Dangers of Spicy Food For Pregnant Women Must Be Aware

Love spicy food? We should be grateful to live in Indonesia, a country rich in the repertoire, including the variety of cuisine. In Indonesia, a lot of cuisines that carries the spicy flavour. It’s tempting and spice flavour gives a delicious taste on the tongue that we might not get from the typical country food.

Especially lately, spicy foods become very booming once in the community. Ranging from spicy chips, noodles with spicy spices to heavy dishes with spicy seasoning. Read more about Dangers of Wearing Tight Pants For Health

Moreover, food in Indonesia is very easy to find. Whether a place to eat that is carrying a spicy flavour or that indirectly serve food with spicy flavour. The number of spicy food enthusiasts is also quite a lot, from teenagers, moms, young man, to old people. But not a few are worried about the danger of spicy food that will lurk the fans. Read more about Risks of Eating Raw Eggs

The problem is if you are a pregnant woman, which of course the body condition is not the same as when you are not pregnant, is it still safe to consume spicy foods and what impact on health?

Dangers of Spicy Food For Pregnant Women

The danger of spicy foods for pregnant women at least there are 3 that must be considered, namely the emergence of heartburn, diarrhoea, and contractions.

1. Heartburn

The influence of spicy foods on pregnant mothers will vary with other pregnant women. Some pregnant women may not experience anything when they consume spicy foods, but the incidence may be different in some other pregnant women. The sense of heartburn can arise when he was or after consuming spicy food. Read more about Early Symptoms of Heart Disease

2. Diarrhea

In pregnant women, if he consumes spicy foods that may cause excessive diarrhoea. If this diarrhoea persists and the mother is dehydrated, disinfection to the mother and fetus will lurk. Try if pregnant women experience diarrhoea, always given a drink to avoid dehydration.

3. Increasing the amount of prostaglandin release (contraction)

In pregnant women, the consumption of spicy foods with large quantities can trigger the release of prostaglandin hormone. A high amount of prostaglandin release will encourage smooth muscles resulting in contractions. So this may be very annoying and you will think if you might want to give birth. Read more about How to Get Rid of Side Effects of Quitting Smoking

In general, pregnant women who eat spicy food is not really a problem. Unlike the myths that developed in the community, the doctor himself revealed if there is no problem a pregnant woman who eat spicy food. Spicy food also has no adverse effect on the fetus being conceived by the mother. The fetus contained in the uterus will only get food from absorbed nutrients. So for the spicy taste will not be absorbed by the fetus.

Some studies prove, spicy food can increase one’s appetite. A pregnant mother is difficult to eat because of the nausea and the other. Here the food with a spicy flavor can help improve the mother’s appetite.

4. Dangers Of Spicy Food For Health

Spicy foods if consumed in large quantities can make either pregnant women or non-pregnant people can experience health problems. The danger of spicy food is what we must pay attention to not wrong consumption. The following health effects can be caused by excessive consumption of spicy foods:

  • Be the cause of pain in the stomach wall : Spicy is one of the factors that can make stomach acid increase. Eating spicy foods in large amounts will increase the amount of stomach acid. If this stomach acid in large quantities, it will irritate the stomach wall. Read more about  How to Reduce Gas in the Stomach
  • Causes ulcer disease: A person who often eat spicy foods, in the long term most likely to suffer from ulcer disease. Ulcer can also lead to ulcers in acute levels. Symptoms – symptoms if your stomach ulcer is nausea, stomach bloating, vomiting to diarrhea. Read more about  How to Cure an Ulcer in Your Stomach Naturally
  • Effects on Gastrointestinal System: When you eat spicy food, your gastrointestinal system will feel the heat from the spicy flavor. When your mouth and stomach feel the spicy taste actually both parts of the digestive system is not really feel the spicy taste. In fact, the capsaicin present in spicy foods activates the P-substance which causes spicy and burning sensations. Some sources of spicy flavor like spicy radish and even mustard can damage body tissue. This is said by the Langone Health center at New York University. If the stomach feels very sore after you eat spicy food, drink a glass of milk. Milk will help neutralize and relieve heartburn in the stomach.
  • Burning Effects on Skin: Holding chilli or other spicy foods before consumption can result in your hand having Hunan’s hand syndrome. Hunan’s hand syndrome is pain, redness and swelling in the area of the skin which is good for the spicy food. Read more about List of Foods to Eat for Healthy Skin!


The solution to avoid this kind of syndrome is that you can wear gloves when handling spicy foods such as chilli or using a spoon or fork so the skin does not come into direct contact with the spicy source. If it has already happened, wash your hands with a shampoo and warm water and rinse thoroughly.

  • Eye effect on the eyes: If after holding the spicy food you forget to wash your hands, and accidentally touch the eyes, then the eyes will certainly feel sore. Starting from sore, the effect of exposure to spicy foods in the eyes can also make the area around the eyes become swollen. Use a towel that has been covered and then rubbed some of the eyes and the area around the eyes. If the sting is getting worse, call your doctor immediately.
  • Causing the Tongue of Pain: If you eat spicy foods at a very high level, the possible consequences are numbness that your tongue will experience. The condition of the tongue of numbness can reach up to three days if you are not familiar with the spicy levels.

  • Cause heartburn: Very spicy can also directly cause a person to feel heartburn. If this condition occurs, you can overcome it by eating a meal that absorbs like bread.
  • Acid Reflux: RA (Acid Reflux) is one of the diseases that cause the destruction of the oesophagus. This disease causes the contents of the stomach to flow back into the oesophagus. In addition to damage to the oesophagus, it will also cause inflammation and pain. Spicy foods, in general, provide effects that can damage the stomach wall.
  • Hard Sleep: Spicy foods can cause trouble sleeping, you should eat spicy food during the day and not at night.: Similarly, about the various health problems, you can experience if you consume spicy foods in excess. In fact, spicy foods actually also have benefits such as increased appetite. But if consumed in excess, spicy food will be detrimental to your health.

Tips on Spicy Food Consumption

  • Do not consume as a snack, make the main meal.
  • Do not consume spicy food at night
  • Gastric acid because spicy foods can be neutralized with milk
  • If you have ulcer disease, you should avoid spicy food
  • Do not eat foods too spicy, love your stomach.

The danger of spicy food, in general, will have an impact on the digestive system, especially the stomach. We recommend that we consume normal spicy food so that no problem later. If consumption is reasonable, spicy foods can be a healthy daily diet because chili is a source of vitamin C.

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