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Rambutan plant (also known as Nephelium lappaceum) is a tropical tree included in the family of Sapindaceae. The tree is medium in size and native to the Indonesian-Malay region. It has close relation with other edible tropical fruits including mamoncillo, lychee and also longan. Rambutan fruits can be found in a lot of places throughout the region. The name “Rambutan” itself comes from the word rambut in Malay-Indonesian language. It has a literal meaning of “hair”, which refers to the great number of hairy protuberances of the fruit.

This fruit is called chôm chôm in Vietnam. It means “messy hair”. Also refers to the spines that cover the skin of the fruits. Rambutan plant can grow from 12 to 20 meters and takes 5 to 6 years to bear fruit. It is best to plant in an area with warm climates (20-30 degree Celcius in temperature). The fruits grow in bunches of 10 – 20 fruits.

Rambutan fruit is small in size and has a red skin with spiky hair. Most of the fruits taste sweet and juicy, but several varieties are more acidic and drier. The flesh is white to pale pink in color, and often said to have a similar flavor with grapes. The more vivid the red color of the skin, the tastier and betterr rambutans are to be consumed. The seed of rambutan is edible after cooking. The seeds are about 1 – 1.3 centimeters in diameter. It has a light brown tinge and located in the middle of the fruit.

Rambutan Nutritional

Rambutan fruit is rich in vitamins and minerals. Although it has small size, but it contains a great amount of nutrients, such as:

  • High Fiber Content. Fiber is important for a healthy digestive system. The compounds help preventing constipation and also restrain sudden hunger pangs. The low level of calories helps in weight loss.
  • High Content of Vitamin C. It is important for helping in keeping your immune system healthy and flushing out toxins.
  • Good Source of Copper and Iron. Our body only needs a small amount of copper in the system, but it is the perfect companion for Iron. They keep out blood vessels, immune system and also red blood cells productions in a good condition. Iron is especially good for maintaining the production of red blood cells.
  • Contains Phosphorus. Rambutan fruit has a great amount of phosphorus. It helps to maintain the condition of your bones including your teeth. It also helps in bone formation.
  • Contains Gallic Acid. Rambutan fruit has a high level of Gallic Acid in it. It functions to help prevent cancer and oxidative damage (free radical scavenger).

Benefits of Rambutan

  • Helps During Pregnancy

Rambutan has some benefits for pregnant mother. The sweetness of the flesh helps to improve nauseating symptoms. And also it reduces dizziness that is commonly found in pregnancy stages. Also, during pregnancy the hart works really hard to provide a good amount of nutrients for the baby.

Hence, it is important for pregnant women to increase their iron intake. The facts is that pregnant women need 27 mg daily of iron (twice the amount you need when you are not pregnant). To help adding variations, you can also combine your fruit consumption with dried apricots. 

  • Enhances Bone Health

Rambutan is rich in phosphorus which is also great for the maintenance of the bones. It aids in the formation of the bones. Another compounds that is beneficial is Manganese. Rambutan fruit contains 15% manganese of the recommended daily intake. The compounds are essential for the growth of bone structure and also the formation of bone regulatory hormones and enzymes.

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  • Help Prevent Cancer

Rambutan has high antioxidant content. It has active compound of gallic acid that acts as a potent antioxidant. The gallic acid helps eliminate the damage of free radicals from the body. Also, the antioxidants functions can work as an anti inflammation properties which protect the cells inside our body.

Not to mention the rich vitamin C that helps neutralize harmful free radicals. A study on ”Antioxidant and Antiproliferative Activities of Non-Edible Parts of Selected Tropical Fruits” (2014) got the conclusion that Rambutan can be effective against cancer. You may also read: Dangers of Durian Fruit

Negative Sides of Rambutan

There are no known distinct negative sides of Rambutan fruits. But one important thing that need to be remembered is when the fruit becomes too ripe, the sugar content in it will turn into alcohol. The alcohol then will increase the level of LDL Cholesterol.

Which is why this can pose harm to people with hypertension and also type 2 diabetes Mellitus. Although Rambutan fruit has anti-diabetic properties, but in the same time it contains fructose. Fructose can lead to insulin resistance if consumed too much. That is why we need to measure the amount of fruits that we consume. You can also read about Dangerous Fruits for Diabetes to be aware.

The last negative sides lies with toxicity on the seeds when eaten raw. The seeds may contains a lot of benefits, but you still need to be wary of them. The seeds are indeed edible, but only if it cooked or processed properly. When Rambutan seed consumed raw or only processed by boiling, it can make the seeds narcotic. The taste of the seed is said to be similar to chestnut and almond.  


Recommendation Intake

Select the Rambutan fruit that feels firm when touched gently. The sines also have to be firm and do not feel brittle when being touched. It is best to keep Rambutan fruit unpeeled unless it is going to served in a short time. The fruits can be stored for a few days in a room with normal room temperature. You can also wrap the fruit in breathable plastic bag and put it in refrigerator to preserve it days longer.

To eat Rambutan fruit, you need to peel open the fruit first as you would peel an orange. It is done by splitting the skin apart with your sharp objects such as your nails. Then, hold the fruit and nibble off the flesh. Do not forget to discard the seed. It is advised to eat other fruits such as papaya, oranges and bananas after eating Rambutan. It is to balance the effect of constipation after eating too much Rambutans.

That is all for effects of Rambutan fruits for health that everyone needs to know. The fruit taste sweet and juicy, so a lot of people favors the fruit. Not to mention the nutrient content and many benefits of the fruit itself.

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