What Can Cause Black Tooth Decay? How Can It Be Prevented?

Black tooth decay is a health problem in the tooth where it lead tooth to become decay. This condition occurs because of the various bacteria in tooth that makes it becomes black.

There are several factors on why a person experiencing black tooth decay such as a bad lifestyle to not maintain tooth health.

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In this section, we will show you what can cause black tooth decay? how can it be prevented? find out the right answer about black tooth decay as being represented these below.

Causes of black tooth decay

  • Bacteria

The first cause of why black tooth decay happens is because the bacteria in tooth. These bacteria are carried by various kind of food and it will get worse if you consuming sweet food that high in sugar content.

You can try to go to dentist in order to find out the best treatment to prevent the presence of bacteria in our tooth to occur.

  • Plaque on tooth

The presence of plaque on tooth can also lead someone to experiencing black tooth decay.

Plaque opens a big possibility for bacteria to grow in your tooth. If this condition is not immediately treated, plaque will make your tooth hollow and turn black afterwards.

  • Dietary habit.

Food that contain carbohydrate and high sugar content can cause black tooth decay to occur.

For example, soft drinks, starch, and others has proven can cause someone to experiencing black tooth decay. Therefore, ensure to only consume food that has proven good for your body health.

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  • Poor oral hygiene

Another cause of why black tooth occurs is because of poor oral that not hygiene. The cause of why someone has a smelly breath is because poor oral hygiene as well.

  • Smoking

Smoking that considered as a big habit can also lead someone to experiencing black tooth decay.

It is because the tobacco content in cigarette will be interfered with our saliva production. As the result, tooth will become black and there is a hole in it.

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  • Consumption of alcohol

Another bad habit you need to stop if you want to prevent black tooth decay is consumption of alcohol.

Alcohol contains ingredient that will damage out tooth enamel. If tooth enamel is damaged, sure thing your tooth will experiencing black tooth decay.

  • Dry mouth

Dry also also can cause black tooth decay to occur because those who have dry mouth will get their saliva production decreased which later will make black tooth decay because the few amount of saliva. You may also like to read proven ways to treat shingles in your mouth.

  • Consumption of snack

Snack is indeed delicious. Although delicious, snack also considered as one of causes of why someone experiencing black tooth decay.

Furthermore, consuming snack excessively can affect to our body weight. Snack that contains high level of sugar or carbohydrate is dangerous for our tooth health.

  • Brushing tooth in a wrong way

The last causes of black tooth decay to occur is because of the wrong way on brushing tooth. Brushing tooth not in the correct way will ruin our tooth enamel which later will make out tooth become black.

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These are several facts on what can cause black tooth decay? how can it be prevented? that we have already explained for you who want to prevent this disturbing tooth problem to occur. Stay healthy, Good People!

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