11 Dangers of Using Too Much Mouthwash

Mouthwash is a solution that generally contains breath and anti-bacterial air freshener to refresh teeth and mouth and clean the respiratory tract used by gargling. Mouthwash can be purchased freely without the need for prescription.

There are various components of the mouthwash that have their respective functions and the function runs when used in the appropriate dosage.

Mouthwash is a favorite for some people because it can be useful to scent bad breath, as an alternative way to remove tartar, also cope with canker sores. Read more about  How to Whiten Face With Ice cube

Because of the various benefits sometimes people think that the more its use will be stronger also the benefits, but just the opposite, not only the use of mouthwash alone, anything that is used in excess of course cause various side effects.

For those of you who regularly use mouthwash, you should use as necessary because the use of excessive mouthwash is dangerous for both health and your comfort, following the danger of excessive mouthwash:

  1. Reduce Production of Saliva

The danger of excessive mouthwash the first is to reduce saliva production. Saliva serves to maintain healthy mouth and teeth and as an anti-bacterial.

Continuous use of mouthwash can cause the production of saliva to decrease dramatically due to the alcohol content and other hard substances that absorb water in the lining of the teeth and mouth. Decreased saliva will lead to dry taste in the mouth, bad breath, discomfort when swallowing food, and various other health problems. Read more about How to Whiten Face With Apple

2. Excessive Irritation of the mouth, tongue, and teeth

The second use of excessive mouthwash is irritation. Irritation caused by decreased production of saliva where one of the functions of saliva is as an anti-bacterial, thus making the bacteria evil easily developed in the mouth, tongue, and teeth.

3. Kill the good bacteria

the dangers of excessive mouthwash can trigger the killing of good bacteria. Inside the human mouth there are good bacteria and bad bacteria, the balance of these two bacteria that maintain healthy teeth and mouth. Read more about How To Lighten Skin With Milk

Mouthwashes have ingredients to kill bad bacteria that can cause various health problems in teeth, but if used excessively, mouthwash will kill good bacteria as well so bad bacteria accumulate in teeth and grow rapidly resulting in various damage to the teeth. problems caused by the loss of good bacteria in the mouth include:

  • bleeding cavities, occur due to good bacteria killed and nasty bacteria nesting so that tooth resistance weakens and makes cavities. Read more about How To Eliminate Blackheads With White Eggs
  • Dry teeth, occurs because the teeth lose their ability to maintain the natural liquid that should be created by good bacteria so that the teeth become dry and at risk of causing the germs to multiply.

4. Dropping on teeth

The danger of using excessive mouthwash subsequently can cause tooth loss in adults. Caused by alcohol content that has the nature of acid resulting in the erosion of the tooth layer making the teeth easily fragile and porous. Read more about How to Overcome Cold Allergies in the Skin

5. Causing Tooth Mushrooms

The content of antiseptic (germ killer) in mouthwash which if excessive use can kill good bacteria in the teeth causing the fungus and at risk of causing various diseases on the teeth. Mushrooms on the teeth can not be seen with the naked eye, but must be diagnosed with a doctor.

Symptoms are generally a sense of itching in the mouth and rash. If this happens, you should immediately go to the dentist to prevent infection. Read more about  Effects of Stress in Skin

6. Changing the Natural Color of Teeth

Mouthwash for excessive swollen gums that use excessive residual substances that can form plaque and stains on the teeth so that the risk of causing yellowish teeth. If it happens it will be difficult because returning the natural color of the tooth is not easy, it should start from the basic procedure of lifting the plaque and stains that precipitate it with accompanying various actions to be performed at the dentist which would actually cost you a lot.

7. Pain on the roots of teeth

The cause of sudden tooth aching occurs due to erosion of the protective layer of the tooth so that the outermost layer of the outer teeth become sensitive, it continues to penetrate into the tooth roots, eventually the roots of teeth were aching.

This causes the teeth to become easily brittle and cause discomfort when eating or drinking and when talking. If left untreated, pain in the roots of this tooth will cause pain and can only be cured with root canal treatment. Read more about Side Effects of Skin Dermabrasion

8. Trigger Poisoning

This is due to the fluoride content in the mouthwash, fluoride indeed serves to strengthen the outer layer of the tooth (enamel), but will trigger poisoning if used in large quantities or if swallowed. Characteristics are excessive sweating, extreme thirst, decreased urine production, and decreased blood pressure. If this happens the patient is obliged to go to the dentist.

9. Making Germs Be Immune

As has been pointed out earlier in the mouthwash that there is an antiseptic content that can kill bad bacteria and good if its use is excessive, the bad bacteria contained in the mouth cause the occurrence of germs that may initially be overcome with mouthwash, but if used excessively, eventually germ bacteria will be immune and able to penetrate the resistance in the tooth layer resulting in various diseases of the teeth and mouth. Furthermore, bitter mouth will feel your pal. Read more about Ways to Whiten Teeth with Lemon

10. Increase Risk of Oral Cancer

A study published by the Australian Dental Journal suggests that because nicotine-containing alcoholic mouthwash in cigarettes, alcohol can penetrate the lining of the mouth and produce carcinogenic substances that accumulate around the mouth causing cancer mouth. these early symptoms of oral cancer if continued to be left by using excessive mouthwash can be life threatening to you buddy.

11. Increase the Risk of High Blood Pressure

This is proposed by Queen Mary University of London research team that the content of chlorhexidine (antiseptic in mouthwash that serves to overcome the disruption of the gums) that can reduce levels of good bacteria in the mouth, while good bacteria play a role in the relaxation of blood vessels so that the effect on blood pressure.

Furthermore, high blood pressure is also at risk of causing heart disease, stroke, etc. The results showed an increase in blood pressure ranging from 2 sd 3.5 mmHg after using mouthwash twice a day. This research does not merely encourage people to stop using mouthwash but it is advisable to use as needed in accordance with dentist advice. Read more about  Effects of Smoking for Skin

Up here first ya buddy this time about the dangers of excessive use of mouthwash. Hope can bring benefits for all buddies. See you in the next article and thank you for stopping by to read. Warm greetings from the author.

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