fun way on how to withstand hunger without eating. Anyway, you’ve got nothing to lose to learn how to treat anxiety with aroma therapy.

3. Taking a Walk

Afternoon is the common time for the emergence of hunger. To divert it, you can take a walk to enjoy the atmosphere of the afternoon. A leisurely stroll around the park or walk with your dog must be fun to spend the afternoon.

4. Chatting with Friend

You must have been chatting with friends until late at night. It was so fun that you felt the time passed so quickly. So the next time you feel hungry, call your friend and chat with him/her.

5. Sleeping

Sleeping can make you forget your hunger. It’s probably the simplest way on how to withstand hunger without eating. Having enough sleep also makes you not hungry easily. But when a person is sleep deprived, in addition to several dangerous effect of not having enough sleep, he/she tends to be hungry throughout the day.

This has been proven scientifically. A person who is sleep deprived, his/her body will produce more ghrelin, a hormone that provokes hunger. Therefore it is important for someone who is on a diet to sleep for 7 to 9 hours. However, the quantity of sleep is as important as the quality of sleep. 

6. Avoid TV

According to research, hunger often appears when watching TV. Therefore avoid watching TV when you’re hungry. You better do physical activity.

7. Rope Skipping

Rope skipping is a fun activity that can distract your mind from hunger. Not only that, rope skipping will also burn calories so that help you lose weight. Light exercise like rope skipping does have a double benefit for someone who is on a diet. In addition to burning calories, research shows that exercise will suppress appetite for up to two hours afterwards. By the way, just in case you don’t know, avoid cold water to relieve thirst after exercise. There are some negative effects of drinking cold water after exercise.

8. Gulped

Wetting the oral cavity with saliva can help suppress hunger. Thirst can also be suppressed by this way. Read more about  Causes of Menstruation Doesn’t Stop

9. Remembering Sad Things

You must know that people who are sad or grieving usually lose their appetite. Therefore you can try to bring the feelings of sadness or disappointment to distract your mind from hunger.

10. Pressing the Head

Pressing the head for half an hour can help suppress hunger. Try to press your forehead or head for 30 minutes with one finger so as not to cause pain.

11. Yoga

Yoga can help you calm down, train your concentration, and control yourself. Yoga aims to restore the balance of body, mind and spirit. Yes, it is not easy to master yoga. It takes regular and persistent exercise. But once you master yoga, it will make your diet easier.

You can calm your mind and soul so that for a while you forget the hunger. In addition, yoga has many other health benefits. Those who practice yoga tend to have a more peaceful and happy life.

Foods That Can Reduce Hunger without Causing Weight Gain

Try the ways below to help suppress your hunger.

  1. Chewing Gum: Chewing gum will make your brain and stomach think that you are eating. Make sure you chew sugar-free gum.
  2. Ice Cubes: Eating ice cubes will not contribute to weight gain. It’s an effective way to manipulate your hunger.
  3. Water: Drinking water will not make your weight increase. Water will make the stomach filled so that for a while you can manipulate the brain with a feeling of fullness. Besides, there is no harm in drinking water. At least it will make your skin smooth, keep the kidneys healthy and relieve thirst.
  4. Tea: Tea is believed to suppress hunger. By drinking tea, the stomach will be filled so that for a while the hunger disappears. Drinking tea can also calm the mind so that your attention is distracted from hunger. There are many types of tea that you can try from jasmine tea, green tea, Japanese tea to black tea. Make sure you only drink plain tea, without sugar. Because sugar contains calories that can cause weight gain. Actually, tea has its own taste. The addition of sugar into the tea disguises the original taste of tea.
  5. Sugar-Free Candy :Eating candy will manipulate your brain because you seem to be eating. For a while you will not crave for food anymore and hunger disappears. It would be better if you eat peppermint candy because research shows peppermint can suppress appetite. Keep in mind that most candies have a sweet taste. Therefore make sure you choose sugar-free candy. Usually you can find the words “sugar free” on the packaging.

Those are some ways on how to withstand hunger without eating that you can practice right away. But pay close attention to your physical condition as well. Do not push yourself too hard. In the end, losing weight will not be useful if it interferes with your health.

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