Oxygen Poisoning: Causes, Dangers, How to Overcome

Oxygen is one of the most important things in your life. One of the characteristics of living things is breathing for someone to need oxygen to breathe. Breathing is one of the activities carried out by humans such as entering the supply of oxygen needed by the body that is useful for optimizing the performance of performance contained in your body.

As explained above, oxygen is the most important element that must be in our body because oxygen has various benefits. The benefits of oxygen for our lives are used to breathe, used to improve memory and brain intelligence. Useful for preventing cancer preventing asthma and preventing various other diseases, it is useful to increase metabolism in the body to reduce toxins in the blood to stabilize blood pressure and beneficial to strengthen the heart and prevent stress.

Factors That Cause Oxygen Poisoning

But did you know from these various benefits it turns out that oxygen can also cause a person to experience poisoning? The things that can cause a person to experience poisoning are as follows.

  1. The Duration of Exposure to Oxygen

Someone who is usually exposed to oxygen for too long will consume excess oxygen. So this causes a person exposed to oxygen to experience oxygen toxicity for too long due to excessive oxygen consumption.

  1. Absorption of Oxygen in Everyone

Everyone has a different absorption of oxygen. Those who have a high absorption of oxygen can experience oxygen poisoning.

  1. Oxygen Pressure That is Not Suitable

Giving inappropriate oxygen pressure can also be one of the factors that cause a person to experience oxygen poisoning. For that, do not occasionally give oxygen pressure to someone without supervision from a doctor.

Apart from factors, the cause of someone experiencing oxygen poisoning would be better if you also know the symptoms that can be caused by someone who is experiencing oxygen poisoning.

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Symptoms of Oxygen Poisoning

  1. Seizures

Someone who experiences oxygen poisoning usually has symptoms such as seizures. This can occur due to several causative factors described above.

For those of you who do not want to experience seizures due to oxygen poisoning, avoid various kinds of causes that can cause or can trigger oxygen poisoning.

  1. Unconsciousness

In addition to experiencing seizures, someone who has oxygen poisoning can experience fainting or unconsciousness or coma.

Pay attention to using oxygen or never use oxygen without a dose from a doctor from time to time because it can cause a person to experience oxygen poisoning.

  1. Shortness of Breath

Experiencing shortness of breath is also one of the symptoms caused by someone experiencing oxygen poisoning.

Shortness of breath occurs because of the presence of excess oxygen in the body. Avoid excessive use of oxygen so you can avoid shortness of breath.

  1. Chest Pain

In addition to experiencing shortness of breath, it turns out chest pain can also be caused because someone has oxygen poisoning.

This is because continuous shortness of breath will cause the chest to hurt so that you experience chest pain.

  1. Nearsightedness

Besides breathing, someone who is poisoned with oxygen can experience symptoms such as nearsightedness. Although there are many factors or causes that cause a person to experience nearsightedness in reality, someone who is experiencing oxygen poisoning can also be affected by farsightedness.

Those are some of the symptoms of someone who is experiencing oxygen poisoning, to find out more about oxygen poisoning, it is good if you know what the dangers of danger are when someone experiences oxygen poisoning. 

The Danger of Oxygen Poisoning

  1. Having Convulsions

One of the dangers of someone who is experiencing oxygen poisoning is experiencing seizures. This has been explained in the symptoms of a person experiencing seizures. If a person experiences convulsions due to oxygen poisoning but is not immediately treated it can cause death.

  1. Unconsciousness

In addition to experiencing unconscious cramps, it is also one of the dangers of someone who is experiencing oxygen poisoning. For those who are using oxygen or interacting with oxygen, try not to be alone.

This is recommended so that when you experience oxygen poisoning and you are unconscious, there is your partner who will help you and take you to the hospital immediately so that you get good treatment.

  1. Chest Pain

The danger of Oxygen poisoning that is not immediately addressed is experiencing chest pain.

For this reason, if you experience the kingdom of oxygen, it would be better if you immediately deal with it by visiting a doctor and asking a doctor or dealing with it with various steps to overcome oxygen poisoning. This is done so that the chest pain that you feel immediately heals.

  1. Nearsightedness

Not only experiencing chest pain, but it also turns out that for those of you who experience oxygen poisoning and do not immediately treat it properly and correctly, it can lead to nearsightedness in your vision.

Having nearsightedness is indeed unpleasant and can interfere with your daily activities for that immediately avoids oxygen poisoning that can befall you.

  1. Shortness of Breath

Those are things that can happen when you experience oxygen poisoning. In order for you to avoid oxygen poisoning, you need to know how to deal with it when you experience oxygen poisoning. 

Overcome Oxygen Poisoning

  1. Adjust the Pressure on Oxygen

So that you can overcome the oxygen poisoning that you experience to try to adjust the pressure on the oxygen you are using.

If you don’t know it, immediately ask your doctor or ask someone who knows more about it. This is done as a precaution so that you do not experience oxygen poisoning.

  1. Limit Excessive Exposure to Oxygen

For those of you who are very sensitive to oxygen and easily experience oxygen poisoning when interacting with oxygen excessively, it would be better when you limit excessive exposure to oxygen so you can avoid oxygen poisoning that you don’t want.

  1. Consult to A Doctor

When you do not know anything about oxygen, it would be better if you immediately bring someone who has oxygen poisoning to the doctor because the doctor will provide a solution for someone who is experiencing oxygen poisoning properly and correctly so that someone who has oxygen poisoning can recover immediately.

Those are some of the causes of the symptoms of danger and how to overcome when a person experiences oxygen poisoning.

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